Political Science

Political Science

The Department of Political Science selected ‘Right to Life’ as the annual theme for the year 2017-18 and all the activities of the department were organised based on Right to Life.

We began the year with the annual Goolam Essaji Vahanvati talk on 28thJuly 2017, on the topic of ‘Right to Life of Refugees’. We had the honour of hosting two speakers –   Father Stan Fernandes S.J. and. Mr. Ranjan Chauhan. Father Stan Fernandes discussed with students the work undertaken by the Jesuits for the welfare of Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu and for the refugees in Afghanistan. He described the threats in Afghanistan and the challenges faced by them while working with the Sri Lankan refugees. Mr. Chauhan captivated the audience by discussing the condition of refugees in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the little-known facts about victims of Article 35 A. Both the speakers shared heart-rending stories about the plight of people, deprived of their basic right to life, liberty and dignity.

In the same month, we proudly hosted Ms. Aishwarya Dongre, who cleared the UPSC exam and was training for Indian Police Service (IPS), from the 2015 batch (Pol-Eco). Not only did Ms Aishwarya get ranked 196th    in the country, she also topped her optional subject Political Science in the UPSC exam. Aishwarya gave the students an insight into the dedication and hard-work that goes into preparing for the civil service exams. In her presentation, she not only shared her unique experience with the civil service aspirants, but also gave them a list of tips and techniques on preparation for this gruelling test. Her frank advice gave a clear picture to the students, who enjoyed interacting with her.

A Research Paper Writing Workshop, by Professor Kannamma Raman from the Civics and Politics Department of Mumbai University was organised to help our students in research methodology. Professor Raman provided a detailed presentation to the students on various aspects of writing a research paper, and the key components of a good research paper. 

In September, we held the second annual Awareness Campaign, choosing First Aid as our topic for the year was Right to Life. The First Aid is a primary step to save the life of an individual. A group of volunteers went to the Civil Defence Centre for two days and got basic training in First Aid. The Civil Defence also sent its trainers to the college on the day of the event to help and supervise the students to understand the First Aid. The event was held in the hall, with stalls on different possible situations in which one would be required to provide first aid, as well as the solutions to these. The stalls even had games and demonstrations, which were interactive.This helped us achieve our goal of getting the audience interested and involved, to learn in a fun way. Along with Fortis Hospital, we also held talks throughout the day on basic CPR training. Fortis Hospital also held an organ donation drive, creating awareness about the need for organ donation. A number of students pledged their organs. Our Principal Dr.Agnelo Menezes himself was a great inspiration, because he has pledged to donate his entire body. 

In the month of August,The Annual Parimal K. Shroff National Essay Writing Competition was held.  The topic for the essay was “The Crisis in the Middle East and the Right to Life…”. 

In September, we conducted an event called ‘The Prologue’, a curtain-raiser for the annual Fundraiser. Dr. Ashok Gupta of the Reconstructive Surgery Foundation, as well as Lalita Bansi, a survivor of an acid attack and treated by Dr. Gupta were the guest speakers. They discussed their experiences with the audience, as well as their review of last year’s fundraiser. The Prologue reviewed the previous fundraiser and gavea glimpse of the 2018 Fundraiser to the audience, including the press. Dr. Gupta, as our guest of honour, also presented the winners of the National Parimal K. Shroff Essay Writing Competition with prizes and certificates. 

In the month of November, the Xavier’s Political Science Association  organised two talks: the first was by Dr. Arvind Kumar, the Head of the Geopolitics and International Relations Department of Manipal University and the second talk was by Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, a Professor from Punjab University . An expert in nuclear strategy pertaining for India, Dr. Kumar, gave the students an insight into the current nuclear strategies adopted by India and the future course to be taken by India. Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi  discussed the globally important topic of climate change, with special reference to security in the ‘Global South’. 

The annual intercollegiate Youth Parliament was held in January 2018, with the topic “The Right to Privacy and National Security”. The second flagship event of the department Saumvedana – The Fundraiser was held on 11th February 2018. This year the Fundraiser was held to help The Wishing Factory, a NGO which works with and for the patients of Thalassemia and fulfils the wishes of children with thalassaemia. The Wishing Factory is founded by one of our own students Parth Thakur. The fundraiser showcased two prominent artists, Kanchan Daniel and the Beards, an indie band, and percussion maestro and composer Mr. Taufiq Qureshi and his band Surya. It was a proud moment for us to witness Taufiq and his son Shikharnaad, both ex Xavierites, perform onstage. 

Continuing with the tradition to provide a platform to our students to research and write articles, the annual department magazine Samvad was released in February, with the theme- Right to Life. It received an overwhelming response with articles, caricatures and research papers on various aspects and interpretations of Right to Life. Students from different streams wrote research papers which was really encouraging for the department. 

Thus 2017-18 was a hectic, eventful and busy year for the department. I am grateful to our Principal, Dr.Agnelo Menezes, who has been very kind, considerate and cooperative and has made many valuable suggestions at various stages. I would like to thank both the committee members, XPSA and Samvad the dept. magazine. I would also like to thank Joshua Crasto and his team who headed Saumvedana- The Fundraiser. It was a work force of hundred volunteers who made the fundraiser a successful event. In the end, I extend my gratitude to my colleague Ms. Shazia Shaikh, for always being there and for her unconditional and consistent support and cooperation. 


Dr. Pratiba Naitthani

Head, Department of Political Science

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