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Council of International Programs
The Academic year, 2011-12 commenced with a new Director for the Council of International Programs at St. Xavier’s College. Dr. (Fr.) Roy Pereira, S.J. from our Chemistry Department was assigned as the new Director to take over from Dr. Rajendra Shinde from the Botany Department who has been appointed as Vice-Principal – Faculty of Science.  At the outset, the Council would like to place on record its deep appreciation for the efforts of Dr. Rajendra Shinde for spearheading this vital task of internationalisation during his 4 year tenure and for the meticulous records kept in place.

British Council sponsored Knowledge Economy Partnerships: St. Xavier’s College has partnered with two UK universities – University of Bath and Liverpool Hope University as part of  the British Council sponsored Knowledge Economy Partnerships  2011 scheme.  Hence, as part of a Faculty Development Seminar four Bioscience faculty of the college  visited the University of Bath in May 2012 for three weeks - two weeks of audits of lectures and practicals in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology and Developmental Biology and one week of shadowing researchers in the research labs of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry of the University of Bath. The faculty members were Ms Karuna Gokarn, Dr.Ms. Priya Sunderajan, Prashant Ratnaparkhi and Dr. Ms. Shiney Peters.

Further, two faculty members in the Social Sciences, Dr. M.T.Joseph SVD, and Ms. Linda Dhakul, visited Liverpool Hope University in May 2012 to study the possibilities of  collaboration in an interdisciplinary research project with the Faculty of Education. Dr. Ms. Vivien Amonkar, the programme coordinator, visited several UK universities to study new practices in teaching pedagogy and assessment methodology, as part of the programme.

First Faculty Seminar in the United States: While our faculty have been visiting Europe in the recent past, it was for the first time that a group of nine faculty members visited the United States for a faculty development seminar from the first of June till the ninth of June 2012.  The group of Professors Asha, Alpana, Mangala, Neelam, Arvind, Marazban, Jayant and Adil was headed by Dr. Roy Pereira, S.J. , Director of International Programs, who was also responsible for the initiation and organization of the program at Boston College, Boston.
Undeterred by the unusually cold weather, the group attended meetings with faculty from the varied departments of English, Finance, Chemistry, Mathematics, Accounting, Management and Earth and Environmental Sciences.  A deep, thought provoking discussion was held with the Director of the Centre on Wealth and Philanthropy. One of the features that stood out was Boston College’s norm that all first year students did basic courses in English, Theology, Philosophy and Science.

Academic facilities on the campus available to both staff and students were visited and experienced.  These included the library, the language laboratory and the chemistry laboratory, as well as a discussion with the Director of Academic Technology. Meetings with the Chancellor, Vice Provosts, faculty and the Office of International Programs discussed administrative issues and also explored in detail possibilities of faculty and student exchange between Boston College and St. Xavier’s College. All in all, it was a unique and enriching experience.

Eumind Exchange Programme:  Students from Belgium along with faculty visited St. Xavier’s during the year and had an exciting exchange with our junior college students.  They stayed at the homes of our students. From 5th to 15thMay, 2012, 16 students accompanied by two teachers Mrs. Debjani Chavan and Mrs. Vidya Hegde returned the visit to St. Lambertus School, Westerlo, Belgium as part of the Eumind Programme. They were much appreciated for their academic aptitude, talent, cultural show and presentations.

Oxford University: Two of our students Joshua Miranda and Mugda Devalkar were selected by Oxford University for their Trinity Semester with a full scholarship that covered all expenses.

Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP): In the academic year 2011-12, 7 Xavierites visited Harvard University from 27th January – 7th February 2012. They participated in a conference on ‘Technology – Social Justice / Injustice’ along with students from eight other Asian countries. Ten Harvard students were at St. Xavier’s from 11th -17th March 2012 for an International Conference on the same theme from an Indian perspective from 16th and 17th March 2012.

University of California, Berkeley Summer Session: Seventeen students from St. Xavier’s College accompanied by Professor Perrie (Head, Department of Mass Media) were selected for the Summer session at Berkeley from 21st May 2012 to 29th June 2012. Most of our students register for International Business, International Finance and Accounts, Economics, Psychology and related disciplines in Human Behaviour or Management.  They also have an opportunity to meet with international students from diverse cultures and experience different learning patterns. Mr. Richard Russo, Dean, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, & Lifelong Learning at University of California, Berkeley led a team that visited St. Xavier’s College to renew our collaboration for the next academic year.

