Lifescience and Biochemistry

Department of Life Science & Biochemistry

Department Activity Report (Jun. 2016 - Apr. 2017)


Lignum Vitae - A publication of the Department of Life Science & Biochemistry




Faculty Appointments and Confirmations in the Department


  • Ms. Sonia Tak - Dogra (MSc Molecular Biology, BEd), Jun.- Oct. 2016.

  • Mr. Joshua John Miranda (MSc Biological Sciences, TIFR), Nov. 2016- Apr. 2017 in place of Dr. Radiya Pacha Gupta, who retired in Aug 2016.

  • Dr. Archana Pawar (PhD, IISER-Pune), Nov. 2016 - Jan. 2017 in place of
    Mr. Prashant Ratnaparkhi, who proceeded on FIP leave to complete his PhD.


Dr.  Radiya Pacha Gupta, Nov 2016-Apr 2017, replaced Dr. Seema Das who is on a two - year sabbatical


  • Asst. Professors Dr. Binoj C Kutty and Dr. Bhaskar Saha were confirmed as full time faculty of the department.




  • An orientation and introduction to the Life Science department and its courses was held for FYBSc Life Science students on 7th July 2016. It was planned and entirely managed by the SYBSc and TYBSc students.  Dr. Priya Sundarrajan and Dr. Bhaskar Saha were in charge of organization and arrangements.

  • Memorial Mass for Dr. Dorothy Hakim (nee Solanki) was held on 26th Aug. 2016 in the College Chapel. Dr. Hakim was first a lecturer, then Head of the Dept. of Life Science and Biochemistry in the early days since the inception of the Dept. She breathed her last on Jul. 25th 2016 at the age of 69.

  • One-Day National Seminar ‘Biowaves 2017’, was organized on 7th Jan. 2017, in honour of Dr. Radiya Pacha Gupta, Assoc. Professor, who retired on 31st Aug. 2016 after 23 years of service. Eminent alumni of the Dept. delivered lectures on the occasion.

  • The 5th volume of the department magazine ‘Lignum Vitae’ was released at the Biowaves 2017 seminar. The editorial board consisted entirely of undergraduate students of the department. Dr. Radhika Tendulkar and Ms Sangeeta Shetty were the staff in-charge. This year, for the first time in the history of the College, a Braille version of the magazine was published. It wasreleased by Dr. Sam Taraporewala, XRCVC, and was well-received by the visually challenged students of the College.

  • TYBSc and MSc farewell was held on 23rd Feb. 2017 in the College Hall.

  • School students from Aarya School, in collaboration with Teach for India, visited the Life Science lab on 24th Apr. 2017. Ms. Sangeeta Shetty and MSc students present explained to them research work being carried out on zebrafish and chick embryos.

  • Seminar on ‘Evolving Strategies for PG teaching’ was held for faculty of PG departments of College on 25th Apr. 2017. Dr. Medha Rajyadhyaksha and Dr. Yasmin Khan from Sophia College for Women interacted with the staff. Senior College staff from Depts. Of Life Science, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotech and Zoology attended the seminar.

  • Educational Trips/ Field Trips:


  1. Khandala Educational Seminar for SY and TY students on 27th - 28th of Nov. 2016.

  2. Field-study tour for TYBSc 6U students to Godrej Mangroves and Butterfly Garden, Mumbai, on 13th Jan. 2017. Dr. Priya Sundarrajan organized and accompanied the students.

  3. MSc-II students were taken on a visit to the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Centre, Leelavati Hospital, Mumbai, on 4th Feb. 2017. Dr. Priya Sundarrajan and
    Ms. Sangeeta Shetty accompanied the students.


  • Inter-Institutional Collaboration:


Dr. Priya Sundarrajan was the research guide for MSc- Home Science -Food Processing and Preservation student Ms. Rupal Solanki from Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science on ‘Screening and isolation of protease producers and application in food processing industry’.


  • Inter-Departmental Collaboration:


Dr. Manasi Kanuga delivered Biostatistics lectures to the students of Diploma in Forensic Science conducted by the Department of Zoology, and for MSc Biotechnology students. Dr. Kanuga also assisted Zoology project students with biostatistical analyses of their research project results.


