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Over the course of this academic year, the BMM Department invited experts from various fields to provide our students with insights into the media industry. These guest lectures complemented the coursework and helped in informing the students of the practical aspects and the finer nuances of various kinds of media. The resource persons facilitated exploration of various media fields through their practical experiences and interactive sessions.

We had guest lectures in the form of seasoned  journalists such as Meena Menon and Shaji Vikraman from Indian Express, and other senior reporters from DNA, Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror who covered legal and crime reporting, reporting in conflict areas, political reporting, environmental journalism and gender and sexuality reporting. Pranav Kuttaiah discussed town planning and demographics as part of policy research. Ragini Shah, a senior lawyer, covered intellectual property rights whereas Anil Galgati, an RTI specialist, taught the TYBMM student how to create a report based on RTIs. Rafiq Baghdadi, a journalist and historian, conducted a heritage walk around the Mazgaon Village.

We invited speakers from the TATA Lit Fest to interact with the students. Alan Rosling spoke about the new upsurge of entrepreneurship in India and the challenges in it. Thomas Blom Hansen explained the challenges posed to the Indian economy through caste and community, while Michael Fehr and Nell Leyshon spoke about the art of story-telling.

We had international interactions with faculty from University of Columbia, University of Kent, and University of Notre Dame, where they spoke about investigative journalism, colonialism, and creating narratives through numbers respectively. Nimrod Assouline from the Consulate General of Israel spoke about India-Israel international relation.

Professionals from media industries interacted with students on branding, public relations, entrepreneurship, and strategy related topics. These topics were covered by Divya Morparia (Brand Manager at Vodafone), Sunil D’souza from DDB Group, Thapas Joseph from Fountainhead MKTG, Varun Mundkar (Strategic Head of UBER APAC Regions), and Vidhit Chitroda. Amey Panvalkar conducted a workshop on Account Planning.

Creative writing and content creation were extensively covered by media professionals from Girnar Soft, BBC World Wide and Provocateur Advisory. Amitava Kumar, an author, discussed the aspects of book writing.

Beyond curricular and co-curricular lectures, the BMM Department also had sessions with a more self-exploratory objective, to gain insights on mapping areas of professional interests with Joanna Britto and Shamira Abdullah (proprietor of Beyond Boundaries). Krishna Warrier from XRCVC conducted a workshop on sensitization with our students.



April 2018

List of Courses:

A. Title: Media and Visual Anthropology

Faculty: Ms. Vinita Bhatia (Retd. Professor, Dept of Sociology, SXC)

Number of students enrolled: 10

Course details: The course was meant to bring  exposure on using Anthropological approaches to understand Media as a representation and  cultural practice.

Assignment: The students  were individually assigned to choose a subject and write an extensive essay based on the topics covered in the course.


B. Title: Lens Time

Faculty: Ms. Priyal Thakkar (Commercial Photographer/Artist/Colorist)

Number of students enrolled: 17

Course details: The course included a mix of practical classes and understanding theory   behind the art of photography. The students were given a basic introduction to photography through practical sessions and how to apply the basic skills to enhance visual imagery and storytelling value of everyday pictures.

Assignment: The students did practical photography projects based on various subjects and were graded on the same.


C. Title: MAJLIS- ‘Know Your Rights’ (KYR)

Faculty: A team of Lawyers from MAJLIS

Number of students enrolled: 10

Course details: The course was meant to give an understanding to students about legal approaches to understand individual rights on topics related to - Domestic Violence , sexual harassment of women at Workplace and Muslim Women Rights.

Assignment: The students were given a written individual assignment on the topics above mentioned.


D. Title: Hand Lettering Workshop

Faculty: Ms.Vidhi Mehta

Number of students enrolled: 13

Course details: The course was an attempt to introduce students to the basic skills of Hand- Lettering, Brush Lettering, Illustration March Script.

Assignment: The students did a practical assignment of a theme based illustration using the techniques discussed in the course.



