Every year the History department organises field visits, guest lectures and other extra-curriculum activities to ensure a holistic learning experience. The department undertook the following events  this year:

26th June, 2018: Visit to the Heras Institute

As part of applied paper on Museology and Museum Studies, Ms. Kaizeen Jehangir organised a field visit of the third year History students to the Heras Institute in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Ms. Shilpa discussed several aspects of a museum such as the ergonomics of display and design, the issues of representation and inclusion, the processes of conservation and the procedure of acquisition, etc. in detail. Students were informed about some of the unique artifacts like the statue of Lord Ganesh’s female form and Gautam Buddha  with a moustache and curly hair.

5th July, 2018: Visit to the commissioner of Railway Safety

A team of six students from the third year led by Dr. Avkash Jadhav visited the Commissioner of Railway Safety of the Western circle. The visit followed a notification in the newspaper for an open enquiry by the public after the Andheribridge collapse. The team raised questions about the safety of commuters and discussed the accountability of the authorities. A letter to the CRS enlisting concerns of thecitizen was drafted and signed. The initiative was covered by Navbharat Times, Lokmat, Maharashtra Times, Hindustan Times and The Afternoon.


7thand  9th July, 2018: Visit to the Heras Insitute

Dr Avkash Jadhav organised aguided tour to the Heras Institute for the students of second year. The tourintroduced them to a variety of sources needed for reconstructing the history of Ancient Indian Civilizations like Mohenjodaro and Harappa. Ms. Shilpa informed the students about various seals and artifacts that the museum holds. 

14th July, 2018: Visit to the Tuberculosis Hospital inSewri

Dr. Avkash Jadhav along with three students from the third year visited the tuberculosis hospital in Sewri in order to donate books and inaugurate the first ever reading space in a hospital in the city. Over 600 books were collected for this initiative by conducting a book donation drive in St. Xavier’s College. Students interacted with the doctors, nurses, security officials, sanitationworkers and patients; most of whom were children. The initiative was appreciated by Mumbai Live and My Medical Mantra.

16th July, 2018: Meeting with the Mayor and Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai

Following the visit to the tuberculosis hospital, Dr. Avkash Jadhav met Mr. Ajoy Mehta, former Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai, Dr. Archana Bhalerao, Chiarperson of the Health Committee and Mr. Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, Mayor of Mumbai. In the meeting, Dr. Jadhav discussed how similar reading spaces and libraries can be started in other hospitals. 

6th August, 2018: Guest Lecture on the Aligarh Movement

As a part of the initiative ‘Windows of social sciences’ introduced by Dr. Avkash Jadhav in 2007, a guest lecture was delivered by Prof. Hasnain Naqvi, Head of History Department of Junior College.Prof. Naqvi discussed the role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the Aligarh Movement and the Aligarh Muslim University in the lecture. The lecture gave insights about the role of the Indian Muslims in the freedom struggle and the social reform movements initiated by the community.

14th August,2018: Visit to the Blatter Herbarium and Geology Department

Ms.Kaizeen Jehangir organised a visit to the Blatter Herbarium and Geology department of St. Xavier's College, Mumbaifor thethird year History students. The visit was apart of the applied paper on Museology and Museum Studies. It offered students the opportunity to understand the processes of display, preservation and conservation, especially of vulnerable specimens.

21st August, 2018- Visit to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Ms.Kaizeen Jehangir organiseda visit to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya for the third year History students. Ms. Vaidehi, Manager for International Relations of the museum discussed various aspects like the security of the museum, funding, footfall, architecture, public outreach efforts and the social causes endorsed by the institution etc. with the students. Post the interactive session,students were encouraged to explore the museum in order to gain a better understanding of the working of the museum. 

29th August, 2018: Exhibition by the students of Third Year History

Under the guidance of Dr. Avkash Jadhav, the students of Third Year Historyorganised an exhibition on the role of Bombay in India’s freedom struggle in the college hall. The exhibition titled - Muqammal-e-Azaadi: the untold story of freedomwas an attempt to bring to the forefront personalities and events that played a significant role in the past but have strayed away from the mainstream narrative. The exhibition was well received by students, teachers and visitors from across several institutions. On this occasion,students commemorated 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by paying tribute to him. The exhibition was inaugurated by a veteran Gandhian Mr. Parikh from the Yusuf Meher Ali Institute. Padma Bhushan awardee and I.P.S officer Mr. Julio Rebeiro graced the occasion as the guest of honour along with noted Historians Prof. Dr. Arvind Ganachari and Dr. Manjiri Kamat. Support extended by Dr.(Fr.) Keith D’Souza (Rector), Dr. Rajendra Shinde (Principal)  and Prof. Hasnain Naqvi went a long way in making the exhibition a successful one.

