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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology- Through the Year


The academic year 2017-18 was an extremely engaging year for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology as well as for its student subsidiary -The Academy of Sociology and Anthropology. We proudly present the key events conducted over the year:

The Inter-class Mentorship Program:

The second Inter-class mentorship program between the First Year and Third Year students of Sociology and Anthropology was conducted. This year, the program ensured that the FY mentees were allotted the TY mentors studying under the same subject combinations, with the aim to provide better insights into inter-disciplinary approaches to Sociology and Anthropology. The program involved Third Year students providing feedback and guidance with assignments and sharing of additional readings and references.

Industrial Visit to Jaipur:

Third Year students of the Sociology of Work and Management along with two senior faculty members, undertook an industrial visit to Jaipur from the3rd to the 7th Novemberwith the primary aim to gain a comprehensive insight of the labour patterns and workings of various industries. The sites visited were: Saras Dairy, DainikBhaskar and the SalimKagzi Paper Unit. Additionally, sight-seeing at the Amer Fort, the Hawa Mahal and the Jal Mahal was also undertaken with much delight.






Play: Karl Marx in Kalbadevi:

The play ‘Karl Marx in Kalbadevi’ was staged at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The monologue enacted by Satchit Puranik and produced by Ideas Unlimited provided the students with an insight into Marx’s life and the manifestation of his theories in contemporary society.

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Movie Screenings: A Clockwork Orange:

The Academy of Sociology and Anthropology in collaboration with The Xavier’s Film and Literature Society screened Stanley Kubrick’s movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’ based on the novella by Anthony Burgess. The screening was followed by a discussion on the themes of Surveillance and Existentialism.

‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’:

The Academy organized the screening of ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ followed by an interactive session with the director of the movie, Mr. Milind Dhaimade. The movie was an enlightening experience as it revolved around the themes of inhabitation of spaces by different people, gated communities, and leisure,critical themes relevant to Culture Studies and Urban Anthropology.

Discussion on Resistance Music: Rap:

This event revolved around the Hip-Hop and Rap scene in India especially in Mumbai drawing parallels to Bronx and Harlem, analysing lyrics by various artists such as DIVINE, Kendrick Lamar, and Childish Gambino.


Career Fair:

A three-day long career fair was organized for students from all academic years. It was garnered by the presence of professionals from various fields having a background in either Sociology or Anthropology who addressed the students about their respective professions.


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Blog: ‘Deconstructing Realities’:

Deconstructing Realities is the official blog of the Department. Started by a team of students aiming to increase the accessibility of written works by current humanities students and by the alumni, the blog attempts to promote a greater appreciation for academic research and writing while developing critical and analytical skills.


Department Seminar:

The annual feature for academic engagement, which is the Department seminar, was organized at Premanjali Counselling Services, NalaSopara from 11th to 13th of January 2018. The purpose of the seminar was to bring together students studying across different academic years under various other disciplines to promote discussions and explore the theme of ‘Elements: Nature’s gift and its Socio-political appropriations’’. 




Honours Program / Quest for Excellence Programme (QEP):

The Honours Program, which facilitates learning beyond the classroom, under the guidance of Dr. Pranoti Chirmuley, organized a lecture series on ‘Youth and Sub-Culture’ conducted by Ms. Gayatri Sapru and ‘Environment’ conducted by Sunetro Ghosal.

Guest Lectures:

Guest lectures by Ms. Ketaki Hate and Ms. Kavitha Iyer were organised on the themes of research methodology and farmer’s suicides respectively.

Discipline-centric SIP

The SIP project for the department was coordinated by Ms. Radhika Rani. A walk was organised during the night hours on 3rd March 2018 to facilitate the students to observe how various groups of people negotiate urban spaces and the law. The students were led by Mr. Brijesh Arya from Pehchan Foundation, a partner organization in the SIP department.

 The localities covered during this walk included Mumbai Central, Kamathipura, Bhendi Bazar and Charni Road. The walk began from College at around 8pm and went on till 1am on the 4th of March. There were meetings with groups of homeless citizens in different areas where they narrated their experiences of gaining employment, lack of a shelter, maintaining the security of life and belongings and everyday struggles. Some such citizens were found to be pavement dwellers for a long time withstate-issued identity cards that give them access to subsidized rations. 


The students freely interacted with these groups of people heard their narratives and asked questions about their lives and livelihoods. Over the years, the cultural landscape of Mumbai has changed considerably and after hours are often considered to be unsafe for the ‘gentry’ to be out. Our intention behind organizing this night-walk was to make students step out of their comfort zones and privileged bubbles and to see in real time the playing out of ‘class’- a concept that’s much more layered and complicated than what it seems on the paper in the classroom.


