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At the onset of this semester Mr. Rahul Katkam joined the department as a replacement to Ms. Meenal Kolkar who was on maternity leave. Dr.Ashok Bingi coordinated activities in the department, as well as conducted interviews for different posts for the core committee of the Mathematics Association.This year the Mathematics Association conducted various activities for students. .FY mathematics students were given an orientation in the MMR just as they joined senior college. Following which a workshop on ‘Origami and Mathematics was conducted by Ms. Mimansa Vahia, an alumni of our college. Ms.Meenal Kolkar resumed college in the month of October and took over as Head of the department from the subsequent semester..

Many guest lectures were organized by the department during the course of the year. Dr. Sudhir Jain, a scientist from BARC was invited to give a lecture on ‘Quantum Chaos, Graphs and Random Matrices’.  A lecture series on ‘Basics of Game Theory’ was conducted by Mr. Felix Almeida,former Head of the Mathematics department. . At the end of this lecture series participants were expected to submit assignments given by Mr. Felix. Students who attended this lecture series were given certificates of participation.

The department magazine was released in the month of February by Mr..Felix Almeida. 

TY students went for the Khandala seminar in the month of January. The students gave informative presentations on various  topics. Mr.Aditya Garg conducted a ‘Problem Solving’ activity for students. 

Dr. Ashok Bingi participated in the STEM Teacher Training Workshop on Research-Based Pedagogical Tools held from 11th oct. – 14th oct 2017 at Sacred Heart College, Kochi, Kerala. He is appointed as the official ambassador of the Faculty Development Program  conducted at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology in collaboration with Maplesoft and Binary Semantics from June 2017 – June 2018.

Mr. Shailesh Goregaonkar conducted CFC ( cross faculty course) and Ms. Saradadevi  conducted SCS ( scientific communication skills ) course for the second year Mathematics students.

Ms. Radhika Patodia, TYBSc ,was ranked well in the all India IIT PG entrance (JAM). She also secured the second rank in the Madhava competition, which is a national level competition conducted by HBCSE under  the aegis of NBHM. Our S.Y.B.Sc student Ms. Shaniya got selected for MTTS ( Mathematics Training and Talent Search) programme .Mr.Rajath Krishna  (Batch 2016-17) has been offered a Royal Society Fully-funded 4 year PhD position at Centre for Research in String Theory, Queen Mary University of London. He will be working under the supervision of Dr Matt Buican on Superconformal Field Theories.

As part of department- centric SIP , the mathematics department offered remedial coaching. A few students from the first year completed 5 hours of SIP under this activity. Some of them taught their classmates who were weak in studies.  Others helped junior college students and economics students who have not had a mathmatics background. These activities were coordinated by Mr. Rahul Katkam.


Ms. Meenal Kolkar

Head, Department of Mathematics

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