  • Guest Speakers invited:


  1. Dr. Biswa Prasun Chatterji, Asst. Professor, PG Department of Biotechnology,
    St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. ‘IPR in Biotechnology’.

  2. Ms. Nalini Pinto, Scientific Communication Associate, Centre of Excellence - Medical Communication and Review Team, Medical Affairs, Pfizer Ltd.

  3. ‘Entrepreneurship Aspects’.

  4. Dr. Hrishikesh Pandit, NIRRH, Mumbai. ‘Entrepreneurship’

  5. Dr. Milind Watve, Professor of Biology, IISER-Pune.

  6. ‘Science Katta: A Fun Way to Do Science with Undergraduate Students’
    Mr. Kishu Daswani, Professor, Government Law College, Mumbai, and St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. ‘Conflict Management’.

  7. Ms. Caroline Rebello, Alumna 2013-14 batch, 1st in Mumbai University MSc Nutraceuticals. ‘Nutraceuticals: Benefits and Health Concerns’.

  8. Ms. Janjri Jasani, Head- Sustainability Services and Carbon Map & Cap Centre for Environmental Research & Education (CERE). ‘Fundamentals of GHG Accounting and Reporting’.

  9. Dr. Gourpriya Koppikar,Consulting Chief Dietician, Bombay Hospital
    ‘Fooducated for a Healthy Lifestyle’.

  10. Dr. Vainav Patel, Head, Dept. of Biochemistry, NIRRH.


‘From LSD to HIV and Beyond’


  1. Dr. Amar Ghaisas, Brooks Oxford University, UK.


‘Computational Modelling of Biochemical Pathways’


  1. Dr. Richa Rikhy, Asst. Professor of Biology, IISER, Pune.


‘Mitochondria: Where they come from and where they will take us?’


  1. Dr. Nishad Matange, DST-Inspire Faculty Fellow, IISER, Pune.


      ‘Fitness, Selection and Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria’


  1. Mr. Pallav Patankar, Director of Programs, Humsafar Trust.


‘The ISHKonnect Study on MSM’




Department Toppers (2015-16)


  • BSc 6U Life ScienceMr. Adithya Sarma

  • BSc 3U Life Science - BiochemistryMs. Roshni Ann DeSouza

  • MSc Life Science (Applied Medical Sciences)Ms. Keya Kulkarni




  • International Scholarship: Mr. Hisham Shaikh (TYBSc 6U) was awarded the prestigious Erasmus Mundus EU scholarship for the year 2016-17 for pursuing his Masters degree in Europe.


The following students were felicitated at the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Student Council Day celebrations held on 30th July 2016:


  • Ms. Akshi Babel (SYBSc) - The Dr. Lewis Gomes and The Parsi Association, DK Kamdin and RC Charni scholarship for a deserving student in SYBSc/ SYBA.

  • Ms. Blossom D’Souza (SYBSc) - OA Mathen Memorial Scholarship for a deserving girl student.

  • Mr. Aditya Srinivasa Sarma (TYBSc 6U) - The Department of Life Sciences Scholarship for highest in BSc (6 Uunits).

  • Ms. Roshni Ann DeSouza (TYBSc 3U) - Dr. MP Sujayakumari and The Department of Life Sciences Scholarship for highest in BSc (3 Units), and, The Joan Dias Memorial Prize for Catholic girl student highest at the BSc examination.

  • Ms. Farah Ansari (MSc-I) - Mrs Kalpana Hansraj Chaudhuri Scholarship for deserving girl student continuing post graduation in Life Sciences.

  • Ms. Srushti Chafekar and Ms. Granstel Robert (MSc-II) - Dr. MA Eswaran Scholarship for a deserving student of Life Science.

  • Ms. Keya Pankaj Kulkarni (MSc-II) - Sreevrat Goenka Schloarship for a meritorious post graduate student of Life Science.




Current TYBSc students completed internships at various pharmaceutical companies, research centres, environmental NGOs and corporate houses in India and abroad.


