Ancient Indian Culture


Department Report 2015-2016

Looking back at another eventful year (2015) which flew by so fast, was filled with opportunities for undergraduate as well as post-graduate students. Be it climbing the high mountains, digging out ancient remains, going into the darkest crevices, exploring the most exquisitely carved temples in Karnataka and even having a ride in a coracle on the Tungabhadra, our trips have been exciting as well as an academic
experience for us. The academic year began with students from M.A .A.I.C selected to deliver research papers in the month of June, at the Bombay Local History Seminar. This included Mr. Jason Johns: ‘The Pakvasa Family’, Ms. Ornella Dsouza : ‘Undertakers in Mumbai’, etc . Dr. Anita took a fieldtrip for students of IIT, Powai with their professor Dr. Kavi Arya to Kanheri Caves, Borivali on 14th June. This was followed by a halfday exploratory session around South Bombay and the CSMVS on 21st June 2015. The M.A. students successfully conducted Surface Exploration on the Local History of Bombay, the research of which has been published in the Bombay Explorers. The 9th Mani Kamerkar Memorial State Level Seminar was held on 1st August by the department in collaboration with the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture and the Museum Society of Bombay. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Ruchira Banerjee on the theme of the seminar- ‘Maritime Heritage’. A total of persons presented research papers and more than 110 persons attended the seminar. The faculty and students of the department also presented papers on Maritime heritage which included Dr. Anita Rane Kothare on ‘Hera - the Missing link’, Dr Radha Kumar on ‘Literary sources in the study of Maritime’, Dr. Dileep Balsekar & Ms. Siddhi Deshpande: ‘Reconstructing Maritime History through Coins’, Mr. Jason Johns: ‘Nestorian Monastery at Sir Bani Yas’, Mrs. Vasudha Deshmukh : ‘Cheul’, etc. The students of S.Y.B.A under the guidance of Dr. Anita Rane-Kothare and Dr. Hrishikesh Samant went on a field trip to Sinnar, Nasik. It included visits to Gargoti Mineral Museum, Infant Jesus Church and Gondeshwar Temple as part of their syllabus covering Museology, Tourism and Heritage Management. Another group of students from S.Y.B.A and T.Y.B.A attended the N.G.M.A workshops on “Jamini Roy” and “Clay Ganesha”. The T.Y.B.A students undertook an internship at the J.B. Petit Hall, Nariman Point, wherein they received training and carried out conservation under the guidance of Mr. Anupam Sah. The students of T.Y.B.A. attended the certificate course on Hinduism in the month of December conducted by the Inter-Religious Department, St. Xavier’s College. ‘The Brazilian Film week’ was held in collaboration with the Consulate General of Brazil in Mumbai and the Department of English in which students submitted reviews which were judged and prizes were given tothe winners. Dr. Anita Rane- Kothare conducted a ‘Befriending History’ workshop for teachers at St. Columba High School on 13th September, assisted by Mr. Jason Johns. On 15thSeptember, the department in collaboration with ‘MSB’ and ‘Times Green Ganesha' conducted an eco-friendly Ganesha workshop for the NGO children which was conducted by Dr. Anita Rane-Kothare assisted by Mr. Jason Johns, Ms. Siddhi Deshpande and team. Dr. Anita Rane- Kothare along with Mr. Jason Johns also conducted a “Befriending Coat of Arms” for the M.A. A.I.C. students, in association with the Museum Society of Bombay in the ‘Indian Coat of Arms Exhibition’, CSMVS which was curated by the collector, Mr. Anuj Pakvasa. It included a Curator’s Walk followed by a quiz whose winners were awarded prizes in the gallery itself by Dr. Pheroza Godrej. Students of the department attended
lectures by Dr. Irving Finkel, Asst. Keeper of Mesopotamian Script,British Museum in September. Dr. Anita assisted Dr. Finkel in studying Mesopotamian seal at the Heras institute, followed by a visit to Elephanta caves. The department conducted two Paramparik Karigar Workshops from 19th -20th October wherein the artisans came and taught the students how to make leather puppets and palm leaf etchings. This served not only as a
boost for the dying crafts but also as an exposure for the students to traditional
arts and crafts. The department in collaboration with the Museum Society of Bombay went on a field trip to Bijapur, Aihole, Pattadakkal, Badami and Hampi in the state of Karnataka
which was an exciting as Dr. Anita Rane-Kothare, Mr. Jason
Johns and a group of students from T.Y.B.A. and S.Y.B.A. A.I.C. attended an Art Management Workshop at Piramal Foundation, Parel in November and “Technical Meeting on Conservation Treatments” held in collaboration by the CSMVS and CTS at the CSMVS from 30th November -2nd December 2015.

Department festival :-“Vividha 2016 – Daksinapatha(Karnataka)”, the annual departmental festival and exhibition of the Department of Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai, was held in collaboration with the Museum Society of Bombay. The two- day festival included an exhibition of charts and models prepared by the students and stalls by various groups, students, etc.The festival was inaugurated by Mrs. Arti Mehta, Chairperson Emeritus of Museum Society of Bombay in the presence of Dr. Agnelo Menezes, Principal and the staff and students. This was followed by the release of RCA the departmental magazine which featured articles on the theme written by students. The exhibition which showcased the various natural and cultural heritage of Karnataka giving the visitors a glimpse of the state and its invaluable heritage which has to be conserved for future generations. As part of this festival Paramparik Karigar workshops on Leheriya by national award winner Mr. Badshah Miya and Pattachitra were also held. The Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai, in collaboration with the MSB went on a cultural tour to Ladakh for Members. The group led by Dr. Anita Rane- Kothare visited the Sulabh Toilet Museum, Delhi , Domkhar Petroglyphs, Alchi and many other monasteries in Ladakh.

