Department Report 2014-2015

The year 2014-15 was very hectic as several activities were undertaken by the staff of Botany department. Following are the highlights of achievements of the department:

Ph. D. Degree Awarded:

Ms. Deepali Mhapsekar, student of Dr. Mrs. U. C. Bapat was awarded Ph.D degree in May 2015. Her thesis was entitled ‘Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of a few plants belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae’.

Ph. D Degree Synopsis Submitted:

• Rajdeo Singh, synopsis on ‘Taxonomic Monograph on Asteraceae of Maharashtra State’, research guide, Dr. Shinde.

• Sweedle Cerejo – Shivkar, synopsis on ‘Taxonomic and Ecological Adaptations of Orchids in Mumbai Metropolis and Thane District’ – research guide, Dr. Shinde.

• Rashmi Sharma, synopsis on ‘Taxonomic study of flora of Vasai Taluka with focus on Vegetation of Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thane District, Maharashtra State’- research guide, Dr. (Mrs.) Bapat.

Research Papers Published:

1. Ujwala. C. Bapat and Deepali R. Mhapsekar (2015), Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Homonoia riparia Lour., Kirganellia reticulata (Poir.) Baill., Phyllanthus fraternus G.L.Webster and Pedilanthus tithymaloides (Linn.) Poit. and its correlation with the total phenolic and flavonoid contents..International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, Vol. 6 (1), 2015.

2. U. C. Bapat and D. R. Mhapsekar (2014), ‘Study of Antimicrobial activity and phytochemical evaluation of Jatropha gossypifolia, Sapium sebiferum, Kirganellia reticulata, Phyllanthus fraternus and Pedilanthus tithymaloides’, p. 4933-4941, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Vol. 5 (11), 2014.

3. Ujwala Chintamani Bapat, Deepali Ravindra Mhapsekar (2014), ‘Phytochemical investigations and antimicrobial and anticancer activities of Homonoia riparia Lour’, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 6 (11), p. 238-243.

4. Rajendra D. Shinde and Rajdeo Singh in XPlore, Xavier’s Research Journal 5: 2014. 71-78 ‘Taxonomic Status of medicinally important tribe Anthemideae (Family Asteraceae) in Maharashtra’. 5. Sweedle Cerejo – Shivkar and Rajendra D. Shinde, ‘A brief account of Orchidaceae in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, India’, Journal of Threatened Taxa: 7(6): 7297-7295, 2015.

Conference Proceedings:

Following research papers were presented by the Ph. D. students of Dr. Mrs. U.C. Bapat and were published in conference proceedings:

• Ujwala C. Bapat and Anil Rajbhar, ‘Comparative study of Island Flora of Konkan Coast’, Proceedings of National Conference on New and Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics and Taxonomy ‘NETBT’, Jan 14th and 15th 2015, p. 118-124.

• Ujwala C. Bapat, Praveen Kale and Rashmi Sharma, ‘Enchroachment Impact on Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Vasai Taluka, Maharashtra, Proceedings of National Conference on New and Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics and Taxonomy ‘NETBT’, Jan 14th and 15th, 2015, p. 125-128.

• Ujwala C. Bapat, Herbarium and herbarium technology, Proceedings of National Conference on New and Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics and Taxonomy ‘NETBT’, Jan 14th and 15th 2015, p. 50-51. Examiner for Ph. D. thesis evaluation

• Dr. Mrs. U.C. Bapat evaluated a Ph.D. thesis entitled “ Studies on Metal-Cyanobacterial Interactions for the Development of Mineral Rich Feed Supplement” submitted by Mr. Pandav Parag Vishnunath for the degree of Ph.D in the subject of Biotechnology, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

• Dr. R. D. Shinde evaluated and BOTANY 76 conducted Viva-voce examination for the Ph. D. thesis submitted to Gujarat University and Pune University on 29th September, 2014 and at Pune University on 31st October, 2014 respectively. Invited as Resource Person Dr. Shinde delivered talks at the following seminars/ refresher courses:

1. ‘Strategies to understand sustainable Utilization of Plant Wealth’ at National Seminar on ‘Plant Diversity and Economic prospects’ at Gujarat University, 29th -30th September 2014.

2. ‘Introduction to Cladistics’ at the Refresher Course on Advances in Biological Sciences organised by Birla College, Kalyan and Mumbai University, 1st January ,2015.

3. Guest Lectures at Foundation for Educational Rendezvous with Nature (FERN), Thane for Field Botany Course on 21st, 27th and 28th March 2015.