Art & Visual Communication

A certificate course conducted in art, history and visual communication.

Faculty: Dr. Manjiri Thakoor, (Former HOD, Academy of Fine Arts and Craft, Rachana Sansad Former Deputy Curator, National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai)

Venue: HERAS

Class: FYBMM

No. of sessions: 04 (17th July 2017 to 20th July 2017)

The workshop was a series of four lectures meant to give an understanding to the media students about signs and verbal communication from historical ages to nineteenth century. The lecture also included how images from everyday life of mankind have been adapted into forming visual culture.


Understanding Political Systems and Media

Faculty: Prof. Dr. Sudhakar Solomon, (HOD Political Science department, Wilson College)

Venue: LR 63

Class: FYBMM

No. of sessions: 04 (August 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th)

No. of students: 58

The lecture series was meant to give students an understanding of state, political institutions and the role of media from the beginning of twentieth century to the contemporary situation.


Sports Business Management Certificate Course

Faculty: Mr. Alex Twichen and team of faculty members from Sports Pyramid

Venue: Seminar room

No. of students: 15

No. of sessions: 06 (18th September to 23rd September)

The workshop was a series of extensive sessions to explore all the facets of sport in the country, ranging from Infrastructure to the running of specific sport events. With dedicated sport professional, it helped the students gain an understanding of the industry and provide sustainable and innovative solutions.



Student Projects

The Nullah project


The first year BMM students worked on a 3- month long research project about nullahs in Mumbai and the settlements that have developed around it. A group of 28 students worked together to find out about the nullahs and talk to settlers around them for environmental journalists—Darryl D’monte, and Nidhi JamwalThe process involved tracking places where nullahs flowed. The students were asked to form a questionnaire comprising two parts: the first part for the interviewer’s observations included noting aspects like edge conditions of the nullah, the vegetation near it, and the type of settlements around; the second part comprised of questions for the respondents that the students sought, living around the nullah. 

The questionnaire revolved around gauging what people thought of the nullah, their knowledge about it, and about taking initiative to clean it. It also provided an understanding of what the process of cleaning the filthy water bodies did to the invisible class divide in the area. This was followed by the actual fieldwork. The observations were diverse as many were reluctant to talk, not wanting to draw attention to them. Others spoke on the condition of  remaining anonymous and provided a lot of information of the history of the nullah and were sympathetic of the effects that the smell or garbage created. This project exposed the students to live work culture and gave them an understanding of reality.

The teams worked from December 2017 to February 2018, in co ordination with the department and the organizers of the project 


The 7th Edition of Zeitgeist Media Conference –

Prism- Ideas in the Media


The two-day annual conference included talks by Dr. Aparna Dutt-Sharma, Ninad Shah, Radhakrishnan Sreenivasan, Pavan Dahat and Khushboo Ranka along with panel discussions chaired by Darryl D’monte & Rohan Chakravarthy. The conference turned out to be a meaningful experience as it helped the students to gain an insight of the real world. It enhanced various career options and created opportunities for the students to explore in future.

Beyond Academics

Student Exchange Program- Shikshayatan, Arasavanangadu Tamil Nadu




Continuing the association with rural community school, 14 students were hosted in college campus from 8th February to 14th February 2018. This year we had six students from Lumens School, Vapi, Gujarat and 14 students from Arasavanangadu, Tamil Nadu. The “City Immersion Program” comprises of understanding opportunities in higher education along with experiencing features of city life. The students visited Bombay Stock Exchange, Nehru Science Centre, Railway Museum and a kitchen tour in McDonalds.

The BMM students visited Shikshayatan School during summer vacation in April to experience the impact of community schooling. Some of the interesting things which the BMM students learnt in their stay of two weeks included making flower garlands, Taekwondo, Yoga and basics of Tamil language.



Ms. Perrie Subramaniam

Head,  Department of Mass Media

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