Department Report 2014 - 2015

The Department of French was fraught with various activities to help the students increase their appreciation of the French– both the language as well as the culture of the people of France. The year began with the 14th of July celebration which commemorated the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution.

A poster-making competition was organised and was followed up with presentations on the French Revolution, Prof. Genevieve Baraona from the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilisations, Paris, France conducted a workshop on ‘Aesthetics in the writings of Marguerite Duras’ in October 2014. The workshop was an informative blend of readings from works of Duras and clippings from movies based on her works.

In February 2014, the annual cultural festival ‘Frénésie’ was organised by the students of the Department. The highlight of this festival was ‘L’Aprèsmidi français’ an afternoon which provided a platform to our students to express their creativity in French language. Besides song and dance,our students staged two plays ‘Le Bourgeois Gentillehomme’ by Moliere and Cendrillon. It was a commendable effort and an excellent execution, which was highly appreciated by the Chief Guest for the afternoon M. Christophe Legris, Attaché de Coopération pour le Français at the French Consulate in Mumbai.

An Inter collegiate Quiz on France was also conducted as a part of the festival. The Festival also had the French Cuisine day, when various French dishes were prepared and put up for sale. Ms. Alpana Palkhiwale attended a two week programme on teacher training organised by CIEP BELC in Nantes, France in July 2014.

She also attended an International Conference on ‘Challenges in Translation’ organised by the Department of French, Mumbai University in March 2015.

She also successfully attended the various pedagogical workshops organised every month by the Attaché de Cooperation for French, French Consulate in Mumbai. Thus this year the French Department saw a plethora of events, all of which gave impetus to our students to express their creativity and enhance their language skills.

Ms.Alpana Palkhiwale
(Professor in charge)

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