Genetic engineering has revolutionised biotechnology in the past three decades. India has witnessed a rapid growth in the biotechnology sector with a prominent presence in Recombinant Vaccines, Biosimilars and Transgenic Cotton. With numerous comparative advantages in terms of research development (R &D) facilities, knowledge, skills and cost effectiveness, the biotechnology industry in India has immense potential to emerge as a global key player. In the recent past, there has been a considerable investment and input, in manpower development, in biotechnology R &D and in the Biotech industry.

To cater to this increasing need for trained professionals, St. Xavier's College began the MSc- Biotechnology programme affiliated to the University of Mumbai from the academic year 2007-08. In June 2010, St Xavier’s College was granted academic autonomy and the MSc -Biotechnology programme came under the umbrella of academic autonomy from the academic year 2012-13. The Masters degree will be awarded by the University of Mumbai.

We have a two year M. Sc. Biotechnology degree programme with an intake of 30 students per year.

The programme is structured as a 4- semester credit based system with Continuous Internal Assessment and End semester evaluations.

 Selection Process

Admission to the course will be purely merit based in accordance with the marks obtained in Biotechnology at the T. Y. B. Sc examination.

The College is a Catholic Minority College, administered under the Provisions of the Indian Constitution, to promote the welfare of the Minority community and to extend its services to all other communities in India, so as to contribute to the harmony and integration of Indian society. 50% of seats are reserved for Catholic Minority students. As per the directives of the Government of Maharashtra, there is also a reservation for Special category students and for Backward Class students. The rest of the seats are for students from the General Category.

Applications for the course will be done Online.

Provisional Eligibility Certificate


B.Sc. Biotechnology (Three year integrated course) degree examination of Mumbai University or any other University recognized as equivalent thereto, with at least six units in Biotechnology (i.e. minimum required for majoring in the subject)  


With three units in Biotechnology at the T.Y.B.Sc in combination with three units of any other major subject at the T.Y.B.Sc

List of Courses

Semester 1 - 4 Theory courses (100 marks each) and corresponding Practical courses (50 marks each)

MS. BT. 1.01: Biochemistry

MS. BT. 1.02: Immunology

MS. BT. 1.03 Genomes and Transcriptomes

MS. BT. 1.04: Biophysics

 Semester 2 - 4 Theory courses (100 marks each) and corresponding Practical courses (50 marks each)

MS. BT. 2.01: Metabolomics

MS. BT.2.02: Clinical Immunology

MS. BT. 2.03: Genomics and Molecular Biology

MS. BT. 2.04: Advanced Analytical Techniques

Semester 3- 4 Theory courses (100 marks each) and corresponding Practical courses (50 marks each)

Ms. BT. 3.01: Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

MS. BT. 3.02 Cell Culture and its Applications

MS. BT. 3.03 Bioprocess Technology and Nanotechnology

MS. BT. 3.04 Applications of Medical Biotechnology

Semester 4- 4 Theory courses (100 marks each) and Research Project (6 months- 200 marks each)

MS. BT.4.01 Medical Biotechnology and applications of developmental biology

MS. BT. 4.02 Cellular Engineering and its applications

MS. BT.4.03 Drug design and discovery

MS. BT.4.04 Entrepreneurship and Research Methodology

In Semester 4, the students have to do a research project for a period of 5 months at various research centres / National institutes like BARC, NIRRH, TIFR, NCL Pune, ACTREC, NIO Goa and others. The project is evaluated on the basis of the dissertation submitted, a presentation and viva-voce.

 Scheme of Assessment

Theory Courses: 2 Continuous Internal Assessment and 1 End semester evaluation per course per semester.

Practical Courses: 1 Continuous Internal Assessment and 1 End semester evaluation per course per semester.

 Evaluation of the semester 4 project is based on the dissertation submitted, a presentation and viva-voce.


M.Sc. Part I

Rs. 49,890

M.Sc. Part II

Rs. 48,415

Other features of the Department:


The Department is well equipped for teaching Modern Biology. We also have a Common Instrumentation Facility with sophisticated instruments to carry out teaching, as well as research, in the biological sciences .The Department has an independent Bioinformatics Lab for the students and an in-house Library facility. 

 Extracurricular activities:

Students organise “Palindrome”, an annual intercollegiate fest and the publishing of the annual magazine of the department, also known as Palindrome.

Every year an industrial visit is organised, for the Semester I students, to different biotechnology-related industries in different parts of India.

Students are also taken to St Xavier’s Villa at Khandala – our Human Development Resource Centre, for their annual seminar, where they present research papers on various aspects of current trends in Biotechnology.


Dr. Ms. Vivien Amonkar, HOD, Department of Microbiology and PG Department of Biotechnology

Regular Faculty (their specific fields of expertise):

Ms Norine D’Souza: (Bioinformatics and Proteomics)

Dr. Shiney Peter:  (Cell Biology, Animal cell culture)

 Dr. Biswaprasun Chatterjee (Molecular Biology)

Visiting Faculty:

The department aims at preparing technically and conceptually sound biotechnology students. The department therefore organises lectures by experts from the industry as well as research institutes, on current trends in the biosciences, on a regular basis.