Admission Policy

Admission of students into the Autonomous Degree Courses will be on the basis of the aggregate marks in the qualifying examination or its equivalent, for both the Undergraduate (UG) and the Postgraduate (PG) courses, unless specified otherwise.   

For the Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS) & Bachelor in Mass Media (BMM) Courses, unlike other courses, the students come from all 3 faculties (Arts, Science & Commerce) where the marking systems are very different. Hence, an Entrance Test for these courses will be conducted for admission purposes. Admission for B.M.S.& B.M.M. is based on:

  • 60 % weightage to Entrance Test & 40 % weightage to Class XII aggregate marks.
  • A candidate can apply in only one category.

Admissions to B.Sc. (I.T.) will be based on the marks scored in Mathematics at the Class XII Board Exam.  Hence, there is no Entrance Test for B.Sc. (I.T.) admissions.

For M.A. in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology, an Entrance Test is held for students from faculties other than Arts and for students from other Universities.

All applications for admissions to any UG or PG degree course should be submitted by the date notified by the College. Late applications may not be accepted.

Admissions will be considered to be completed only when the full fees for the academic year are paid (against an official receipt) and the name of the applicant appears on the relevant rolls. Only the Principal can condone payment in full or allow payment in part.

All UG and PG admissions are valid only for one year and are therefore to be renewed for each subsequent year of study.

A student will not be re-admitted to the College if he / she has:

  • Had three unsuccessful attempts at the same examination.
  • Been debarred twice within the first four semesters.
  • Serious complaints of indiscipline against him / her in that year.

The College is a Catholic Minority College, administered under the provisions of the Indian Constitution, to promote the welfare of the Minority community.

As per the Judgement dated 12th October 2017 of the Honourable Bombay High Court vide Writ Petition No. 1726 of 2001, Minority Colleges do not need to set aside seats for Backward Classes. This is reiterated by the University of Mumbai Circular (No.Aff./Recog.I/Admission/(2018-19)/10/of 2018), dated 30th May, 2018.

This Judgement renders null & void the Directives regarding Reservation of Seats given by the University of Mumbai vide Circular No. Spl. Cell / (68) / 218 / 2005 dated 3rd June, 2005 [i.e., SC (13%) / ST (7%) / DT(A) (3%) / NT(B) (2.5%) / NT(C) (3.5%) / NT(D) (2%)  / OBC (19%) / SBC (2%)].

Hence, the admission intake in St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai is as shown in Table A & B.

Table A

F.Y.B.A. (360 seats), F.Y.B.Sc. (360 seats) & F.Y.B.Com. (240 seats)



TOTAL SEATS      100% (Arts & Science: 360; Commerce: 240 )

Management Quota

Arts & Science: 15% of 100 % of 360 seats  

Commerce:15% of 100 % of 240 seats  

Case A


Christian Minority

Arts & Science: 50% of 85% of 360 seats

Commerce:50% of 85% of 240 seats

Case B

Case C

General Category

Arts & Science: 42% of 85% of 360 seats

Commerce: 42% of 85% of 240 seats

Case B

Case C


  1. Persons with Disability Category:

Arts & Science:   5 % of 85% of 360 seats

Commerce:    5 % of 85 % of 240 seats

  1. Special Category**:

Arts & Science:   3 % of 85% of 360 seats

Commerce:  3 % of 85 % of 240 seats

Case B

Case C


Case A: Only for those the College is obliged to admit.

Case B: First preference to all In-house students.

Case C: Vacant seats will be filled in by candidates applying from other Colleges / Boards in order of merit.

Table B

F.Y.B.M.S. (60 seats); F.Y.B.M.M. (60 seats); F.Y.B.Sc. (I.T.)* (60 seats)



TOTAL SEATS     100% (60)

Management Quota

15% of 60 seats

Case A

BALANCE SEATS     85% (51)

Christian Minority

50% of 85% of 60 seats

Case D

General Category

42% of 85% of 60 seats

Case D


  1. Persons with Disability Category:

5% of 85% of 60 seats

  1. Special Category**:

3% of 85% of 60 seats

Case D


Case A:  Only for those the College is obliged to admit.