International Exchange / Study Programmes


The following students have been selected for a 1 year exchange program:


  • Ms. Neha Jain TYBSc IESEG, France.

  • Ms. Hamsa Narasimhan TYBSc St. Louis, USA.

  • Ms. Pragya Mishra, SYBSc, St. Louis, USA.


The following SYBSc students were selected for the HCAP program in Jan. 2017:


  • Ms. Sarmishtha Muralidharan and Ms. Samyukta Rajan


Co-curriculars/ Extra-curriculars/ Awards


Intercollegiate Competitions


  • Mr. Madhav Tipu (TYBSc 6U) was placed 2nd in the Life Science Quiz held by the University of Mumbai on 3rd Sep. 2016, and placed 2nd in the ‘Vox Populi’ quiz held on 22nd Dec. 2016 at Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai.

  • FYBSc students of the Department of Life Science and Biochemistry won top honours at the 'Health Fair - Food Fest' organized by the Department of Biochemistry, KJ Somaiyya College of Science and Commerce, Mumbai, on 8th Dec. 2016.


1st prizePoster MakingJanvi Gandhi, Shivani Suresh


Poster title: “Foods and Moods”


1st prize PictionaryJanvi Gandhi, Surpreet Bhasin


3rd prize Treasure HuntSurpreet Bhasin


Participation Dessert MakingZubia Shaikh, Karishma Katpitia


  • Mr. Hisham Shaikh (TYBSc 6U) was placed 2nd among students from all over India who participated in the “Ideathon” Nobel Prize Series organized by the Nobel Prize Media, Sweden, and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, on 22nd Dec. 2016. Mr. Shaikh has been selected for the next round to be held at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.




College Sports Day(2nd Dec. 2016)


  • Ms. Priyanka Dhal (SYBSc)


1st prizeShot Put (Senior Girls)


2nd prizeDiscus Throw(Senior Girls)


2nd prizeJavelin Throw (Senior Girls)


3rd prizeLong Jump (Senior Girls)




Paradigm 2017 (7th - 8th Feb. 2017)


  • Mr. Karl Poncha SYBSc was Chairperson, Paradigm 2017.

  • Mr. Hisham Shaikh TYBSc was Chief Organizer for Science exhibits.

  • Ms. Ashmita Chatterji, Ms. Amrita Kalathil, Ms. Reanne, Ms. Lizanne TYBSc:
    Life Science Dept. official stall.

  • Mr. Daniel RajSYBScHydroponics

  • Mr. Yohann JaffrySYBScVirtual Emotion

  • Ms. Naomi MonteiroFYBSc Phantoms in the Brain

  • Ms. Dhryata KamdarSYBSc Science of Death

  • Ms. Devanshi BhargavaSYBSc Stop Stigma - HIV


Student Progression & National Level Entrance Exams Qualified


  • Ms. Prachi Salankhe (MSc 2015-16) cleared the SET-Maharashtra state exam.

  • Ms. Prachi Salankhe (MSc 2015-16) cleared the UGC-CSIR NET exam and was awarded 41st rank.

  • Mr. Joshua Miranda (BSc 3U, 2012-13) cleared the NET exam.

  • Ms. Caroline Rebello (BSc 3U, 2014-15) stood 1st in MSc Nutraceuticals at University of Mumbai in May 2016.

  • Ms. Upasana Ray (BSc 3U, 2013-14) batch selected as Project Assistant for “Structural and Functional Characterization of Chromosome Partitioning in Mycobacterium tuberculosis” at CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore.

  • Mr. Siddhant Pusdekar (BSc 3U, 2013-14) completed Masters degree from King’s College London, and is a Post-baccalaureate Research Experience Fellow at Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience.

  • Ms. Kirti Tripathi (MSc 2015-16) is teaching faculty at Bethlehem International School, Vazhakulam, Eranakulam, Kerala.

  • Ms. Simona Fernandes (TY 3U, 2015-16) MSc Food Processing and Preservation, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.

  • Ms. Ananya Somani (TY 3U, 2015-16) MSc Sports Nutrition, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, pursuing MS in Nutrition and Dietetics at Bond University, Australia


Students currently pursuing Higher Education


  • Mr. MNA Prabhat, University of Otago, New Zealand. Masters of Science (Environmental Science).

