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St. Xavier’s College was privileged to host the President of the University of Notre Dame, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., on Thursday (Feb. 6). He delivered a lecture entitled, “Educating the Mind and Heart” to faculty and students of St. Xavier’s. Principals of a few neighbouring colleges were also present. The discourse was followed by an interaction session. He also signed an agreement to formalize a relationship with St. Xavier's College that includes study abroad and summer research programs, faculty exchange and research collaboration. He signed similar agreements with St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and IIT Mumbai.

"In a more globalized world, an education that includes moral and spiritual values and addresses the education of the whole person is needed now more than ever," Father Jenkins said. "St. Stephen's, St. Xavier's and Notre Dame, with their approach to education, have a critical contribution to make to the world."

Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas, S.J., noted in his introduction that St. Xavier's shares a similar ethos with Notre Dame and that the bridges to be built between the two universities will benefit future generations of students. The type of education both institutions attempt to offer is one that builds on God-given talents and initiates the person to be open to the divine - so much needed by our world.

Besides Father Jenkins, the delegation included J. Nicholas Entrikin, Vice President and associate provost for internationalization, Rev. William Lies, vice president for mission engagement and church affairs; Jonathan Noble, assistant provost for Asia and executive director of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies; and Anita Garg, Notre Dame International's director for India.

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