Department Report 2014 -2015

The academic year saw the Mathematics department welcome two new faculty members: Prof. Aditya Garg who joined in July 2014 and Prof. Simi Cyriac who joined in November 2014.Both have M.Sc. degrees from IIT Delhi.

Prof. Ashok Bingi went for FIP in October 2014.

This was a busy academic year for both the staff and students as our schedule for the year was filled with academic activities. Dr. Mangala Gurjar continued to work as the coordinator for the Madhava Mathematics Competition for the Mumbai Region. She also worked as a paper setter, examiner and moderator for the same examination.

The Madhava Mathematics Competition is a national level competition that is now in itssixth year and is funded by National Board for Higher Mathematics and is conducted by HBCSE. The aim of this competition is to motivate and encourage independent thinking among students. Many of our students participated in this examination held on 4th Jan 2015.

Two S.Y.B.Sc students Pritika Mhatre and Smita Ganguly participated and won prizes in the poster making competition held in Khalsa college.

Dr. Mangala Gurjar presented a paper on “Binary and F-Numbers” at the ‘National Conference on Recent Trends in Science and Engineering’ on 12th - 13th December, 2014. The NCRTSE was organised by Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Engineering & Technology, Lohgaon, Pune.

On 8th and 9th of January the department organized a seminar in Khandala for the T.Y. B.Sc. students. Prof. Mangala Gurjar, Prof. Aditya Garg and Prof Simi Cyriac accompanied them.

Prof. Mangala Gurjar attended a short term course on “Soft Skills” conducted in K.C. College from 13th-19th November, 2014. A minor research project of hers on “Ancient Indian Mathematics” was sanctioned by the U.G.C. Academic activities do not end with the academic year.

Dr. Mangala Gurjar participated in the “International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp” held in HBCSE during 2nd May-12th -18th May. Prof. Sarada Devi went to Belgium with a group of Junior college students. S.Y.B.Sc student Shivam Agrawal was selected for the 4 week MTTS- Mathematics Training and Talent Search program that was to be conducted in Chennai during May- June 2015.

Lastly, we would also like to thank Mr. Shailesh Goregaonkar for conducting remedial classes for the S.Y.B.Sc students.

Dr. Mangala Gurjar

Head, Department  of Mathematics

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