Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.)

This Course was introduced in 2002. It initiates undergraduate students to the need to develop a strong foundation in the fundamental art subjects. The Course design helps students develop a critical and inquiry-based understanding of societal constructs, an individual’s behaviour in consumer driven economies and media business management. Our alumni pursue postgraduate degrees / find job placements in Journalism, Marketing, Brand Management, Visual Arts & Design, Production-Direction-Cinematography, etc. Our graduates have also become Entrepreneurs in media related businesses.
Number of Students: 60 Students

Eligibility: A candidate in order to be eligible for admission to the B.M.M. degree course shall have passed the 12th Std. Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent examination or Diploma in any Engineering branch with two or three or four years duration after passing the Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) examination conducted by the Board of Technical Education, Maharashtra State or equivalent examination.
Admission Criteria: For the BMM Course, the students come from all 3 faculties (Arts, Science & Commerce) where the marking systems are very different. Hence an entrance test for this course is conducted for admission purposes. Admissions are based on 60% weightage to Entrance Test (Objective Question Paper) & 40% weightage to Class XII aggregate marks.

The College is a Catholic Minority College, administered under the provisions of the Indian Constitution, to promote the welfare of the Minority community.

As per the Judgement dated 12th October 2017 of the Honourable Bombay High Court vide Writ Petition No. 1726 of 2001, Minority Colleges do not need to set aside seats for Backward Classes. This is reiterated by the University of Mumbai Circular (No.Aff ./ Recog.I / Admission/(2018-19)/10/of 2018), dated 30 May 2018.

This Judgement renders null & void the Directives regarding Reservation of Seats given by the University of Mumbai vide Circular No. Spl. Cell / (68) / 218 / 2005 dated 3rd June, 2005 [i.e., SC (13%) / ST (7%) / DT(A) (3%) / NT(B) (2.5%) / NT(C) (3.5%) / NT(D) (2%) / OBC (19%) / SBC (2%)].

Hence, the admission in take in St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai is as shown below:

F.Y.B.M.S. (60 seats); F.Y.B.M.M. (60 seats); F.Y.B.Sc. (I.T.)* (60 seats)



TOTAL SEATS     100% (60)

Management Quota

15% of 60 seats

Case A

BALANCE SEATS     85% (51)

Christian Minority 

50% of 85% of 60 seats

Case D

General Category 

42% of 85% of 60 seats

Case D


  1. Persons with Disability Category: 

5% of 85% of 60 seats

  1. Special Category**:

3% of 85% of 60 seats

Case D


Case A:  Only for those the College is obliged to admit.

Case D:  Admitted on the basis of their Merit Rank which is based on performance at the Entrance Test.

** Special Category refers to:

  • Wards of Transferred State / Central Govt. and Private Sector employees, employees of Defence Department / Ex-Servicemen.
  • Wards of Freedom Fighters.
  • Award Winners at the District / State / National Levels in Sports or Cultural Activities.

Minimum Percentage of Marks in Qualifying Exam: Candidates applying in any of the categories, viz., General , Christian Minority Community and Special Category should have passed the Qualifying Std. XII Examination (or any other equivalent Exams)

Fees: The total fees, including deposit and laboratory fees, as sanctioned by the Management Board, St. Xavier's College - Autonomous:

However, the fees for the year 2020-21 are likely to be upgraded.

F.Y.B.M.M.··· Rs.37,259/-

S.Y.B.M.M.··· Rs.31,006/-

T.Y.B.M.M.··· Rs.30,275/-

Note: The Reserved Category Candidates (i.e. SC,ST,VJNT,DT,SBC & OBC) will be entitled to exemption of certain fees as prescribed by the Government, subject to submission of necessary documents along with the application form, if found eligible for such concession.


Syllabi per Semester


First Year: First Semester (Six Papers)

          Special Course: Giving Voice to Values

1.1···· Effective Communication Skills – I

1.2···· Mass Communication and Society

1.3···· Introduction to Economics - I

1.4···· Introduction to Sociology

1.5···· Introduction to Literature

1.6···· Computer Graphics


First Years: Second Semester (Six Papers)

          Special Course: Environmental Studies

2.1···· Effective Communication Skills – II

2.2···· Introduction to Media Ethics

2.3···· Media Psychology

2.4···· History of Ideas

2.5···· Introduction to Economics - II

2.6···· Introduction to Radio and TV


Second Year: Third Semester (Six Papers)

          Special Course: Human Rights

3.1···· Application of Economics Concepts

3.2···· Cultural Studies

3.3···· Introduction to Marketing Concepts

3.4···· Introduction to Management Environment

3.5···· Introduction to Journalism

3.6···· Introduction to Photography


Second Year: Fourth Semester (Six Papers)

          Cross Faculty Courses

4.1···· Writing Skills for Media

4.2···· Introduction to Audio Video Production

4.3···· Theory of Media

4.4···· Mass Media Research

4.5···· Introduction to Advertising Concepts

4.6···· Film Reading & Appreciation



Third Year: Fifth Semester (Six Papers)

5.1···· Advertising for International Markets

5.2···· Media Law and Advertising Ethics

5.3···· Consumer Behaviour

5.4···· Introduction to Financial Markets

5.5···· Contemporary Issues

5.6···· Copywriting


Third Year: Sixth Semester (Six Papers)

6.1···· Introduction to Entrepreneurship

6.2···· Brand Building

6.3···· Financial Management

6.4···· Public Relations

6.5···· Advertising Design

6.6···· Digital Marketing



Third Year: Fifth Semester (Six Papers)

5.1···· Introduction to Financial Markets

5.2···· Contemporary Issues

5.3···· Reporting

5.4···· Editing

5.5···· Feature and Opinion

5.6···· Journalism and Public Opinion


Third Year: Sixth Semester (Six Papers)

6.1···· Introduction to Entrepreneurship

6.2···· Public Relations

6.3···· Press Laws and Ethics

6.4···· Indian Regional Journalism

6.5···· Newspaper and Magazine Making

6.6···· Digital Media

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