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A glimpse of the key curriculum and extension programs conducted for the students through the year 2018-19


The one day conference on “Statistics in Business and Media – Comprehending the Data Storm” was held on 19th January 2019. This was a collaborative seminar between the Statistics, BMS and the BMM department. Various Industry leaders such as Mr. Abhishek  Mathur, VP (Investment Advisory, ICICI Securities), Mr. Balakrishna Parab, Chair Professor of IMC (Banking and Finance JBIMS); Mr. Derrick Gray, Chief-Measurement Science, Broadcast Audience Research Council India, Ms. Nivedita Ravishankar, Analyst,Dentsu India were the key speakers.

JJ_04635.JPG                                         Mr.Derrick Gray explains the consumer research process and analysis through a sample case from BARC’s  current work.

INDIAN EXPRESS SEMINARMr.Nandagopal Rajan, Editor (New Media)

This was the 3rd annual department-hosted  lecture by ‘The Indian Express'. Mr. Nandagopal Rajan held an interactive session on ‘dependency of print media on the digital wave, as a method to stay relevant in the dynamic news industry.’

Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) - Communication Initiative to Conserve Diversity 

Our media students held interactive sessions to spread awareness  about human encroachment and the consequent leopard encounters in settlements adjoining SGNP.  Student groups conducted sessions with 4 schools and 3 housing societies. This was an extension activity of their internal assessment for the course on environmental studies.

e-Waste Collection in schools

Students from the department conducted sessions in multiple schools acrossMumbai to create awareness on e-waste disposal.  Arya Vidya Mandir, Kawalemath Banganga BMC school and St. Xavier’s High School students were sensitized on the importance of proper e-waste disposal. The students were assisted in implementing a sustainable e-waste collection and disposal process for their respective schools, and were subsequently partnered with local e-waste collectors.

RTI Workshop – Mr.Sailesh Gandhi and Anil Galgai 


Mr. Shailesh Gandhi in a session with BMM students

This was the 3rd consecutive year of the RTI workshop. It was aimed to facilitate and encourage  active citizenship among the media students.   As part of the lecture series, students were recommended to file an RTI and subsequently share their responses with the  facilitators.. Student inputs and experiences help to further strengthen the constant work aimed to keep the RTI Act effective.


CMCA is a non--profit organisation which conducts workshops for students. This program persuaded students to partake in the discussions of citizenship and democracy. This was done through multiple workshops during which students read articles, watched movies and did role-plays, which were then followed by discussions and reflections on ‘the individual’s role in a society’. Contemporary Issues Immersion Program 

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 5

1. Students in a session with Ms. Shweta Naik

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 5

2. Discussion on geopolitics with Prof. Sudhakar

A Contemporary Issues Immersion Program was conducted for BMM students in Boscowadi, Uttan. Held over two days, this program aimed to develop self awareness and a better cognizance of the society they dwell in,   thereby helping them grow as individuals. The first session, by Ms. Shweta Naik, (visiting faculty in psychology, practicing counsellor) focused on individual perception and understanding.
  The second session conducted by Prof. Sudhakar Raj Solomon, (HoD, Political Science, Wilson College) acted as a primer in contemporary geopolitics.


As a part of the academic module in Culture Studies, students with similar cultural backgrounds formed groups. They were required to prepare the cuisine that represented their heritage the most. This proved to be an interesting and fun activity which helped the students understand the role of food in culture.


Shikshayatan is a unique, innovative school located in the village Arasavanankadu, in Thiruvarur district  of Tamil Nadu. Our students visited the school in November 2018 in an attempt to understand and appreciate rural sensibilities and lifestyle, as well as alternative methods of learning and teaching. The trip to Shikshayatan  was centred around Gandhian studies and agrarian culture. Students also picked up various skills such as: basket weaving, teaching,native songs etc. 

COVERDALE-The Mercedes Benz Trainers Coach for FYBMM students


BMM students in a one-on-one feedback session 

A two day residential workshop was conducted in Boscowadi, Uttan on 15th and 16th December 2018 by the Coverdale group on “Leadership through Self Management”. The three trainers -  Mr. Jóerg Zimmermanns, Ms. Anita Gaur and Ms. Sushmita Miryam - conducted various group activities which cultivated students’ critical thinking skills, group dynamic skills and their ability to self reflect. 


Participatory Urban Design and  Development Initiative (PUDDI) led FIELD BASED RESEARCH STUDY ON THE WATERCOURSES (Nullahs) of MUMBAI

PUDDI is an organisation started by concerned citizens under the leadership of the late Daryll D’Monte (  Former Editor, the Times of India). This project was conducted under the guidance of the urban architect Mr. P.K Das.
22 media students studied urban housing and the use of spaces by communities along the Nullahs in 6 municipal ward areas, K-West, K-East, H-West, H-East, E and B. Students physically surveyed the 6 wards, drew visual maps, recorded the local land use with photographs over a 3 month period. This report gathered by the students is a supporting document for PUDDI’s report and proposal to the Maharashtra Government on the nullah-waterfront project of Mumbai.


Survey conducted on the Workers in the Informal Economy in collaboration with the Pratham Education Foundation

A  survey, led by the Pratham Education Foundation, was conducted on the state of the informal economy and the role of migrants.. Over two weeks, 64 students from the department went to several locations, panning the area from South Bombay to Thane, and interviewed several such naka workers  about their living and working conditions.
The data collected was compiled and students submitted individual reports to Pratham, analysing the data from different perspectives - all of which will become a part of the final report to be published by Pratham.


Students in Foreign Universities

Students from the department availed the opportunity to study abroad.                                                  Mr. Aaron Mistry, after completing his first year, went on to attend the Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia .. This was possible under the ‘fully funded Community College Initiative’ undertaken by the US government.  Ms. Shristi Khemka and Ms. Gehna Kapany completed their fourth semester at the SOAS University, London as part of a student-exchange program.  


Ms. Perrie Subramaniam

Head of Department

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