Staff Engagement and Research:-


Dr. Anita Rane- Kothare

• She was invited to deliver guest lectures at Somaiya College on Buddhist art, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya on Heritage Laws and Antiquarian Acts, H.R College on Indian Culture and Art and a lecture on Museology at S.N.D.T College Matunga and J.J. School of Art for a lecture on Temple Architecture.
• She was invited to deliver a lecture on “Comparative Mythology” for Honours Programme- Mythology

Workshop at St. Xavier’s College.
• She was invited to deliver a guest lecture at Jai Hind College for a lecture on Water Management systems in Ancient India followed by a fieldtrip to Mahakali Caves.
• Dr. Kothare was the Convenor of the 9th Mani- Kamerkar Memorial Seminar, held at the college on 1st August 2016 .She presented a paper titled ‘Hera: The Missing Link’.
• She was invited as a Chairperson and Keynote speaker at a Conference on ‘Applied History: Inter Disciplinary Approaches and Contemporary Relevance’ at Aurangabad on 27th August 2015. Her address paper was titled ‘Construction and Application of History with an Interdisciplinary Approach’.
• She was elected as Vice Chairperson of the Museum Society of Bombay in November 2015.
• She was featured in the programme “Samrachna” EPIC Channel.
• Dr. Kothare was also invited
to be a participant at a weeklong
workshop at Ahmedabad
on Heritage Management and
Conservation in Februry, 2016.
• Recipient of the Vidhyeshwari award for twenty five years of service in education by Prabhu Prabhat on 1st May 2016.
• She conducted heritage walks for Hindustan Times and was covered by the press.

Dr. Radha Kumar

• Delivered a lecture “Whispering Stones” on the hidden myths
behind the sculptures behind the
Pallava period under Katha project.
• Was invited as a speaker for Panel discussion on the theme “Challenges of Women in achieving Professional Competencies”. Delivered a lecture on the sub theme “Women through the agesspecial references to Ancient India “ at Hansraj Jivandas College of Education.
• Was invited as a speaker at the 50th Golden Jubilee year at Nalanda Dance Research centre of Nalanda Nrityakala Mahavidyalaya- Juh on the theme “How to synergise Education and Culture. “
• Was invited as a Chief Examiner for Senior students to certify their overall Bharatanatyam repertoire by Geeta Nirthya Vidyalaya, Mulund.
• An article in Speaking Tree (Times of India) was published “The Saundraya Lahiri of Adi Shankaracharya”.
• Was invited to deliver a Lecture by the Sanskrit Department, University of Mumbai. The topic: ‘ role of Mythology in the tradition of Performing arts’.
• Was invited as a Guest of honour in Sishuvan school- Matunga, to preside on play session to stage stories on Historical themes, staged by 6th and 7th standard students.
• Was invited as Resource person for Seminar/ Workshop on Drama and Art in Education, by Bombay Teachers Training College; Delivered a lecture on Drama and Art for social intervention.
• Was invited as a Resource person for the International Dutch programme at Hiranandan Foundation School. Topic of the lecture- ‘Indian Culture and the Philosophy within’.
• Was invited as Resource person andconducted a workshop on “Art and Drama in Education” by Hansraj Jivandas college of Education .
• Delivered a lecture on the multidimensional aspect of Indian Culture at the FEM ExecutiveManagement Programme.
• Was invited for the Expert Talk on the topic “ Art as A peacemaker” at the Education for Peace conference at KJ Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education ,Training and Research. Also, Chaired the paper presentations thereafter on the subtheme- Striving for Harmony within.
• Was invited to deliver a lecture at the Thakur Shyamanarayan College of Education and Research for the regional level seminar and workshop . The topic was: Understanding Forms of Art and Drama.”
• Was invited to deliver a lecture and conduct a session at the Somaiya Center of life long learning on “An Aesthetic confluence- When the chisel and bells spoke in the same rhythm.”
• Was invited to deliver a lecture at the National seminar on Indian Aesthetics organised by the Indian council of Philosophical Research- New Delhi. Presented a paper titled “When the chisel and the bells spoke in the same rhythm –an aesthetic Confluence. “
• Was invited to deliver a lecture on “Indian Culture: A spectrum for the International Seminar, Globalization, capital flow and Development.” This was organised by the Council of International Programmes, St Xavier’s College.
• Invited to present a paper and deliver a lecture at the National Seminar organised by the
Department Of Political Science- St Xavier’s College on Political Thinkers and on the theme State is Power. The topic of her lecture “ State is Power- Exploring the Ethical Foundation- A Holistic view of Gautama Buddha. “
• Presented a paper at the 9th Mani Kamerkar Memorial State level Seminar on Maritime Heritage of India, with the joint collaboration of the Museum Society, Heras Institute and Dept of Ancient Indian Culture,. Title of her paper, “ Literary sources in the study of Maritime History.”
• Received a Tata Fellowship grant for research on Dancing sculptures in Alampur temples.
• Was an in house faculty for the TYBMS paper on Indian thought Management and Practices
• Was the Faculty convenor of Malhar 2015.

Dr. Anita Rane-Kothare
Head, Ancient Indian Culture








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