4. Coordinator of Star College Programme for the college and made a presentation at DBT, New Delhi on 13th March 2015. External Examination Work

• Dr. R. D. Shinde was Paper Setter and Examiner for PET exam conducted by Mumbai University, 2014. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and other Courses attended:

• Dr. Mrs. U.C. Bapat and Dr. R. D. Shinde participated in the 102nd Indian Science Congress, held at Mumbai from January 3 to 7, 2015.

• Dr. R. D. Shinde attended a two day International meeting on Boraginaceae at the Nees Institute of Biodiversity for plants, University of Bonn, Germany on 7-8 May, 2015. He completed two weeks Lab training in Phylogenetics which was followed by the international meet.

• Dr. R. D. Shinde participated in ‘Curriculum Development workshop on costal and marine biodiversity for media professionals and students of Mumbai’ organized by Biodiversity Programme giz | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Indo-German Biodiversity Programme Office, A-2/18, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 110029, India on 24th July, 2014.

• All the teachers attended the faculty seminar on “Biosafety Issues in Research” which was organised by the Department of Microbiology, St. Xavier’s College under DBT College Scheme, held on 20th March, 2015

 • Mr. Alok Gude attended ‘Refresher Course in Environmental Studies’ organised by Academic Staff College, Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur, from 20th April to 9th May, 2015.

• Mr. Alok participated in the International Conference on ‘Ethical Prospects: Economy, Society and Environment’, organised by Ratnagiri Sub-Centre, University of Mumbai on 13th- 14th March, 2015. Served on Committees:

• Dr. Shinde was elected as FELLOW of the Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy November 2014.

• Dr. Shinde was nominated on Thane Municipal Corporation Tree Authority, 2014.

• Dr. Shinde was appointed as the member of DBT Subcommittee on Evaluating E-Resources developed by different colleges across India, 2015.

• Dr. (Mrs.) Bapat and Dr. Shinde were appointed as Subject Experts on the Selection Committee for Career Advancement Scheme – for Royal Higher Education Society’s Royal College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mira Road East, Thane. Outreach Programme:

• Dr. Shinde had engaged lectures for M. Sc. II class of Mumbai University. In addition to these, he had conducted lectures for P. G. students of Dapoli and Borli Panchatan, Raigad. He helped the students of St. Pius High School, Nahur, Mumbai to identify and label trees of the School Campus.

• Dr. Mrs Bapat was a resource person for Training the Indian Team that was to participate in the International Biology Olympiad, organized by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. She also participated in a 2 day resource generation camp held at Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai. Field Excursions and Industrial visits.

• Dr. Mrs. Vijaya Lobo and Dr. Mrs. U.C. Bapat took students of MSc-I for Industrial visit at Tata Chemicals - Innovation Centre, Mulshi, Pune on the 11th February 2015

• Dr. Manek Mistry and Mr. Alok Gude conducted a field visit of MSc-II students at Dapoli, Konkan Krishi Vidhyapeeth for the studies on Plant Pathology and Horticulture from 1-3 August 2014. Mr. Rajdeo Singh also accompanied the students and showed many plants in medicinal plants garden and spice garden located in the University.

• Dr. R.D. Shinde took students of MSc-II to Plant Quarantine Centre and Patent Office to explain them the Plant Quarantine procedure and Patent filing procedure.

• Dr. R.D. Shinde took local excursions for TYBSc students to Sanjay Gandhi National Park for the study of seasonal flora during January 2015.

• Mr. Alok Gude along with Mr. Rajdeo Singh conducted a field visit to Matheran for MSc-I students to perform quadrat and transect study in the field.

Workshops conducted

• Mr. Kevin D’cruz conducted several workshops on Information Communication and Technologies during this year. 

• Use of Moodle in teaching and conducting internal exams, and Turnitin in evaluating students assignment.

• Interaction session for junior college students on 14th June 2014.

• SAP training workshop for senior college IT teaching staff from 23rd- 27th June 2014.

• Using Ipads as a teaching tool for the staff. • iPad and mobile training workshop for teachers of Janseva Mandal on 9th November 2014.

• Non teaching staff training workshop on computer and mobile technology on 13th March 2014.

The Botany department introduced project work in the S. Y. and T. Y. B. Sc. classes. The students learned how to write project proposals and a final report in addition to the laboratory work. Dr. Ujwala Bapat Head, 

Dr. Ujwala Bapat

Head, Department of Botany


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