Hello Graduating Students,

Congratulations for being on the threshold of Graduating from St. Xavier’s College - Autonomous, Mumbai. We have planned for a grand Graduation Ceremony for you on the following dates:

Thursday, 15 June 2017 - B.M.M. / B.M.S. / B.Voc. / M.Sc / M.A.

Friday, 16 June 2017 - B.Sc. / B.Sc. I.T.

Saturday, 17 June 2017 - B.A.

You are invited to this Ceremony along with ONLY ONE PARENT - we would have loved to accommodate more of your family members, but lack of space in the College Hall hampers this. However, like in the previous years, we will be live-streaming this Ceremony so as to enable your other family members, friends and well-wishers to participate, courtesy the internet. If a second Parent wants to attend this ceremony, the cost would be Rs. 500 and that Parent would not be accommodated in the Hall but in the other venues on campus.

To make this Ceremony memorable for you, we have drawn out a few guidelines to follow:

1. Registrations:

  1. Dates: 20th April to 31st May 2017. Registration Forms will be available with the College Telephone Operator or can be downloaded from here.
  2. Duly filled Forms, in legible handwriting, must be submitted to the College Telephone Operator.
  3. Registration Fee (RF): Rs.1200/- payable in cash or cheque (Payee: ‘The Bombay St. Xavier’s College Society’). 

    Note: The RF includes a Stole (for keeps), Refreshments, Cost of Certificates, Cross-Subsidizing Financially Weaker Graduating Students and the Ceremony’s Operational Costs.

  4. Those unable to register personally, can authorize someone else to do so.
  5. Financially deserving students may approach the Principal for concession.
  6. Those who register, but do not Graduate in June 2017, will be refunded the entire RF, if they inform the College between 25th May 2017 and 10th June, 2017.

2. Dress Code:

  1. INDIAN FORMAL (Please adhere to the College Dress Code in the Handbook):
  2. Anyone not adhering to the above mentioned Dress Code will not be a part of this Ceremony.
  3. We recommended to put on a pair of comfortable footwear so as to walk down a ramp gracefully.

3. At the respective Graduation Ceremony (Follow instructions of the Professors-in-Charge):

  1. Reporting Time: 4.15 PM; Reporting Venue: Physics Laboratory (Ground Floor, near the Basketball Court)
  2. On presenting the Registration Fee Receipt, a Stole will be issued.
  3. Late-comers (after 5.15 PM), will receive a Stole, but will not be allowed to participate in the Ceremony.
  4. The line-up, for entry into the Hall, will be in the corridors on either sides of the Hall.
  5. Entry into the Hall, when the Ceremony starts, is in the order in which students would receive their Certificates.
  6. Students who are eligible for the Department’s Honours Certificate will receive it along with their Consolidated Marksheet.
  7. A seat in the Hall for the one Parent, would be on a First-cum-First-Served basis (prior to 5.30 PM). Once the section of the Hall reserved for Parents is full, the other Parents would be seated in the other venues on Campus, with live streaming of the Ceremony as it unfolds.
  8. In order to save time, please face the camera while you greet the Chief Guest and while you receive your consolidated Marksheet from him / her. Then walk down the ramp and return to your assigned Hall seat.

4. You may take photographs after the Ceremony ends (expected ending time is 8.00 PM).

5. Refreshments will be served in the Canteen Foyer, against the issued coupons for only 45 minutes after the Ceremony in the Hall ends.



Additional information