10th September, 2018: Mapping the Heritage Structures of Mumbai

The students of second year  History catalogued and mapped structures that featured on the BMC’s heritage list  over a period of two months. Students even went a step ahead and came up with a list of structures that were poorly maintained for BMC’s reference.

22nd September, 2018: Guest Lecture on Archiving

Ann Peter and Deepti Anand, head of operations and strategy from Past Perfect- an archival a research agency delivered a lecture on archiving. The lecture helped students understandthe processes, ethics, functioning, types and concepts of archiving and archival institutions.

26th September, 2018- Exhibition by the students of First Year History

The students of the first year History under the guidance  of Dr. Avkash. Jadhav conducted an exhibition titled ‘Renaissance: When Art Met Spirit’. The exhibition was graced Dr. M.D. David, former head of History department at the University of Mumbai. Mr. Vidyadhar Date, a senior journalist from The Times of India was the guest of honour. The exhibition extensively covered the period of Renaissance along with separate sections on literature and music.  The exhibition also conducted quizzes, activities, games and a tattoo stall in order to encourage audience interaction.


19th November, 2018- Visit to the KR Cama Oriental Institute

The students of third year History attended an exhibition titled ‘Forts of Maharashtra: Conserving the Past for the Future’ at the KR Cama Oriental Institute. It was organised by the Archaeological Survey of India, Mumbai Circle, the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums and by the KRCama Oriental Institute to commemorate World Heritage Week. The exhibition displayed the efforts taken towards conserving the forts of Maharashtra. Through the exhibition, students learnt about the architecture of forts and the importance of conserving them.

21st November, 2018- Clean up drive at SGNP

Dr. Avkash Jadhav organised a clean-up drive at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park along with 120 students form the college. Dr. Jadhav has been conducting these drives since the year 2000 in order to make students aware of their social responsibilities. The team also visited the Kanheri caves located within the park. 

26th November, 2018 – Candlelight March to Corporation Bank

The Department of History paid tribute to the martyrs of the 26/11 terrorist attacks by organizing a candle march of over 200 students in the lane adjacent to St. Xavier’s College, where three of Mumbai’s top police officers were martyred. The event was attended by ACP Mr. Vasant Dhoble. The event ended with the national anthem and an emphasis on the need to sensitize students about the brutality of the incident. Dr. Jadhav has been organizing the march for last ten years.

Faculty Report- Head and Associate Professor Dr.AvkashJadhav

Ph D: Avkash Jadhav successfully completed his Ph D on ‘The Emergence and Growth of the Labour movement in Bombay: A historical study (1920-1945) from the University of Mumbai. His Viva Voce was conducted on 18th March, 2019. The link to his Ph D is on 

Shodhganga @INFLIBNET link of the Ph D Thesis: http://hdl.handle.net/10603/238588

National Award: Swami Vivekanand Award of Excellence for 2019, in the category of Social Work and Environmental Activism. The Award is conferred by SEVA, Youth Guild, DakshiniKalikataKrira O SanskritiParishad. Affiliation to with NKYS and Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs Department, Government of India, March 2019.

Editorial Boards:

1) On the Scientific Committee and Editorial Board of Three International Journals, Madrid, Spain.

     a) International Community of Visual Culture, 

     b) International Community of Social Sciences, 

     c)  International Community of Human Sciences. 

2) On the Editorial Board of International Journal Association of Humanities and 


3) On the Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Socio Legal Studies  and Chhattisgarh Law Journal , International Bi- Annual Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journal.

4) Reviewer on the Online Journal of Bodhi Path.

Seminars and conferences:

  1. Invited to Chair a session and present  paper at ISSC Conference on " Logic of Image : Visual Learning Logic and philosophy of Form in the East and the West" organized by the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry and the University of the Aegean, Lab of Mathematics Education and Multimedia, the Hellenic Open University, the National Technical University of Athens, the Sociedad de EstudiosMorfológicos de la Argentina (SEMA), the Institute for Strategy of Education Development of the Russian Academy of Education, the Academy of Institutions and Cultures. Presented my research paper on ‘Metaphysical and Spiritual aspects of Religious Symbols in Ancient India. Also chaired the symposium ‘Sign and Image in Eastern Culture’ in Kolymbari, Crete, Greece, 11-18 August 2018.

