The academic year 2017-18 was filled with enriching events, workshops and lectures. It was also a year of many milestones. We were extremely proud to witness Ms. Annapurna, a member of our own Department, being appointed as the Vice-Principal (Arts) of the college.

Additionally, our Lab-Assistant Mr. Kishor Arbune completed his MA from the Unversity of University.

 This year many of our staff members, in spite of a hectic academic schedule extended themselves to contribute to various avenues of academic activity:

Ms. Myrtle Fernandes delivered a lecture on the Scope of Statistics to standard 12  students at St. Mary’s College, Shirva, Karnataka.

Ms. Pooja Ochaney delivered a lecture on ‘Testing of hypothesis’ at M.D. College, Parel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Ms. Ayesha Dias took a session on ‘Scales of Measurement’ for the SYBA students of the Psychology Department of our college. 

Ms. Annapurna presented a paper on ‘Estimation of the Parameters of a Trivariate Geometric Distribution and its Marginals subject to some conditions’ at the National Conference for Women in Statistics and Analytics – 2018, at Pune University.

Mr. Saju George conducted a few sessions on ‘Testing of hypothesis using EXCEL’ for students of Wilson College, Mumbai.

Ms. Myrtle, Ms. Ayesha and Ms. Piyali attended a one day State level seminar  on ‘Data Science- Applications & Opportunities’ at Ruia College, Matunga.


We are especially grateful to two of our ex-students - Mr. Rohit Bhatacharjee, for giving our TYBA students an in-depth course on ‘R-programming’ and Ms. Deepika Patil, for taking a session on ‘Applications of Time Series’ for our TYBSc students.

Our ‘Data Science’ certificate course conducted by FinStat Academy continued to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications.


The student body of this year's Statistics Department – ‘The Stats Society’ was led by Chairperson Mr. Tejas Mehta (TYBSc)  and the Vice-Chairperson & Treasurer Mr. Ayush Tripathi (TYBSc). The duo’s boundless energy and enthusiasm coupled with their ability to envision interesting programmes made ‘The Stats Society’ an vivacious hub. The Department in conjunction with the ‘Stats Society’ was able to plan and execute many interesting programmes  throughout the year.

The celebrations commenced with ‘National Statistics Day’ on 29th June that is commemorated as the birth anniversary of the great statistician, P. C. Mahalanobis. On this occasion Ms. Abigail Mukherjee, Manager at the Center of Excellence, Analytics Units, Kotak Mahindra delivered a talk on ‘Use of Analytics in the Banking Sector’.  A few Statistic related games were organized in the canteen foyer and attractive charts conveying interesting facts were displayed, to spread awareness about this subject to students of non-Statistics background.

In the same week the SYBA and SYBSc organized ‘Ice-Breaker’, a bonding session for the incoming first year batches.

On the 6th of July, Mr. V. Deshpande,Director,Sankhya Analytical Research Pvt.Ltd, addressed our TYBSc and TYBA students on ‘Statistics in Business and Research, Scopes and Challenges’

The Stats Society also conducted its inaugural ‘Alumni Guidance Session’ where ex-students of the Department spoke about their journey after graduation. A diverse group of ex-students, including both those who worked immediately after graduation as well as those who proceeded for further studies, were chosen for the same.

This year, a new initiative ‘ScanIt’ was launched by the Stats Society to keep a digital record of all the notes, exam papers and practical sheets used in this academic year. 

This proved to be a rousing success among the students.

A guest lecture by Dr. Tapan Khopkar on ‘Practicing Statistics in the 21st century’ was organized especially for FYBSc students in the month of September.

The flagship festival of the Statistics Department XStatic (Off the Charts) was successfully organized on 29th & 30th November, by the ever enthusiastic Stats Society and their team of volunteers, with the unstinted support of the staff. A total of eight events were held and over 200 students across the city participated in it making it a spectacular event. The highlight of this festival was a special ‘Treasure Hunt’ organized especially for our Auxiliary staff, who are the backbone of our college. 