  • Mr. Adithya Sarma, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, Donders Institute of Brain Cognition and Behaviour, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

  • Mr. Shravan Ram, MS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Carleton University, Canada.

  • Ms. Ishika Ramakrishnan, Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust. She is currently working with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Goa.

  • Ms. Aashumi Mehta, MSc Sports Nutrition, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.

  • Ms. Surabhi P, Ecotrek Company.

  • Ms. Akansha Ganguly, MSc Marine Biology, Goa University.

  • Ms. Muktai Kuwalekar, Project Assistant, Butterfly lab, NCBS, Bangalore.

  • Ms. Kaveri Vaidya, Integrated PhD, IISER-Pune.

  • Ms. Samruddhi Chawan, MS, Cologne, Germany.

  • Ms. Sukanya Charuchandra was selected for MS programme in Science Journalism, Boston School of Communication, USA.

  • Ms. Trinica joined the Masters programme at IBAB, Bangalore

  • Mr. Rohan Chakraborty joined the Masters programme at Jamia Milia, New Delhi.

  • Ms. Janice (2015-16) MSc Environment Management, Coventry, UK.

  • Ms. Maya Rao, PhD Biochemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

  • Mr. Nikhil Pinto, Medical Editing Consultant.

  • Ms. Shreya Dhume, PhD candidate, University of Manitoba.


Social Outreach Activities


  • FYBSc students Spandan Gite, Zubia Shaikh, Judith and Kriti made charts in vernacular languages (Hindi and Marathi) to impart knowledge about Nutrition and Health to the non-teaching staff of the College.

  • FYBSc student Mr. Ishan Patil designed the layouts for ‘Spectrum’, a science magazine for underprivileged school students in collaboration with Sophia College for Women, Mumbai and the Teach for India Foundation.

  • Undergraduate students successfully continued to work at their Social Involvement Programme (SIP) projects with various NGOs, besides carrying out voluntary work at their own accord.

  • Several undergraduate students volunteered to help at the various college events and formed part of the organizing committee of Malhar, Indian Music Group, Antarchakshu, Ithaka, Antas.


Student Research Projects - UG


TYBScS.LSC.5.02                              Developmental Biology                     40 students


TYBScS.LSC.6.04                            Environmental Biology                      19 students


TYBScS.LSC.6.AC                            Environmental Science                     60 students 

TYBScS.BCH.6.01 & 6.02                 Biochemistry                                   55 students


FYBSc                                           Honours projects                             10 students


SYBSc                                           Honours projects                             17 students


Student Research Projects - PG                    MSc Dissertations                17 students






Ms. Sangeeta Shetty and Mr. Prashant Ratnaparkhi continue to work on their PhD research project. The rest of the faculty members work in their areas of interest through MSc dissertation and Honours’ projects with PG and UG students, respectively.




Name of Investigator

Title of the project

Amount sanctioned

Funding agencies

Dr. Priya Sundarrajan

Biotechnology based novel approach towards sustainable preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.


Sir Dorabji Tata Trust

(TATA -Heras Postdoctoral Fellowship)

Dr. Seema Das

Effect of bioaccumulation of heavy metals on growth, oxidative stress and DNA damage in Zebra fish


(money disbursed in 2016-17)

UGC – Minor Research Grant

Dr. Priya Sundarrajan

Isolation and screening for novel ethanol producers from various sources and their characterization


(money disbursed in 2016-17)

UGC – Minor Research Grant




  • Fernandes S, Fernandes S, Das S and Pacha-Gupta R. (2016) Toxicity study of lead nitrate on freshwater fish Cirrhina mrigala. International Journal of Advanced Research. 4(6):1601-1608. ISSN 2320-5407. doi:10.21474/IJAR01/749

  • Gonsalves C, Salankhe P, Shetty S, Sundarrajan P. (2016) Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles. International Journal of Advanced Research. 4(8):1563-1568. ISSN 2320-5407. Doi:10.21474/IJAR01/1362.

