Department Report 2014 - 2015

The academic year 2014-2015 began on a positive and happy note for our department as 19 out of 27 students from our 2013-2014 batch contributed to an overall, improved academic performance. Fifteen such students have also secured admission across various universities as they prepare for a master’s degree. Nine of our students also came back enriched after having completed their internships in their summer vacations.

In keeping with tradition we began our departmental activities with an exhibition to welcome the new FYBSc students. The exhibition was inaugurated by our former Principal Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas S. J. For this year’s exhibition the theme of ‘Sound and Light’ was chosen.

It was under the guidance of Prof. Jyoti Singh that SYBSc and TYBSc students were responsible for arranging around 20 demonstrations based on physics principles in the field of ‘sound’ and ‘light’.

Along with the senior college students, students from Junior college also had the opportunity to visit and enjoy the exhibition.

The release of our departmental magazine ‘Celeritas 2014’ also coincided with the day of our departmental exhibition.

The highlights of the academic year 2014-15 are as follows:

• Prof. Shyamala Bodhane gave a talk via Skype on the topic ‘Role of Lab work in Learning Physics’, for a seminar of St. Xavier’s College, Nepal.

• Prof. Rajesh Singh attended a refresher course at JNU, Delhi.

• Prof. Ajay Yadav attended a soft skill course on ‘Research Methodologies’ and a refresher course in ‘Experimental Physics’ at Goa University.

• Prof. Shyamala Bodhane attended a soft skill course on ‘Mentoring for Student Progression’. • Prof. Radhekrishna Dubey attended an international conference and presented a poster on “GXRD study of 100 MeV Fe9+ ion Irradiated Indium Phosphide”.

• Prof. Rohan Jadhav attended an Orientation Programme of 4 weeks.

• Prof. Vedasankari was paper setter and moderator for both TYBSc and MSc part II university exams.

• Prof. Shyamala Bodhane and Prof. Leena Joshi participated in the ‘Preparatory Workshop for the Experimental Component of the 46th International Physics Olympiad 2015’ as an academic member of the ‘Academic Assessment Group’.

• Prof. Shyamala Bodhane received a University minor research project grant for the project entitled ‘Swift Heavy Iron Ion-Induced Modification in Indium Phosphide’. As part of an intra-college activity, Physics students of all the three levels were at the forefront of the Science Paradigm Exhibition. Through the exhibition, the students showcased a variety of demonstrations that helped make this event a success. As part of a study tour, our TYBSc students visited IUCCA, a solar project of Thermax and a wind mill project on the hills off Talegaon. Prof Rajesh Singh and Prof Leena Joshi accompanied the students. This student tour was supported and made possible through a DBT grant. On the occasion of Science day, 15 students of TYBSc visited TIFR while 20 of our FYBSc students along with Prof Rajesh Singh, Prof Ajay Yadav and Prof Radhekrishna Dubey visited BARC. With the help of our students, we were able to explore various new methods of examination and evaluation both in practicals as well as in theory. The DBT grant also helped us purchase many new apparatus for our department and has also helped us to maintain and keep our laboratory and its equipment in the best possible condition.

During the year we also arranged a number of guest lectures by experts in various fields for the benefit of students:

• ‘Entrepreneurship of a Physics Graduate’ by Mr. Shirish Joshi, Applied Digital Microsystems (ADM) PHYSICS

• ‘How to become a Scientist’ by Prof. Mayank Vahia, TIFR • ‘Cyber Crime’ by Mr. Sachin Dedhia, Skynet Secure Solution

• ‘Order in Disorder’ by Prof. M. Barma, TIFR • ‘Chaos’ by Prof. Punit Parmnanda, IIT Mumbai

• ‘Quantum Mechanics’ by Prof. Green, Colombia University, New York

• ‘A world of Magnets and Miracles’ by Prof. Sunil Mukhi On behalf of the Physics department, Prof Leena Joshi took the initiative to set up a center in our college that made it possible to conduct the National Graduate Physics Examination-2015.

Aditya Chalishazar, FY BSc student secured a rank amongst the top 10% students. Also, Rajath Krishna, FY BSc student secured a rank amongst the top 22 students. He has also been invited to attend a workshop at IIT Kanpur from 29th June to 11th July,, 2015. 

Dr. Shyamala Bodhane

Head, Department of Physics





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