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We are born, and conditioned by survival instincts, to regard and protect the Self above all else. But education is a game-changer - a human creation that re-conditions the Self-regarding person towards concern for community, society, and the Other. Psychologist Sydney Harris, summed this up when he observed that education turns mirrors into windows. And in our own small - but significant - way, we at St. Xavier’s College are building windows to regard the Other – countries and students from abroad, that our students can know them better; and students from foreign countries, that they too may know us and our country better. This has been the endeavour of the International Program at St. Xavier's - building windows and pathways of the mind across borders and boundaries, so that the true aim of education can be met.

Read on for more information on how CIP has been a window to international academics and culture....

International Programmes for Xavier's students: These range from short term (10 days to 2 months) to one year long exchange programs. Study Abroad at the following Universities have enriched and broadened the education of 37 of our students this year.

Harvard University:For the last nine years Xavier's has been the chosen partner from India for the prestigious Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP).  I am proud to say that this year too, the Xavier's proposal was rated very highly by Harvard, and the college was selected to participate in the HCAP conference. Eight Xavierites visited Harvard University, USA from 17th-25th January 2015,  along with students from five other Asian countries. In reciprocation eight Harvard students visited St. Xavier’s from 16th – 22tnd March 2015. An International Conference on ‘Technology and this Generation: from the Individual to the World’ was organized as part of the HCAP program. Students and faculty from Xavier's and several colleges in Mumbai participated in the conference.

York University: The Ontario-Maharashtra-Goa program (OMG) is a collaborative effort between the Canadian Government of the State of Ontario and the States of Maharashtra and Goa. Students from sixteen universities in the State of Ontario, Canada and seven Universities/Colleges from Maharashtra and Goa are participating in this program. Ninoschka Dsouza, Nikhil Sekar, Caroline D’Souza, Aashish De Fonseca were selected to spend a year at York University, Canada. All four received scholarships from the York University.

St. Louis University: Ankita Isor was an exchange student for two semesters at St. Louis University, USA. As part of the MOU signed between Xavier's and SLU, she received a full tuition waiver.

Comillas Pontifical University, Spain: For the academic year under review, 2 students – Priyanka Suneja and Trisha George were selected to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas. 

IESEG, France: Three students from IESEG school of Management took courses at St. Xavier’s in the final year of the BMS program for the academic year 2014-15. Xavierite Cynthia Lewis availed of the opportunity to study for a year at the IESEG school of Management, France with a tuition waiver.

Sciences Po, Paris, France:  Diana Frenchman, Kalindi Rana and Shambhavi Priyam were selected to spend the academic year at Sciences Po, Paris. Two of them were awarded the prestigious Charpak Scholarship by the French Embassy whereas the third student won a scholarship from Science Po. To maintain reciprocity, two students from Sciences Po studied at Xavier’s for two semesters.

Yale University: A summer program for two Yale studentswas conducted on our campus from June 3rd till July 2tnd 2014 on the theme of “Bombay: City, Society and Culture” by Dr. Ashish Chaddha. Ten students from Xavier’s also participated in this course. Aishwarya Acharya, Shumbham Kanodia, Yashwardhan Singh Bhatia & Devika Lakhotewere selected to attend the Summer Session at the University of Yale, USA with a scholarship from 3rd June to 6th July, 2014.

St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford: Two of our students Lailita Tangirala and Kashish Saluja received the Betty and Donald Keating Scholarship to study at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, UK from April to June 2015. This is the fourth consecutive year that two of our students have been selected for this prestigious scholarship.

University of Berkeley: Nine of our students enrolled in various courses offered by the University of Berkeley, USA in their summer programme from May to June 2015.

University of Stuttgart, St. Louis University, StellenBosch University and St. Xavier’s College Department of English Collaborative Program: The India- chapter of the online course - In Conversation with Globalization was held from 17th to 24th January 2015. There were 5 students from St. Louis University, USA, 7 from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 6 students along with 2 student-tutors from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and 8 students from St. Xavier's College who participated. Dr. David Borgmeyer from St. Louis University, USA, Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp from the University of Stuttgart, Ms. Alecia Erasmus from Stellenbosch University, South Africa accompanied their students. The theme for this year was Globalization and Human Rights. Two of the Xavier's students went in May for an 8 day program to the Univ. of Stuttgart.

Xavier's Programmes for International students: These range from short term programmes of two weeks to two months or for one to two semesters. During the year we hosted on our campus 83 students from countries such as Japan, USA, Australia and France.

English Language Course:   For the second consecutive year we had students from Soka University, Japan, participating in the specialized, intensive short term English language course. Nine students accompanied by an instructor were on our campus from 8th to 22ndFeb, 2015.  At the end of the course the students in groups of two and three performed a skit making use of the idioms learnt in the class. This was a highly successful and innovative method of evaluating the students. A certificate of participation wa sgiven at the end of the prorgamme.

India Studies Programme:  For the first time Xavier’s had on its campus the University of Notre Dame, USA students for a 15 day programme on “Art, History, and Culture of India” from 14th to 28th June, 2014. The programme was offered for 2 credits with ten Xavier's faculty and four guest lecturers conducting the course. Fifteen students from the University of Notre Dame were accompanied by their International program director, Anita Garg. Eight students of Xavier’s College also participated in this programme. The programme had an eclectic mix of lectures, heritage walk, museum and Mani Bhavan visits. 