  • Sundarrajan P, Shetty S, Shigvan A. (2016) Screening and characterization of bioethanol producing yeasts from various sources. International Journal of Life Sciences. 4(3):373-378. ISSN: 2320-964X. eISSN: 2320 – 964X.

  • Sundarrajan P, Kulkarni K. (2016) A Study of Phylogenetic Relationships and Homology of Cytochrome C using Bioinformatics. International Research Journal of Science & Engineering. 4(3-4):65-75.

  • Pacha-Gupta Radiya, Sundarrajan P, Nagrath K, Tauro L, Krishnakumar P, Srivastava R, Sinha T (2016). Isolation and partial characterization of lectins from Indian varieties of leguminous plants. International Journal of Advanced Research. 4(5): 1827-1834. ISSN: 2320 5407. DOI 10.21474/IJR01


Conferences/Seminars/ Workshops


National Level


  • Species Distribution Modelling using R: Workshop, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, West Bengal. 9th - 14th Jan. 2017. Dr. Manasi Kanuga participated.

  • STEM Workshop on ‘Research Based Pedagogical Tools’, IISER-Pune, Pune.


Jointly organized by the University of Sheffield, UK, and IISER-Pune.


Dr. Maya Murdeshwar (Basic course, 26th Feb. - 1st Mar. 2017) and Ms. Sangeeta Shetty (Advanced course, 1st - 4th Mar. 2017) participated.


At other universities/ colleges


  • Dr. Priya Sundarrajan, Ms. Sangeeta Shetty, Dr. Radhika Tendulkar, Dr. Bhaskar Saha –Neuroscience Lecture-Workshop on ‘Perception v/s Recognition’ organized by the Department of Life Sciences, Jai Hind College, Mumbai on 9th – 10th Dec. 2016.

  • Dr. Priya Sundarrajan, Ms. Sangeeta Shetty - One day workshop on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ organized by University of Mumbai in collaboration with RUSA on 2nd  Sep. 2016.


  • Dr. Nandita Mangalore - Extraction and Isolation of Phytoconstituents, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai. 25th - 26th Mar. 2017.

  • IQAC workshop on Teaching-Learning Evaluation, Jai Hind College, Mumbai. 1st Mar. 2017. Staff members participated.


At St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai


  • Symposium on ‘Big History, Green History’ organized by the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, 21st - 22nd Nov. 2016. Dr. Priya Sundarrajan presented on ‘Biotechnology-based Novel Approach towards Sustainable Reservation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage’.

  • New Teachers’ Seminar - Dr. Binoj C Kutty, Dr. Bhaskar Saha and Ms. Sonia Dogra participated:


i.   Sensitization to Jesuit Ethos and Classroom Culture - 20th Jul. 2016.


ii. Strategies for Optimizing Survival with Special Reference to Classroom and Teaching  
   - Fr. Terence Quadros, SJ - 16th Sep. 2016.


  1. All Faculty Members attended the Faculty Seminars on:


  1. Google Drive Essential Training, Xavier’s Knowledge Centre - 10th Aug. 2016.

  2. Taking a break, before the busy-you breaks - Fr Charles Rodrigues, SJ - 4th Oct. 2016.

  3. Adapting to Change - 10th Mar. 2017.


  • Confluence - 2017, organized by the Dept. of Statistics & Mathematics.


10th - 11th Jan. 2017. Dr. Maya Murdeshwar participated.


Faculty Recharge Programmes


Orientation Programmes


1. Dr. Manasi Kanuga, Jun. 13th – July 11th 2016, 61st OP, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.


2. Dr. Bhaskar Saha, Feb. 4th - 3rd Mar. 2017, OP, University of Mumbai, Mumbai.


Refresher Courses


  1. Dr. Radhika Tendulkar, Refresher Course in ‘ICT in Education’, 3rd – 24th Oct., 2016, UGC-HRDC, University of Mumbai, Mumbai.

  2. Dr. Maya Murdeshwar, 2nd Refresher Course in Life Sciences and Biotechnology,
    3rd – 28th Oct., 2016, UGC-HRDC, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

  3. Dr. Binoj C. Kutty, Refresher Course in Biotechnology, 20th Feb. - 11th Mar. 2017, UGC-HRDC, University of Mumbai, Mumbai.