  2.  Participated in the event as Special Invitee by The Netherland Consulate at World Trade Center, Mumbai on the special screening and exhibition of Diary of Ann Frank on 28th August, 2018.

  3. Participated and Chaired (Technical Session II) and presented research paper on ‘Pandharpur: The Epitome of cultural Unity and Religious Reformation during Medieval India’ at the National Seminar on The Evolution of Composite Culture in Medieval India organized by the Department of History,Faculty of Social Sciences, Banaras Hindu University in Collaboration with Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy, BHU on 14-15 September, 2018.

  4. Participated and presented my research paper on ‘Politics of Marginalization: Reflections in literature on victimization and alienation of the working class in  Bombay’ in International Seminar on 'Literature and Marginalization' scheduled to be held on September 21, 2018 at  Seminar Hall, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies, University of Mumbai. 

  5. Participated and presented my research paper on ‘Buddhism: The Super mundane philosophy transcending across the centuries’ at the International Conference on the Concept of Maitri (Metta) in Buddhism organized by the Department of Philosophy, The Centre of Buddhist Studies on 12-14 December, 2018.

  6. Successfully completed Five Day Training Programme on Labour Issues and Policies conducted by Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahemdabad Gujarat from 31st December, 2018 to 4th January, 2019.

  7. Participated in the One day workshop on Self –Learning Material (SLM) organized by the Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL),Kalina campus, University of Mumbai on 31st January, 2019.

  8. Conducted a workshop for Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and the N.G.O Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Care (IAPA) at KhetwadiSchool for the Foster children on 23rd February, 2019.

  9. Invited to participate and present research paper on ‘Disability and the policy of Inclusion: An introspection through the Survey’ at the two day National conference on Disability, Gender and Violence: Issues and Challenges organized by the Center for Women’s Development Studies (CWDS) at New Delhi on 25th -26thApril, 2019. 


  1. Published article on ‘The Transition of political imperialism to economic imperialism: A historical study of the genesis of the  native capitalist class in the textile industry of Bombay in the 19th century’ in the International of MIRDEC-4th, International Academic Conference on Social Science, Multidisciplinary and Globalization Studies,04-07 July 2017, Madrid, Spain  Masters International DanismanlikArastirmaYayincilik Masters International Consultancy Research and Publishing MIRDEC Publishing Istanbul,Turkey (pp 4-17). ISBN: 978-605-82290-0-6


  1. Article on ‘Meta narratives of Urban Demography:  Revisiting Mill lands then and now- A Case study of Mills of Mumbai’ , ‘Indica’, Journal of the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture Vol.54, September , 2017. Pp.176-190(ISSN.0019-686X).


  1. Publication of the poem titled ‘Killing the Dove’, in the Anthology Symphony of Peace, Edited by P.Gopichand and P.Nagasuseela, Author Press publication, New Delhi, 2017.p.48. (ISBN. 978-93-86722-74-4).


  1. Publication of the poem titled ‘Tabula Rasa’, in the book Remember Me: You Me and Dementia, Edited by Sailesh Mishra, Silver Innings publication, Mumbai.p.22.(ISBN. 978-93-852221-05-7).


  1. Publication of the Article on ‘Dr. Ambedkar: Champion of Social liberation and Economic Emancipation Biz Ness The Research Journal of The NESS WADIA College of Commerce ISSN: 2277-4823 ● Pune ● Vol. I–Issue VI ● January 2018 (Annual). pp.25-28.


  1. Edited Book on Modern India , published by Institute of Distance and Open Learning, University of Mumbai. ISBN No. 978-81-929557-0-4. Pp 1-302. December, 2018.


  1. Publication of the poem titled ‘Vasundhara: Epitome of Peace, in Asian Literary Society’s World Peace, Edited by Manoj Krishnan, Author Press publication, New Delhi .p.122.(ISBN. 978-93-88332-03-3).


  1. Publication of the article on ‘Buddhism: The Super mundane philosophy transcending across the centuries’Journal Bodhi Path, New Delhi. 2019.pp. 17-28 (ISSN 2347-8004)


  1. Publication of the article on The Role of the British Legislations and the working class movement in Bombay: A historical study of the of the Factory Acts of 1881 and 1891 in India in the international Peer reviewed Journal The International Social Science Review ,Global Knowledge Academia, First Issue 1(1), 2019. pp. 1-10.(ISSN 2629 7500).