Case D:  Admitted on the basis of their Merit Rank which is based on performance at the Entrance Test.


*Admissions to B.Sc. (IT) will be based on the marks scored in Mathematics at the Std. XII Board Exam.  Hence, there are no entrance exams for B.Sc. (IT) admissions.

** Special Category refers to:

  1. Wards of Transferred State / Central Govt. and Private Sector employees, employees of Defence Department / ex-servicemen
  2. Wards of Freedom Fighters
  3. Award Winners at the District / State / National Levels in Sports or Cultural Activities.



Applications for admissions to the BMS and BMM courses are to be submitted online, and the admission process includes an Entrance Test. Please look up the details on the Home Page of the College website.

For: B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.M.M. / B.M.S. / B.Sc. (IT); and, the First Year Masters Courses which include M.Sc. in Botany, Biotechnology, Geology, Life Sciences and Microbiology, and M.A. in AICA and Public Policy, the College has an Online Application System through a facility on its website.  This facility is made available from second half of May. An incomplete application will not be considered for admission.

Admission to B.Com is through the College Office (Commerce Section), by filling up and submitting a form, and through an interview with the Vice Principal of the Commerce section or his representative.

The University of Mumbai has made it mandatory for all candidates seeking admission to the First year courses in the Degree Colleges to fill in the “Pre–Admission Online Registration Form” is available on

Actual admissions to all courses will be on the announced days, through an interview of the candidate and a parent / guardian. The offer of admission will be notified on the website, on the College Notice Board and on the College Notice Board. On being admitted, the student shall immediately submit the following documents (Original along attested photocopies):

  1. Class XII Statement of Marks
  2. Baptism Certificate (for Minority Community - Christians)
  3. Caste Certificate (wherever applicable)
  4. Documentary Evidence for Special Category status
  5. Passing Certificate  (required for getting Eligibility Certificate)
  6. Migration Certificate (required for getting Eligibility Certificate)


  1. Candidates passing Class XII Examinations from Foreign Boards and students passing from International Baccalaureate or ‘A’ levels examinations - General Certificate of Education / Cambridge International School Exam of Cambridge or University of London must first obtain a ‘PRIMA FACIE’ Eligibility Letter from the University of Mumbai for the purpose of admissions to all First Year Degree Courses, namely B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.M.M. / B.M.S. / B.Sc. (IT).

    The address of the Eligibility Department is:

The University of Mumbai,
Eligibility Section, Kalina Campus, 
Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098

Note: For Foreign Boards, the Class XII Examination has to be cleared in one sitting only.

Students passing the Class XII from Boards other than Maharashtra State Board and seeking admissions to First Year B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.M.M. / B.M.S. / B.Sc. (IT) are required to apply for a Provisional Eligibility Certificate through the College at the time of admission. The application form is available in the College Office. It should be duly filled, submitted with an attested copy of the Class XII marksheet and a passport size photograph along with the prescribed fees of Rs. 320 and verification of document fees of Rs. 500 (Total Rs. 820) to the College Office. Post admission, confirmation of eligibility is initiated by the College Office, with the help of documents listed above.


Tables below give the total fees to be paid for Self-Financed and Aided courses respectively. These fees include Deposit and Laboratory Fees, as sanctioned by the Board of Management, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai:






Rs. 36,009


Rs. 31,006


Rs. 30,275


Rs. 36,009


Rs. 27,225


Rs. 29,144

F.Y.B.Sc. (IT)

Rs. 47,531

S.Y.B.Sc. (IT)

Rs. 42,713

T.Y.B.Sc. (IT)

Rs. 47,769



Fees (approx.)

