Bachelor of Arts

A student for the B.A. degree examination will be required to offer 40 courses, and the break-up of these courses are as shown in the following table.

Table 1.

Mandatory Requirements

No. of Courses

3 Core Subjects (including 4 courses of an Applied Nature, related to the Core Subjects)


Language Group (English & an Indian or Foreign language)


Special Course Group


General Applied Component




Table 2.

Course Requirements

No. of Courses

Special Courses


Communication Skills in English


Languages (other than English):

Literature in a Modern Indian Language, or a Classical or

a Modern Foreign Language


Courses from the Social Sciences Group          OR


Social Science Group + Languages Group       OR

4 + 2

Social Science Group + Languages Group

2         + 4

Change of subjects will be allowed till 5th July subject to availability of seats. However, subjects (compulsory / optional), which do not have the minimum enrolment required by Government / University, will not be offered.

Students are expected to choose any three subjects (one from each Group), in order of preference, for the first two years.

The choice of major/s will be decided only at the beginning of the Third Year B.A., by the Heads of Departments after reviewing their performance in their First and Second Year Assessments.  The College will not be responsible if students are not granted the choice of their major(s) in their Third Year B.A., nor if students have to leave the College because their performance does not satisfy the minimum requirements laid down by Departments to which they seek admission.

Optional Subjects:  Any one subject from each of the 3 groups as given in Table 3 can be chosen:

Table 3.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Economics (A) *

Ancient Indian Culture *

History *

Political Science *

English *

Economics (B) *

Psychology *

Sociology (A) *

Statistics **

Sociology (B) *

Commerce **

Anthropology **



French ***



Hindi ***


  • Economics (A) or (B) and Sociology (A) or (B) only represent divisions in that subject, in the First & Second Year, and can be selected  in only one group.
  • Interpretation of indicators in Table 3.


Nature of Majors at Third Year

No. of Courses


Single or Double Majors at Third Year

12 or 6 in each


Only Double Majors at Third Year

6 in each


No Majors at Third Year

Only 2 (FY) & 4 (SY)




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