Department Report 2014 -2015

The academic year 2014-2015 ushered in grand success and huge accolades for the Department of Chemistry. Our joy knew no bounds when one of our T.Y.B.Sc. Chemistry students, Mr. Clinton Savio Alwyn Fernandes with C.G.P.A. 3.85, was ranked 1stat the B.Sc. degree examination under the College Autonomous System.

Eminent scientists were part of the one –day symposium “Sustainable Energy: Crisis and Management – Latest Trends in Fundamental Research” hosted by the Department of Chemistry in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry on 5th December 2014. The Chemistry Department is exceptionally pleased to announce that the Second TY Batch under the Autonomous system have cleared their examinations with flying colours.

Guest Lectures:

Dr. Michael Lewis, Associate Professor of Chemistry, St. Louis University, USA was invited for a guest lecture on “Predicting the Strength of Arene- Arene Interactions :

Applications in DNA-Intercalator Binding”. His extensive experience in the field provided great insight about the subject and the session was truly enriching for Chemistry students.

Academic and Industrial Visits:

• The Department of Chemistry organized a 12 day Industrial Visit for FY, SY and TY students to Baddi (Chandigarh), Kulu, Manali and Dharamshala during the Diwali vacations. The visit was a grand success with 75 students and 4 Department faculties participating in this visit.

• A two – day workshop on “Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry” was arranged for our Chemistry Honours students at P. S. Ramanathan Instrumentation Laboratory, Ruia College by Dr. Pralhad Rege on 26th and 27th December 2014. The students were acquainted with the working of various sophisticated analytical instruments and were each awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Activities of the Students:

• Dr. Abhilasha Jain, Mr. Marazban Kotwal and Dr. Pralhad Rege were actively involved with the SY and TY Chemistry Honours students in conducting a research project, “Green Synthesis: Green Chemical Techniques for Synthesis of Organic Compounds “.

• Dr. Abhilasha Jain, Mr. Marazban Kotwal and Dr. Ashma Aggarwal conducted a research project, “A Novel Technique for The Degradation of Dye by Employing Advance Oxidation Process” with the SY and TY Chemistry Honours students.

• Dr. Geeta Kotian and Ms. Saima Khan conducted a two – credit Honours Course, “Chemistry in Art” with the SY and TY Chemistry students.

• 10 SY and TY Chemistry students attended an Interactive Session with Mr. Nick Clegg, a Liberal Democrat and Deputy Prime Minister, UK. Another 10 students attended an Interactive Session with the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, UK. Both these Sessions were held on 26th August 2014. Fr. Roy Pereira chaired the session of Mr. Ed Davey on the topic “Tackling Climate Change and Driving Growth” at St. Xavier’s College, SCAVI.

• Mr. Aditya Chalishazar and Ms. Anuja Sharma won the 1st prize at Chem Fest 2014 – 2015 held at Ruia College on 10th December 2014. Both these students also won the 2nd prize at the Inter – Collegiate Chemistry Fest held at Jai Hind College on 13th December, 2014. Our TY students also won some of the events at the Inter – Collegiate Fest at Sophia College.

• The Inter – Collegiate Festival “Chemeleon” organized by the Xaviers Association of Chemistry, XAC, on 7th and 8th January 2015 was a stupendous success with record participation of students from various colleges in Mumbai and also active participation of our Chemistry students ably guided by Dr. Gulshan Shaikh, Chairperson, Mr. Marazban Kotwal, Secretary and Dr. Pralhad Rege, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. Our Chemistry students won the “Rolling Trophy” at XAC Fest and the credit for this win goes to Mr.Aditya Chalishazar, Ms. Anuja Sharma and Mr. Dhvanit Dave.

• Our FY, SY and TY Chemistry students were taken for an educational tour cum seminar to Khandala on the 9th, 10th and 11th January 2015. Dr.(Fr.) Roy Pereira and Mr. Marazban Kotwal conducted academic and innovative sessions on Personality Development and Dr. Pralhad Rege gave a “Career Guidance” talk.

• Two students Mr. Aditya Chalishazar and Ms. Anuja Sharma participated in “What The Fun Rasayanam 2015” organized by the Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai on 16th January 2015 and were awarded the 1st prize. Three students participated in a Forensic Science Event at Rasayanam 2015.

• Mr. Aditya Chalishazar and Ms. Trisha Bhagde were awarded the 1st prize at the Inter Collegiate Fest “Rasayan Inter – AXN 2015” at Royal College on 7th February 2015.

• Two students participated and one of them, Mr. Aditya Chalishazar made it to the Merit List during 2014 – 2015 in the Aptitude Test – 2014 conducted by the Indian Chemical Society.

• Four TY students have been credited with completing their 60 – hour Internship Programme at the end of their Fourth Semester.

• Seven TY students qualified for the Honours Certificate in Chemistry this Academic year 2014 – 2015.

Activities of the Faculty:

Dr. Freddy H. Havaldar

• Awarded a grant of $12,000 for an Interdisciplinary Project “Fractionation of Salmon Protein Hydrolysate Powder to Identify Peptides with Iron Uptake Enhancement Effect”. The grant has been jointly funded by Skatesfund of the Norwegian Government and HofsethBiocare ASA, a public Company.

• Appointed as Advisory Committee Member at International Conference on “Innovations in Chemical Research and Applied Chemical Sciences” at CHM College, Ulhasnagar.