Salient Course Feature


Rs. 5,537

(Without Statistics)


Rs. 6,537

(With Statistics)


Rs. 7,187



Rs. 4,917

(Without Statistics)


Rs. 5,917

(With Statistics)


Rs. 6,173



Rs. 6,115

(Without Statistics)


Rs. 7,115

(With Statistics / Psychology)


Rs. 7,147



Rs. 8,197

(With Computer Prog. / Science)


Rs. 5,537



Rs. 4,917



Rs. 6,115


T.Y.B.Voc.- T

Rs. 6,345


T.Y.B.Voc.- SD

Rs. 7,355



PG Courses

Class Fees (approx.)
M.A. (AICHA)- I Rs. 35,000
M.A. (AICHA)- II Rs. 8,206
M.A. (PUBLIC POLICY)- I Rs. 74,845
M.A. (PUBLIC POLICY)- II Rs. 74,857
M.Sc. (BIOTECHNOLOGY) - I Rs. 69,330
M.Sc. (BIOTECHNOLOGY) - II Rs. 66,773
M.Sc. (BOTANY) - I Rs. 15,674
M.Sc. (BOTANY) - II Rs. 14,055
M.Sc. (GEOLOGY) - I Rs. 15,674
M.Sc. (GEOLOGY) - II Rs. 14,055
M.Sc. (LIFE-SCIENCE) - I Rs. 15,674
M.Sc. (LIFE-SCIENCE) - II Rs. 14,055
M.Sc. (MICROBIOLOGY) - I Rs. 15,674
M.Sc. (MICROBIOLOGY) - II Rs. 14,055



Under the Govt. of India Scholarship or Govt. of Maharashtra Freeship scheme for BC students (SC / ST / DT / NT / OBC), certain Scholarships / Freeships are provided to the students who have the certificate issued by the Maharashtra Government.

Annual Family Income (AFI) Eligibility conditions for Scholarship / Freeship:  

    1. SC students:   AFI < Rs. 2 lakh p.a. (Scholarship)

    2. SC students:   AFI > Rs. 2 lakh p.a. (Freeship)

    3. VJ / NT / SBC / OBC students refer:

          G.R.Kr.EBC-2014/Pr.Kr.96 / Shikshan – dt 20/08/2016

NT / VJ / SBC / ST and OBC categories students will have to submit the Non-Creamy-Layer Certificate for such fee concessions.

Candidates with necessary documents who qualify for the aforementioned Scholarship / Freeship are required to pay, along with the Exam Fees, a nominal fee of Rs. 445 (for FY & SY) and Rs. 795 (for TY) at the time of admission. They are exempted from all other fees.



Deserving / Eligible students are encouraged to take advantage of the financial aid in terms of Scholarships / Freeships as shown below:

    1. Government of India Scholarships / Freeships for SC students
    2. Government of India Scholarships / Freeships for OBC students
    3. Government of India Scholarships / Freeships for VJ / NT students
    4. Government of India Scholarships / Freeships for SBC students
    5. Government of India Scholarships / Freeships for ST students
    6. Government of India Minority Scholarship
    7. Open Merit scholarship for Junior and Senior College
    8. PTC Freeship
    9. STC Freeship
    10. EBC Freeship
    11. Ex-Servicemen Freeship
    12. PG Merit Scholarship / Freeship
    13. Rajashri Shahu Maharaj Scholarship
    14. University Financial Assistance
    15. Other State Scholarship / Freeship
    16. College Graded Scholarship
    17. Students’ Beneficiary Fund (provided by the College)
    18. Students of the Year Awards (offered by the College)

Students are also advised to check for the scholarships listed below:

    1. Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes for Minorities
    2. Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes for SC Students (U.T. only)
    3. Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students
    4. Post-Matric Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities
    5. Scholarships for Top Class Education for Students with Disabilities
    6. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarships for College and University Students
    7. PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child.
    8. Students belonging to SC / SBC / OBC / VJ / NT are required to fill up the online form on in order to avail the fee concession.
    9. Students who apply through these portals do not get any fee concessions while taking admission. They have to directly apply for the benefit. The awardees get the financial benefits deposited directly into their personal bank accounts.

Additional information