  2. Publication of the poem titled ‘Can you Feel the Love, in Asian Literary Society’s gems of Poesy, Edited by Manoj Krishnan, Author Press publication, New Delhi .p.145.(ISBN. 978-93-88332-02-6).

Outreach Efforts by the History Department:

Initiatives under the guidance of Dr. Avkash Jadhav


Semester 5:

A.HIS.5.02 – The History of Modern India

  • Title: The prominent places in Bombay that featured in the Indian Freedom Struggle

    • Activity: Documentary

    • Number of students involved: 4

    • Results: A 14-minute documentary prepared, featuring Azad Maidan, GirgaumChowpatty, Mani Bhavan, GokuldasTejpal Hall, the August KrantiMaidan and the Gateway of India. 

A.HIS.5.06 – The Introduction to Cinema in 20th Century Mumbai

  • Title: The changes in the function of the censor board with the evolution of Indian cinema

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 5

    • Results: 3817 people were successfully surveyed at a number of public and private places such as schools, colleges, trains, offices and residential areas. 

Semester 6

A.HIS.6.02 – History of Indian after Independence (1947-1984)

  • Title: The Partition of India

    • Activity: Documentary

    • Number of students involved: 5 

    • Results: 31 people from communities such as the Parsis, Muslims, Sikhs and Sindhis were interviewed from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with the objective of providing primary insights into the lives of those affected by the event. The documentary lasted 52 minutes.

  • Title: The Naga Separatist Movement 

    • Activity: Documentary

    • Number of students involved: 1

    • Results: 3 esteemed experts were interviewed for a documentary that aimed to document the perspectives of the Nagas themselves and to observe their participation in the movement by taking into account their opinions. The documentary lasted 33 minutes. 

  • Title: The 1975 Emergency declared under Indira Gandhi

    • Activity: Documentary

    • Number of students involved: 3

    • Results: 6 experts were interviewed who included civilians, historians, religious heads and political party members in order to gain the insights of those who witnessed the Emergency at first hand. The documentary lasted 14 minutes. 

  • Title: Separatism and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act

    • Activity: Documentary

    • Number of students involved: 4

    • Results: 5 people were interviewed for a documentary that lasted 40 minutes and was made with the objective of bringing to light a balanced perspective that contained the insights of both, the armed forces as well as that of the civilians who either sympathized or were victimized by the insurgency. 


A.HIS.6.06 – Introduction to Travel and Tourism in India

  • Title: Problems faced by tourists while making bookings or reservations online 

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 5

    • Results: 500 people surveyed

  • Title: Mumbai as a tourist attraction

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 5

    • Results: 1000 people were surveyed where the participants were asked to rate, on the basis of factors such as accessibility, cleanliness, security and hospitality. The objective was to pinpoint the areas that facilitate or discourage tourism and subsequently recommend constructive measures.  

  • Title: Tourism in Vasai and Virar

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 2

    • Results: 104 residents of and 30 tourists in Vasai and Virar were surveyed in order to understand the perceptions of tourists and their expectations from Vasai and Virar. 



Semester 3:

  • Title: Mapping of the structures featuring in the BMC’s heritage list

    • Activity: Mapping and field research

    • Number of students involved: 20 students 

    • Results: The areas mapped were covered on the basis of the BMC wards and eight maps were prepared at the end. Places included the Sitladevi Temple at Dadar, the Hume Memorial Church at Byculla, the Mahakali Caves, dilapidated buildings of mills in Dadar and Parel and the Magen David Synagogue at Byculla. 

  • Title: The Audit of the Archaeological Survey of India

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 9 students 

    • Results: 1000 people surveyed 

  • Title: The teaching and learning of history across boards and grades in the schools of Mumbai 

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 16

    • Results: 3000 people surveyed

  • Title: The views of visitors concerning several aspects of the CSMVS

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 10

    • Results: 3000 people surveyed

  • Title: Kanheri Caves and Tourism

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 11

    • Results: 3000 people surveyed

  • Title: Ancient sites of Maharashtra 

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 10

    • Results: 1000 people surveyed

  • Title: Sculptures of India

    • Activity: Survey

    • Number of students involved: 10

    • Results: 1000 people surveyed

The academic year ended on a promising note of attaining new strides in the teaching and learning process of the subject. ‘History is a dialogue between Past and Present’. E.H. Carr.


Dr. Avkash Jadhav,

Head, Department of History

Additional information