Caroline Britto ('88), reminisces about the time she spent at St.Xavier's College

The magnificent archaeological structure,
Even more gothic interior,
The quadrangle and the basket ball ground,
Still makes my heart go round.
The huge classrooms and the ceiling so high,
I miss them now, time just flew by.

The friends we cherish, times spent together,
Memories we hold so very dear.
Or professors were diligent, meticulously they taught,
Our distracted mind and attention they caught.
The college library so spacious, a treasure of knowledge at its best.
Encyclopaedias, reference books et al - till we got which one we needed, we didn’t rest.

Can’t forget the quaint chapel, a place so peaceful
 - The mass we attended and times spent in prayer,
Those times really made our heart feel lighter with God besides us there.
How can I miss the meeting place – our canteen,
The menu, justly priced and the place clean.

I won’t do justice if I stop here,
My professors need a special mention, the ones I hold most dear.

Professor Agnelo and Economics,
Fun and studies he could mix.
Sociology with Fr. Emil,
Though calm and cool, the subject he did in our minds drill.
Professor Sardesai just could not be missed,
Teaching was her passion, her expressions and voice did the trick.
Professor Talim, Head of the Department of Ancient Indian Culture
During my post graduation days, her dedication helped me reach higher.

Looking back today with memories galore
I thank my alma mater,
My professors, college helpers and all those who helped pave my way
God be with them always that what my heart will say.
They will always be in my prayers today and every day.
Thanks to you all, these memories with me, will always stay.

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Despite the ominous aura of the impending examinations, September was quite an exciting month here at Xavier’s. The students began the initial steps toward the numerous activities after Malhar that make Xavier’s the vivid and vibrant campus that it is. Despite the post-Malhar blues setting in, relationships were formed as the new students interacted with and integrated into the wonderful way of life here at the college.
This month, we bring you a feature on the measures being taken by the college to go green. Some interesting developments over the last few years have led to the installation and implementation of extremely cost-effective technologies here at Xavier’s that have revolutionized it in many ways. Chief among these, covered in this issue, are the new power-generating solar panels.
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