Faculty as Coordinators/ Convenors


  • Dr. Radiya Pacha Gupta, Co-ordinator, Council of International Programmes.

  • Dr. Priya Sundarrajan, appointed Member Secretary of IBSC, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai, by DBT, Govt. of India, 2017 – 19.

  • Dr. Maya Murdeshwar, Convenor, Senior College CIA-1 Exam Committee.

  • Dr. Binoj C. Kutty, Convenor, Senior College Additional Exam Committee.

  • Dr. Bhaskar Saha, Convenor, Indian Music Group (IMG) Committee.



Faculty as Resource Persons


  • 7 out of 10 faculty members were appointed in one or more of the following academic   posts: examiners, moderators, paper setters, Member of Academic / Development boards / Boards of Study of different colleges and the University of Mumbai.


  • Dr. Nandita Mangalore:


  1. Resource person for the Orientation programme at the UGC-HRDC Academic Staff College, Mumbai University on 7/6/16, 28/9/16, 17/11/16, 13/1/17, 14/2/17.

  2. Judge for a poster competition at the Health and Nutrition intercollegiate fest organized by Dept. of Biochemistry, Somaiya College (Autonomous), Mumbai, on 8th Dec. 2016.

  3. Judgefor the event ‘Trending science - science news channel’  based on bioscience topics at Palindrome, a festival of PG Dept. of Biotechnology, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), held on 15th Dec. 2016.


  • Dr. Priya Sundarrajan


  1. Member, Panel of Reviewers of Asian Journal of Life Sciences.

  2. Judge for the 7th Konark Research Meet held on 19th Jan, 2017 at VES College of Arts and Science, Chembur.


  • Dr. Radhika Tendulkar


  1. Visiting Faculty for M.Sc. Neuroscience, Sophia College for Women, Mumbai. October 2016; S.D.School.of Science, NMIMS University, for Integrated M.Sc in Biological Sciences. Semester 1 - Physiology (Aug.-Oct., 2016). Semester 2- Neurobiology and Clinical Psychology (Dec. 2016-Mar. 2017).

  2. Resource person for  ‘Research Paper Writing’ for SYBSc Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics students at the DBT-Star College Scheme Jigyasa Honours Programme conducted by KC College, Mumbai, on 3rd Apr. 2017.

  3. Member of a panel discussion and interactive session on 'Zebrafish an effective tool for Classroom teaching’ at the Annual.Zebrafish Meet, Alibaug, 4th Nov. 2016.

  4. Member, Editorial Board of Spectrum - A Science newsletter, for popularizing science among school children. Collaboration with Teach for India to make scientific information accessible to underprivileged children.


  • Dr. Manasi Kanuga


  1. Resource Person: Biostatistics lectures for the students of Diploma in Forensic Science conducted by the Department of Zoology and the MSc Biotechnology students, ST. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai.


  • Dr. Maya Murdeshwar


  1. Judge for the Bioinformatics research projects of SYBSc students of the ‘Add-On Certificate Course in Bioinformatics’ at Sophia College for Women, Mumbai, on16th July 2016.

  2. Resource person for  ‘Research Paper Writing’ for SYBSc Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics students at the DBT-Star College Scheme Jigyasa Honours Programme conducted by KC College, Mumbai, on 3rd Apr. 2017.


  • Dr. Binoj C Kutty


  1. Judge for student’s Exhibition during ‘Consortia’ on Jan. 2017, at Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science, New Panvel.


  • Dr. Bhaskar Saha


  1. Visiting Faculty to the Semester VI students (Animal Physiology course, B-602) of the Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences UM-DAE at Kalina in the month of Mar. and Apr., 2017.

Dr. Sam Taraporewala, XRCVC, releasing the Braille version, and Dr. Gulshanara Shaikh releasing the print version of the Life Science Department magazine ‘Lignum Vitae’ (Vol. 5) at the One-day National Seminar ‘Biowaves 2017’ organized by the department on 7th Jan. 2017.






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