Bioscience Summer Exposure Program at the University of Bath, UK: Ten SY and one FY Bioscience students attended a three week  Bioscience Summer Exposure Program at the University of Bath, UK.

OMG program: Ontario – Maharashtra – Goa program is a collaborative program between the Canadian Government and the Governments of Maharashtra and Goa. Students from 16 universities in the State of Ontario, Canada and 7 universities/colleges from Maharashtra and Goa are participating in this program. For the academic year 2011-12 three Canadian students were accepted into courses offered at the T.Y.B.A. level in various departments of History, Sociology, Political Science & Ancient Indian Culture while two of our students studied in Canada.

Stuttgart University, St. Louis University and St. Xavier’s English Department Collaborative Program: Ten students and two faculty members from the University of Stuttgart, Germany along with 1 Faculty and 5 students from St. Louis University, Missouri, USA visited St. Xavier’s College from 21st-26th March 2012. Ten students and one faculty member from St. Xavier’s College participated in this joint diploma program on Globalisation, thanks to the initiative of Dr. Shefali Balsara Shah, Head, Department of English at St. Xavier’s.

Comillas University, Madrid, Spain:  In the current year 2011-12 three students from Comillas are studying in the BMS program while one Xavierite has been nominated to study for a year at Comillas, Madrid in Spain. For the forthcoming academic year 3 students have been selected to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas.

IESEG, France: One of our students was selected to for the Master’s program (M.Sc. Management Studies) beginning September 2011. Three students from IESEG school of Management studied here at St. Xavier’s in the final year of the BMS program.

Sciences Po, Paris, France: Two final year undergraduate Arts students graduating in 2011 were nominated for a one year academic programmes at Sciences Po, Paris.

Yale University: A summer program for Yale students and selected Xavierites was conducted on our campus at the beginning of the academic year for five weeks. Three of our students participated in the  Yale Summer program at Yale, Connecticut, USA.

Visits to Xaviers:-  During the academic year our campus was visited at different times by over thirty universities from across the globe to explore possible student and faculty exchanges and institutional collaboration. Some of these are mentioned below.

Visit of the Vice-Chancellor University of Oxford: -  For the first time in its history, Oxford University visited Mumbai on 17th March, 2012. St. Xavier’s College had the privilege of hosting a lecture by Dr. Andrew Hamilton FRS, Hon. Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford on “The Internationalization of Higher Education.”  He was accompanied by the Director of Graduate Admissions – Dr. Jane Sherwood along with a delegation of senior academicians from Oxford.

Queen’s College, City University of New York (CUNY): President Dr. James Musykens of Queen’s College, CUNY, New York along with their Director for Global Initiatives Dr. Helen Gaudette visited St. Xavier’s on 10th February 2012 to explore avenues for mutual collaboration and academic partnership.  Queen’s is observing 2012-13 the “Year of India” to explore Indian Culture & Social Systems.

IIE International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP): A delegation of representatives of 11 universities from the United States visited our college on 30th January 2012. This was initiated by the Institute of International Education, New Delhi as part of their International Academic Partnership Program. They interacted with our Principal and the Director of International Programs to explore future avenues of collaboration.

Aquinas College, UK: About 60 students accompanied by 6 faculty were on a visit to our college to understand the magic of Xavier’s.

Edith Cowan University: Students from ECU accompanied by their faculty visited our campus on 14th December 2011 and were particularly interested in our Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC).

UPCOMING INITIATIVES: We look forward to collaborate with more universities and colleges of reputation to enable our students gain opportunities for world class education while we aim to showcase the best of Xavier’s to our collaborators and partners.

From this year we hope to launch India Studies Expose – a three week Summer program that will expose International students to courses in Indian Society, Ancient Indian History and Culture, Indian Economic System, Indian Film industry, Indian Social Systems and contemporary Political scenario. This 3 credit course in being run with the help of the faculty from the Departments of Ancient Indian Culture, Economics, History, Political Science, Hindi, Anthropology and Sociology, Business Management (BMS) and Mass Media(BMM).

The Director of CIP was ably assisted by committee members Professors Radiya Pacha Gupta, Madhuri Raijade, Hermione Salazar and Anjali Lukor. Special thanks to Dr. Agnelo Menezes and Prof. Ruby Pavri for their willingness to help out in student selections for the various programs.

Conrad Rodrigues, Alumnus, 2001
CIP Committee

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