Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC):  is a state of the art support centre, aiming to work towards the holistic development of visually challenged persons, located at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Project X-Sight works towards equipping the visually challenged persons with the required skill sets and the right attitudes to meet the challenges of life. The social advocacy programme Project Access continuously seeks to expand the ‘access’ and reach of visually challenged persons in their day-to-day living by challenging the myths and barriers that get put in their path.

Thanks to the support extended by individuals, trusts and corporates we are running a state of art facility for meeting the educational and other needs of visually challenged persons. The centre is equipped with the latest technological innovations such as various screen readers, screen magnifiers, text to speech converters, Braille machines etc. The XRCVC’s activities involve:

a) Student Activities : Student support, educational and training programmes and volunteer support.
b) Social Advocacy : An advocacy programme looking at accessibility issues of the visually challenged at national level.
c) Awareness Work: Work with awareness generation on the lives of persons with disability with a wide range of groups such as school and college students, employers, teacher trainees and educators etc.

Our work expands each day with new ideas coming our way that keeps us moving ahead one step at a time expanding access and challenging barriers!
We welcome you to take a journey through our experiences, know more About Us and join us in our efforts.

A detailed account of the facilities and work of the XRCVC is available at its website www.xrcvc.org. Dr. Sam Taraporevala is the moving force behind the Centre.




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