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Department of Information Technology 2017-2018


Having traversed a decade long journey as a full time degree course, the department of Information Technology, has adapted its syllabus keeping in sync with the autonomous status expectations of the college. This year too, the department has taken a step towards focussing its attention on the path of a field that is very much in demand, data science. New subjects like statistics and art of programming among various others have been introduced.

With the intention of promoting curiosity and enthusiasm to learn new technologies, a lecture series has been initiated by the dept. of BSc.IT dept beginning this academic year 2016-17.

Some of the lectures and workshops conducted were:


Cyber Security workshop:

Digital data always needs to be secured. Be it wired or wireless medium, the cyber world requires a minimal amount of security if not the max level. During the month of August a workshop was conducted by Mr. Daniel. It was well attended by both faculty as well as students.



A talk on "iOS App development” was held in the month of September. This lecture series was mainly for the F.Y.B.Sc.IT students but was also kept open to others who are interested in learning mobile application development. Mr. Prashant Salvi was the external resource person, a freelancer and has achieved technical expertise in this subject, he is an MCA graduate.

Keeping the knowledge level of the students in mind, the resource person customized his lecture to suit the main audience at the same time trying to give them a higher exposure into the subject as well. Some of the concepts explained were OOP, packages involved, the environment, the procedure for uploading an app etc. A running demo of a working iPhone mobile app a game of “tic-tact-toe”, that was coded by the speaker, especially for this event, was demonstrated to the students. Before showing the demo, the logic behind the game was explained on the black board, which helped the students understand the idea even better. The students got really excited to see the app running on the iPhone mobile emulator.

The talk was attended by a total of 38 students including one student from F.Y.Stats, and two alumni, who were happy to attend the session.


Cloud computing and Open Source Technologies:

Two industry experts were invited as resource persons to speak on technologies used in the industry, as part of a special seminar held only for the FYBSc.IT and FYBVoc Software development students. Mr. Niral Mistry working with GEP, a company that provides procurement and supply chain solutions had an interactive session with the students where he tried to explain the impact of their course on their future career.  He being an expert in cloud computing shared the working of cloud based technologies’ like Microsoft Azure. Mr. Joel D’souza was the second industry expert, working with Seamless technologies, showed a working demo of a twitter bot created by him, just for the talk with the help of open source technologies and the raspberry pi processor. He also touched upon the basic OOPS concepts and how essential they are from the industry point of view.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\khandala_pics\FYBScIT khandala seminar(4).JPG

Resource Person Mr. Niral Mistry taking a session of Cloud computing for FYBSc.IT and SYBVoc.SD students

C:\Users\user\Downloads\khandala_pics\FYBScIT Khandala seminar (1).JPG

Industry Expert Mr. Joel D’souza taking a session for the FYBSc.IT and SYBVoc. SD students


C:\Users\user\Downloads\khandala_pics\FYBScIT Khandala seminar (3).JPG

Resource Persons along with the faculty of the BSc.IT Dept.


Khandala Seminar

The entire student batch along with three faculty of the dept. Mr. Roy Thomas, Mr. Subhash Kumar and Ms. Lydia Fernandes, visited the Khandala Xavier’s villa for a seminar cum presentation. The CIA 2 for the fifth semester subjects of E-commerce and M-Commerce, Data Warehousing and Artificial Intelligence were successfully conducted while utilizing the various venues of the villa and the equipment of the department. Team building activities were conducted towards the end of the session.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\khandala_pics\TYBScIT Khandala.jpg

TYBSc.IT-Khandala seminar cum presentation



The First year students had their even semester, CIA 2 evaluations in the subjects of Computer Graphics, Database Management and DCNS, the students were accompanied by the Professors of the department, including visiting faculty Ms. Rachana Pandey and Mr. Floyd Gracias. As part of the visit, a time bound activity to test their life skills was conducted. Students were divided into groups and were given a task, a timer and a live score sheet created using excel was kept to judge their performance as a team. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

We thank the college and the principal for this opportunity and exposure given to the students.


FYBSc.IT-Khandala seminar cum presentation


Linux Administration Workshops:

A Linux administration workshop was conducted for the SYBScIT students by an external resource person.


Honours Program:

Python being a language that is catching up as one of the popular languages as far as interfacing with the hardware of raspberry pi processor, machine learning, data science, a honours course with the intention to help students learn the basics of the language covering database aspects, GUI etc. was offered by the dept. Total of 24 students attended the course.


Intra College Sports Achievements:

Relay: 3rd position  Anthony C (TYIT), Brenden F. (TYIT), Bonaventure (SYIT) and Allan F. (SYIT)

100 mts. Running race: 2nd position Brenden Fereira (TYIT)


A total of 20 students got placed through both on campus and off campus placements. Special thanks to the placement cell of St. Xavier's college. Our students were placed in companies like Deloitte, Wipro, Infosys, and Futures First amongst many others. The highest pay package recorded was 7.2 lakhs.


Every year the T.Y.B.Sc.I.T students as part of their mandatory project work have to come up with innovative ideas which need to be implemented using hardware or software or both. Some of the projects undertaken this year were as follows:

Mobile Game App: The idea of out beating the contemporaries has been the key note in most games. The project, Train Team undertaken by Ms. Mehika P. and Mr. Rajshekhar, challenges this approach by being a multiplayer collaborative android game that requires players to coordinate their activities in order to be able to deem themselves as invincible master players. The main objective of this game is fuelled by an expectation to inculcate strong peer to peer interaction skills, fostering team spirit. Every individual player is responsible for the ultimate success of the team, hence integrating every member as an essential component. Being an instruction based game, it is simple, yet complex, in a way that requires utmost player vigilance and tests each player’s reactive instinct –response. It also provides an opportunity to sharpen the cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination, focus and increased concentration.

It truly aims to enrich every player’s experience and challenges the traditional competitive nature of games. It is locally hosted using a mobile device and the connection is enabled via Wi-Fi. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players, with full access to the internet is the basic requirement. The functioning of this game involved a mobile being used in the following ways:

  1. A designated server to host the game locally.
  2. A client(s).


Augmented Reality: Rogue Syndicate

C:\Users\acer\Desktop\Projects\Final Year\Diagrams\Dissection.jpg

PC Games or video games are the games played on a personal computer rather than a dedicated video game console or arcade machine. They generally require greater capacity in input, processing, and output, graphics, scripting, adopting new technology, animation etc.


The final year project of Mr. Mayank Kumar was divided into two parts:

  1. The first part was a PC game
  2. The second part was an Augmented-Virtual reality app for android.

UI Design of the game

UI Design of the game


Department Magazine:

‘BITMAP’ is the expression of our endeavor to present to the readers the creativity and talents of our students. Many a times such outstanding efforts and good work go unnoticed; hence, the Department of Information Technology has come up with the idea of giving an outlet to such talent through this magazine. It aims at displaying the outstanding projects of our students especially by those in their final year. BITMAP is our way of connecting with the alumni. Through it, we hope to bridge the gap between the present and past of BSc (IT). A lot of thought and hard work has gone into this novel endeavor. I take this opportunity to appreciate all who have worked relentlessly in bringing out this magazine; I sincerely hope that this will open new vistas of progress and achievement for the department. The website has the e-version of the ‘BITMAP’, which can be read online."

Prof. Roy Thomas

Head of Dept.BSc.IT



Seminars and workshops attended by Faculty:

A short two day e-learning workshop was attended by Ms. Lydia Fernandes in the month of April 2017, with the intention of implementing the same in some of the courses in the coming academic year.


Prof. Lydia Fernandes

Faculty,  Dept.BSc.IT


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