Under the guidance of Ms. Myrtle Fernandes and Ms.Ayesha Dias, the ‘Annual Statistics Seminar’ was organized at St. Xavier’s Villa, Khandala for the TYBSc and TYBA students. The students presented their projects and also held thought-provoking discussions on SIP – its scope for improvement, Aadhar and Privacy issues and the necessity of network connection in today’s age. The students enjoyed bonding with their peers  and returned enriched by the academic discussions.

A special initiative was taken by our highly motivated Stats Society and a session on ‘Pathways for the Future’ was held for the FY & SYBSc students. The present TYBSc students shared the pros and cons of various career choices, their experience on how to plan and prepare for common entrance tests and college exams. They also spoke about placements, how to prepare for and face interviews and even how to make a choice when selecting companies to apply to.

Many of the TY students offered their assistance to aspiring juniors. 

The feedback about this session was very rewarding and encouraging.

‘Down Memory Lane’ was an interactive session between the teachers and the TYBSc students which had many poignant moments.  The students and teachers were given a platform to share their experiences with each other over the last three years. 

Hats off to the editorial team headed by Ms. Ananya Roy (TYBA Eco-Stats) for the release of the annual magazine of the Department, ‘The Plot.’ The articles and creativity was greatly appreciated by all. Ananya was also instrumental in initiating the Statistics Blog, ‘StatisQuo’ this year to ensure that the Department has an online footprint. It has almost 4300 views till date. 

In addition, the Statistics Department now has a very active Facebook page named ‘The Xavier’s Stats Society’ which is used for the publicity of all activities conducted by the Department.


Kudos to Ms. Pooja Ochaney and Ms. Piyali Unnikrishnan over the success of the four-day workshop on ‘Applied Statistics in Biological Sciences using R software’, organized for teachers and post-graduate students at the end of  September, under the DBT Star grant.

On the 13th of January, the Statistics Department in conjunction with the Departments of Botany and Zoology organized the One-day interdisciplinary seminar Confluence’18, with the theme‘Statistics for Biologists’. This programme was also sponsored by the DBT Star Scheme.

The sessions were enlightening and beneficial to participants from all three streams. 

On the 19th of January, Ms. Myrtle and Ayesha accompanied the FYBSc students for an academic visit to the International Institute of Population Studies at Deonar, Mumbai.

 Overall it was an informative and memorable experience for the students.

A session titled ‘Rendezvous with an Actuary’ was held and Mr. Nick Foster, the Programme Director of the BSc Mathematics &  Actuarial Science at the University of Leicester interacted with our FYBSc students in early February.

Ms. Myrtle Fernandes organized a DBT Star sponsored workshop on the 5th and 6th of February for our TYBSc students on: ‘Sampling Techniques – Large Scale Sample Surveys of NSSO’ 

Mr. Ashok Toprani, Deputy Director General, NSSO (FOD) and Ms. Bhagyshree Sathe, Deputy Director, NSSO conducted the sessions.

Both our resource persons had addressed the students earlier this academic year explaining to them the relevance and functioning of the NSSO. They also guided the students on how to join the NSSO. The students were highly appreciative of the depth of knowledge and the vast experience of the resource persons. 

Ms. Hemal Thakker, Co founder – FinStat Academy, conducted a session to introduce our FYBSc & TYBSc students to CAT Modelling.


The department displayed great team spirit and I wish to thank my colleagues for their solidarity towards the smooth working of the department. May I thank  Ms. Pooja Ochaney for handling all the PR activities of the Department;Ms. Ayesha Dias for being the Staff In-Charge of the Stats Society and assisting me in the documentation work of the Department; Ms. Annapurna and Ms. Piyali for overlooking the articles published and the release of the  Department magazine; Mr. Saju for accepting to be the Department Co-ordinator of DQAC and also the Staff In-Charge of the finances of the Department; Ms. Piyali for continuing to be the Department Co-ordinator for QEP and for taking charge of the Accounts of the DBT Star grant. Special thanks to Ms. Vaidehi for her contribution in helping out in lectures and all the activities of the Department.


Indeed this year was full of activities, lots of hard work and co-ordination. It was a fulfilling experience because of our dedicated staff and an enthusiastic Stats Society.

Looking forward to marshalling  the Department to even greater heights in the years ahead.



Myrtle Fernandes

Head, Department of Statistics

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