This year Awareness sessions on Addiction and Safety received a very good feedback and response from the students of 3 divisions of the FYBA, from 2 divisions of the FYBSc and from the FYBMM, FYBMS and FYBSC IT. These sessions were conducted during the Special Course: "Giving Voice to Values" which all First Year students take as part of their core courses, on par with other subject courses. The following sessions were held with guest resource persons:

1. ONLINE ADDICTION Awareness - Fr.Nigel Barrett 

2. DRUG AWARENESS - The Anti-narcotics Team of the Mumbai Police 
    and the Mumbai District Legal Team  

3. ALCOHOLISM - The Alcoholics Anonymous Team. 

4. CYBER SAFETY- by Mr. Sachin Dedhia, currently helping the
    Mumbai police  in dealing with cyber crime in the city. 

The regular professors who teach the Special Course were all present for these sessions and collaborated in conducting them. 

These sessions were at the initiative of Prof. Ms. Linda Dhakul of the Psychology Department of St. Xavier's College and were organised by her. They are much appreciated by the College.


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