Xavier's-Berkeley Summer Programme:: For the second consecutive year we organized a program for students from the University of California, Berkeley, USA. This two credit course “Globalization, Capital Flows and Development” was fully developed & hosted by St. Xavier’s College. The course runs every Friday, from 13th June to 2nd August, 2014. The credits are transferred to the Univ. of Berkeley. Ten students from the University of California, Berkeley participated in this course along with twelve students from St. Xavier’s College. The Berkeley students also interned with various NGOs as a service-learning component, followed by a reflection at the end of the program.  The students were also taken on a field visit to gentrified spaces. Dr. Agnelo Menezes, with the Director of CIP organized the academic program.

Nine students from the University of Western Sydney, Australia attended the session on “Globalization, Capital Flows and Development” with the Xavier’s and Berkeley students on the campus, from July 4th – 25th 2014. They were accompanied by Professor James Arvanitakis, an award winning teacher and Research member of the Institute for Culture and Society, who also conducted a session on “Globalization and Complexity” 

Semester  / One year Programmes:  Five students from Soka University, Japan enrolled for the June-October, 2014 semester III in the SYBA.  International students from Universities with MOUs signed, through the exchange programme, enroll in Xavier's for a semester or one year, with a full tuition waiver. Five French students from IESEG and Science Po, Paris campus availed of this exchange.

New Initiatives of CIP:  One of the roles of the CIP is to open new avenues of collaborations with international institutes, truly serving as a window to first class education. This year we developed programmes for Xavier's students to do research internships abroad and for students coming from non-English speaking countries to learn the English language at Xavier's.

Research Internship: Master's student Caroline Paul availed of the opportunity for a 2 month research internship in the laboratory of Professor Paul Crocker, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Scotland from April-June 2015.

English Language Course for a semester: Two students from Soka University, Japan enrolled for a 4 month course in the English Language, at the Xavier's Language Lab. A certificate was given at the end of the course.

Memoranda of Understanding signed 2014-2015: 

Memoranda of Understanding were signed with six new universities to encourage the development of visits and informal exchanges of faculty, scholars and administrators in education, research and outreach, to organize joint conferences, to develop joint research programs and exchange of students during the academic year or summer terms. These institutes include the University of Western Sydney, Australia; New Jersey City University, USA; Santa Clara University, California, USA; the University of Glasgow, UK; St. Catherine's College, Oxford, UK and Soka University, Japan. Currently Xavier's has a total of twenty MOUs signed with various international universities which are valid and functional.

Collaborative programmes with International Institutes: The CIP organized seminars and workshops for students and faculty by several outstanding academicians visiting the college.

1.   Prof. Duncan Ivison, Dean-Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, gave a lecture on 'The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Conceptions of Multiculturalism '  and 'Women and Work in   Globalising India’ was a talk presented by Dr. Elizabeth Hill, Dept. of Political Economy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney, in November 2014.

2.  Dr. Jens Coorssen, Head, UWS Molecular Medicine Research Group, University of Western Sydney, Australia gave a series of lectures in biology, “Systems Biology = 'BIG' Biology” and “Introduction to Proteomics: large-scale protein analyses” in December 2014.

3.   Dr. Nida Denson, School of Social Sciences & Psychology, University of Western Sydney, Australia gave a lecture on the topic “Racial Discrimination and Mechanisms to fight against   Racism” in January 2015.

4.  Prof. Darryl Jones, Dept. of English, Trinity College, Dublin, presented a talk on ‘Popular Literature’ to students of Sociology, English and Media Studies in February 2015.

5.  Dr Graeme Salter, Director, Entrepreneurship, Engagement and International for the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Univ of Western Sydney, Australia gave a twohour lecture to the faculty on “Technology in the Classroom” in April, 2015.

Visiting Universities for Student and Faculty Exchange in 2014-15:

            The following representatives visited St. Xavier's College for future possibilities of student and faculty exchanges, research initiatives and training.  A total number of 27 foreign University representatives visited us. Among the dignitaries we had President Sue Henderson, New Jersey City University, USA and Chancellor Prof. Shergold and Vice Chancellor Prof. Glover from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. Provosts / Assoc Provosts/ Deans/ Faculty from the following institutes had productive discussions with us: St. Louis University., Steinhardt NYU., Stern Business School, NYU; Univ. of Notre Dame, Univ. of Georgia,  representatives of nine state Universities of California; New Jersey City University; theUniv. of British Columbia, Trinity Western University, Vancouver; the University of Edingburgh, Cardiff University, London School of Economics, University of Glasgow, School of Oriental and African Studies, EDHEC Business School, Univ. of Leeds; University of Sydney; Univ. of Western Sydney;Soka University;Science Po, Lille; Technion University, Haifa University, Tel Aviv Univ., Ben-Gurion Univ, The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem;Bocconi Institute and Universidad Catolica De Murcia.

As part of the ongoing discussions with various University representatives, the director of CIP attended the Australia Business Week, the Univ.of Western Sydney meet hosted by the Australian Consul General, and the deputy Prime Minister of UK's dinner meet for visiting faculty from UK.

It has been an amazing year at CIP, and none of this would have been possible without the help of many dedicated staff. Hence, I take this opportunity to express my profound appreciation to all the academic partners who share the Xavier’s tradition of excellence. My sincere thanks to the Principal Dr. (Fr.) Frazer Mascarenhas without whose mentorship it would not have been possible to take the International programme forward. Special appreciation is due to a large number of Faculty members who helped in the interviews, in conducting sessions for our foreign students and in mentoring our visiting students who attend regular classes. A big thank you to the administrative staff in the general office, exam control room, and treasurer's office for timely help with administrative work of the foreign students. To the members of the CIP committee, my sincere thanks for excellent team work.

Dr. Radiya Pacha Gupta

Director, CIP   




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