Certificate Courses in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaelogy


  1. Epigraphy and Numismatics of Ancient India: This course introduces the various scripts used in Ancient India and the role of coins in the Indian context. Students will be taught three ancient scripts: Brahmi, Kharoshti and Persian.
  2. History of Performing Arts & Theatre in Ancient India: This course is designed to enlighten students about the synergy between fluid and static arts and thus broaden their horizon and innate understanding this subject.
  3. Maritime Heritage of Ancient India: This course helps in understanding the maritime tradition that existed in India from the proto-historic period.
  4. Brief study of the Comparative Mythology of the World: Various mythologies of world civilizations are classified. A comparative analysis of Indian and other world mythologies is also dealt with.


Conducted by the Department of Ancient Indian Culture. For further details please check the College Website.  These courses have been designed to develop appropriate talents of students having interests in the field of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology. Applicants could join for any number of the four courses offered.



This course is open to students of any faculty and the applicants could be completing either an Under-Graduation or a Post-Graduation Degree.



End of July of the concerned academic year.


Duration: 3 months

Timings:  Once a week in the evenings

                 (as per the MA in AIHCA Time Table)

Fees:  Rs. 1000/- per course




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