• Appointed as a Subject Expert (VC Nominee) on Screening Committee for Staff Placement at Wilson College and KC College. Dr. Freddy H. Havaldar, Mr. Marazban Kotwal and Dr.Pralhad Rege participated at the National Workshop on Green Chemistry held at Elphinstone College on 21st January 2015.

Mr.Marazban Kotwal presented a poster titled “Efficient Synthesis of Metal – Nanoparticles using Bioreduction as a Green Approach” at this Workshop.

Dr.Dionysia Coutinho

• Attended a UGC Sponsored short term course on “Soft Skills” at KC College from 13th to 19th October 2014.

• Participated in a Ceramics Workshop on the techniques of “Raku and Smoke Painting” organized by CSMVS from 27th to 29th March 2015.

Dr. Gulshan Shaikh

• Appointed Honours Programme Co-ordinator of the College.

• Appointed Prof-in-charge of N.C.C.

• Invited as Resource Person for Orientation of New Teachers under Staff Development Programme at Kalsekar College, Mumbai.

• Participated and Presented a Poster “Organic Chemistry through Bloom’s Taxonomy” at the 2nd International Conference on Education in Chemistry at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR), Mumbai from 12th to 14th December 2014.

• Attended a UGC Sponsored short term course on “Mentoring Students for their Progression” at Academic Staff College, Mumbai from 17th to 23rd December 2014. Dr. (Fr.) Roy Pereira, S.J International

• Gave a TED Talk on “Faith and Technology in Mumbai” at Hope College, Michigan on the 23rd September, 2014.

• Presented a paper on “How technology affects our way of thinking” at the conference “Technology and the Future of Being Human” at Hope College, Michigan on the 23rd and 24th September, 2014. National

• Presented a paper on “Internationalization of Higher Education: Models of Collaboration” at a national conference, “Towards Effective Administration in Higher Education” organized by Jesuit Higher Education Association of South Asia and Loyola College, Chennai from 25th to 27th July, 2014.

• Invited Speaker. “Change in Behaviour, Insights from Neuroscience” at the Faculty Seminar on “Excellence in Jesuit Higher Education: Jesuit Colleges in Karnataka” on 14th November, 2014.

• Attended the “Indian Science Congress” held at Mumbai University from the 3rd to 7th January, 2015.

• Presented a paper on “The Technological Foot-Prints on the Brain” at the “International Conference on Science, Technology and Values: Giving a Human Face to Scientific Developments with Special Emphasis on Mathematical Science” at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune on 10th and 11th January, 2015.

Mr. Marazban Kotwal

• Participated and Presented a Paper “Effectiveness of Videos and Flip Teaching in an undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Education” at the 2nd International Conference on Education in Chemistry at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR), Mumbai from 12th to 14th December 2014.

• Presented a Poster “Metal Organic Frameworks – Host Matrices for Nanoparticles: Size Control using Additives” at the International Conference on Nanoparticles for Sustainable Green at K.V.Pendharkar College, Mumbai held on 5th and 6th January 2015.

Dr. Ashma Aggarwal

• Attended a UGC Sponsored short term course on “Mentoring of Students for their Progression” at Academic Staff College, Mumbai from 16th to 20th February 2015. 82 Dr. Geeta Kotian, Ms. Saima Khan, Dr. Abhilasha Jain and Dr. Pralhad Rege participated in a two - day Symposium on “The Application of Chromatography and Spectroscopy Techniques in Pharma and Food Analysis” organized by Chromatographic Society of India and SIES Institute of Chromatography and Spectroscopy at the SIES Campus, Nerul on 18th and 19th December 2014. Dr.Abhilasha Jain

• Attended the UGC Sponsored Orientation Programme in Chemistry at Academic Staff College, Mumbai from 3rd September to 1st October 2014 and was awarded Grade “A”.

Dr.Pralhad Rege

• Participated at the National Conference in Chemistry “Sustainability and Environment” held at RuiaCollege on 20th and 21st February 2015.

• Attended the UGC Sponsored Orientation Programme in Chemistry at Kumaun University, Nainital from 2nd to 28th March 2015 and was awarded Grade “A”.


Dr. Freddy H. Havaldar

• Comparative Study of C – Alkylation, N – Alkylation and O – Alkylation reactions under Microwave Irradiation and Phase Transfer Catalysts (PTC) employing non-conventional alkylating agents. Published in International Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 2(3), pp. 318- 323(2014).

• Syntheses of 10 – Isobutoxy – 6 – (Substituted Phenyl)- 3,4- Dimethyl-7,12- Dihydroindeno [2’,1’ : 4,5] Pyrrolo [3,2-c] Quinolines and N- (Substituted Phenyl)- 10-Isobutoxy-3,4- Dimethyl -7,12-Dihydroindeno [2’,1’:4,5] Pyrrolo[3,2-c] Quinolin- 6-Amine Derivatives. Published in Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 23, pp. 359- 366(2014).

Dr. Gulshan Shaikh

• Comparative Analysis of a few novel 2 – Pyrazoline Derivatives. Published in American Journal of Pharmacy and Health Research, Vol. 2(11), pp. 70- 79(2014). We now look forward to our 3rd TY Batch graduated under the Autonomous System in the academic year 2014 – 2015 to soar new heights in the coming years. 

Dr. Freddy H. Havaldar

Head, Department Of Chemistry

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