Faculty activities through the year


Dr. Sam Taraporevala served as a resource person for the refresher course for law teachers on developmental perspectives of IP law (Refresher course series –III) – copyright – A social justice perspective organized by Inter University Centre for Intellectual Property Rights studies (IUCIPRS) (CUSAT) in Cochin.He served as a panellist on the discussion about the positive impact of technology accessibility for persons with disability on International Disability Day organized by Wipro, Bangalore. He was invited by Indian Merchants’ Chamber (IMC) Chamber of Commerce and Industry to serve as a panel member addressing the theme ‘Employability’ on the subject "Dependence to Independence - Making Maharashtra Disabled Friendly". He was also invited to give a talk on how to effectively manage and generate positive outcomes from a resource centre (The XRCVC Experience) at the Power Breakfast with Leaders and Visionaries organized by Enable India in Bangalore.He was also invited by various organizations  to conduct sensitization and awareness workshops-Technology Awareness Workshop: Reading without seeing (A socio-technical perspective) for the university / college  professors of the Mumbai University as part of their UGC supported refresher  course in education, Workshop for the employees of DOW chemicals at their corporate office in Vikhroli at Godrej IT park on the theme of diversity and social inclusion in the workplace, Sensitization workshop with the team of different bankers on accessibility within the banking sector, with specific reference to technology and its social relevance at the IBA head office, and a workshop focusing on diversity and social inclusion in the workplace for the employees of Capgemini at their corporate office in Airoli.

Dr. Taraporevala was further invited as a guest speaker by JJ School of Art as part of their Inclusion lecture series to speak on the topic, ‘The ABC of Accessibility’.  He also partnered with IDIA ( to put together a workshop on “Creating inclusive spaces:  empowerment through equality” for their conference for lawyers. He presented a paper on “The Travails of Education and Skill Development” at the Maharashtra State Level Seminar on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act, 2016. He also gave a talk at HCAPon An Inclusive Mindset- a Prerequisite for Effective Leadership in St. Xavier’s College. The talk was the part of Harvard College in Asia Program on the theme ‘Redefining Leadership: Initiative and Influence in the Modern World’. Dr. Taraporevala was also invited to be part of the doctoral advisory committee (DAC) by TISS for a PhD student.

Ms. Madhuri Raijada served as a resource person in the college for a Seminar for young teachers addressing the topic ‘Teaching at St. Xavier’s’. She organized an Industrial visit to Jaipur from the 3rd to 7th November with 45 TYBA students of the Sociology of Work and Management course. She was also a panellist for ‘Pathways to Creating Culturally Congruent Classrooms’ and spoke about ‘Methods and Strategies to employ’ at a national seminar organized by the K J Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education, Training and Research. She has also been included by Mithibai College of Arts, Science and Commerce on their Board of Studies for Sociology.


Dr. Pranoti Chirmuley conducted a ‘Privilege Walk’ along with Ms. Ankita Gujar for the SYBA Classical Theories class. She also wrote a paper titled ‘Assurance of Insurance: The Socio Politics of Money and Health’ for the issue of Explore 2017.


Ms. Radhika Rani was a moderator for students' group discussion conducted as a part of the programme "Yeh India Ka Time Hai" which was held to celebrate 70 years of India's Independence. She participated in an Orientation Course at JNU, New Delhi. She handled the additional responsibility of being the co-ordinator of BVoc (Tourism) till September 2017 and was confirmed as a permanent faculty in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in December 2017.

Ms. Ankita Gujar conducted a ‘Privilege Walk’ for her Special Course and the second year Classical Theories class. She also conducted pedagogical activities on ‘Liminal Spaces’ and ‘My Cocaine Museum’ for her Third year Anthropology Class

.Ms. Madhuri Raijada’s Farewell: Our dear colleague Ms. Madhuri Raijada retired formally in December 2017. Being the thoughtful person, she is, she readily volunteered to continue to teach for the rest of the academic year to ensure that her students and the department had a smooth transition.

She served the college with great enthusiasm for 26 Years. A farewell was organized by the department for her on15th February 2018 in the Seminar room with visits from her colleagues, friends and former students and with words of thanks and gratitude for her presence during their time in college and a poignant sharing of experiences.C:\Users\AnkitaGujar\Desktop\IMG-20180406-WA0023.jpg


The Department owes her a debt of gratitude. Her students will fondly remember her and her fun-filled lectures and anecdotes. We wish her all the very best in her retirement. 


In Memoriam:

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology lost two former faculty members this year. 


Memorial Meet for Dr. Edward Rodrigues:

Dr. Edward Rodrigues, affectionately known by all as Eddie, passed away on the 13th of December 2017. His untimely demise has left a void in the academic fraternity. He was an integral part of the department from 1987 to 2009. He was an intense and passionate teacher, very well read and highly respected amongst his students. He motivated his students to have a rigorous work ethic and engage in research and develop intensive reading habits and to be analytical and critical. He was also an active member of the college staff council.

The department held a memorial on the 6th of January 2018 to honour his contribution to the department and the college. His passing is a huge loss to the academic and student community.


Fr. Emil D’Cruz, SJ:

Fr. Emil D'Cruz SJ, former Principal of the college and a Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, passed away on the morning of April 10, 2018.

He was a part of the department from 1976 to 1997 where he also served as the Head of Department before becoming Principal of the college. He loved interacting with students on field trips and exchanging stories with them. He was known as a warm gentle person who was very approachable and helpful. He would always patiently guide anyone who ever asked him for help and was an excellent guide and counsellor to all, students and faculty alike. 


Dr. Sam  Taraporevala 

Head, Department of Sociology and Anthroplogy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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