List of Third Year B.Sc. Students debarred from End Semester Examination – October 2017

In accordance with University Ordinance 119 of 2011, which is followed by St. Xavier’s College- Autonomous, Mumbai and which is stipulated in the College Handbook (page no.31, 5.6.4), the following students have been debarred from appearing for the End Semester Examination in October 2017. The marks secured in CIA I and CIA II of Semester V stands forfeited. They can attempt the said End Semester Exam in April 2018.

Course wise roll nos. -



Course                        UID

Physics  5.01  –       142451,  152242.

Physics  5.02  –       152242.

Physics  5.03  –       142451, 152242.

Physics  5.04  –       142451, 152242.

Physics  5.06  –       152242.



  • If you claim that there exist a discrepancy in the attendance, report to the General Office by 1pm on Wednesday 27th September 2017.

  • After this deadline no inquiries will be entertained.

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