Indian Music Group (IMG)

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Who would have thought that a College in the heart of Mumbai, the gateway to the West, would have its young people enraptured by classical Indian music? St. Xavier's is often accused of being westernised, but far from being absorbed in pop, rock, rap or raggae, a large section of our students are active and dedicated members of the Indian Music Group The unique aspect of this group is the enthusiastic participation of the students in encouraging our rich cultural heritage. Hindustani and Carnatic Classical music has been resonating within the stone walls of our heritage structure, creating an Indian ambience during the last 25 years and more. This dream saw its inception in December 1973 and its fulfillment the next year. Later, in September 1975, under the direction of the then Principal, Fr. Lancy Pereira S.J., a music library was established, with a generous donation from the House of the Birlas. Thus we have been trying to sensitise our young people to understand and appreciate classical music.

The IMG, as it is called, has as its main objective, the presentation, promotion and documentation of Indian Classical music. Regular concerts, including thematic concerts like Malhar ke Pukar, culminate in the three day spectacular - the JAN FEST.

The IMG conducts, as part of its promotional efforts, a two-day Young Artist Festival (YAF), providing a platform to promising young artists. The IMG also hosts monthly baithaks, mini baithaks and Janmashtami concerts.

The IMG also preserves music through documentation. The IMG library has an enviable collection of live (at IMG concerts), as well as pre-recorded music of present day artists and maestros of yesteryear and some old and rare records of 78 r.p.m. A collection of books on classical music in the IMG-Britannia library are available to members.

Today IMG has over 800 members and the number is increasing rapidly. We hope in the coming years, we can reach out to more people, more of the younger generation and inculcate a liking in them for Hindustani and Classical Music.


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