Information Technology

The B.Sc.IT program offers a wide range of subjects throughout the six semesters which touch upon mathematic abilities, statistical concepts and computer programming (C-language to Adv. Java). The curriculum is designed to focus on three main sectors viz. Programming,Data Analytics,and Artificial Intelligence. The overall objective inregularly updating the syllabusis to equip the students to be industry-ready and get placed immediately after graduation.

Collaborations with Industry:

For long, the Department had the vision to start a specialized MSc. Program. This dream has finally materialized with the launch of MSc. in Big Data Analytics, in collaboration with TCS and Statistics Department of St. Xavier's college. This two-year course will be open to students graduating from mathematics, statistics, computer applications, computer science, and information technology. 

New subjects introduced

 “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” -Andy Warhol. In keeping with the above philosophy,the Department has introduced two new papers in the final year- ITS0602 Image processing & Deep learning and ITS0503 E-commerce & ERP-to the syllabus after the realising the need for Image Processing which has been trending in social media and the way modern business is conducted. 


A 2-credit course on Cloud Computing and IT Trends was offered under the Quest for Excellence programme which was designed and taught by the faculty,Mrs. Rachana Pandey. The course attracted 27 students across different streams(12 from FYBSc.IT, 7 from SYBSc.IT, 6 from FY BSc. and 2 from SY BSc.). 

It was divided into 2 modules. The first module was based on an introduction to Cloud, Types of Cloud Services, Cloud deployment models and AWS. The secondmodule was an advanced version which covered the concept of Virtualization, types of Hypervisor and levels of Virtualization. The course assessmentwas carried out in the form of assignments and presentations. Mr. Subhash Kumarcontinues to be the staff co-ordinator of the QEP program as in the past.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” This quote by Benjamin Franklinembodies the goals of the department.Hence our students are given Projects as part of their CIA-2 Assessment.Furthermore, we motivate them to enrol for Internship Programs during the Summer and Diwali-break. This sharpens their employability skills and prepares them for the ultimate goal of getting a good placement! Around 12 students interned at companies likeLighthouse Entertainment, Ruloans Distribution Pvt. Ltd., LayoverCafé Pvt. Ltd., Benefactory, Billeasy, Campk12; and held positions such as Web designer/developer, Business Development intern, Java instructor, etc.

Teaching - Learning

Apart from the classic chalk and talk technique, 80% of our lectures are ICT enabled as ‘Innovation’ was the theme for the academic year 2018-19. Presentation material of most subjects is shared with the students to help learners of all levels. Ms. Lydia Fernandes engaged the students in google classroom for all the three papers taught by her, where study material, practical questions, links to videos and additional help was shared as part of e-resource material. The faculty continues with other learning tools such as: problem-solving, case study, group discussion and project-based approach for appropriate subjects across the board. Both Ms. Lydia Fernandes and Mrs. Rachana Pandey used the google classroom for online submissions and evaluation purposes.

An accessibility workshop was conducted for our students by the XRCVC centre of the college, which helped to sensitize the students towards the needs of visually impaired people and an add on workshop was held as part of practical implementation of text to speech software using NVDA software for building accessible websites as part of their Web Designing and Programming paper.

Mentoring through Projects

A varied set of projects were carried out by the final year students on different areas like Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence involving Text mining for a social cause, Java Struts, Android, Unity based RPG games and E-commerce website projects.

Workshops & Talks 

Embedded Systems Workshop


A workshop on Embedded Systems (in collaboration with Curiosity Gym) was conducted on 4th Aug 2018 for the students of Second Year. This workshop was aligned to their curriculum. This was a hands-onlearning-oriented workshop supported with kits based on the ESP8266 core. Besides the actual C programming and Interfacing of devices, the workshop practically reinforced theoretical concepts in the form of 2 home automation demos with the live configuration on a RaspberryPi. This workshop was organised by Mrs. Rachana Pandey.

Workshop on Advanced Excel


A workshop of four sessions on Advanced Excel was arranged for the students of First Year. The sessions were held on Saturdays (12th and 19th January; 2nd and 9th February).Mr. Ashish Deora, from “Great Place to Work”, started the workshop with the importance of data representation and how data is used in various fields, giving an idea of how surveys are conducted among the employees of a company and how information is collected about a company using that data. He also gave valuable insights on how Excel is used for data representation by introducing the students to some important formulas that are often used on data and representation of the data pictographically in the form of graphs, charts, etc. This workshop was useful for all the 15 students since they could learn how Excel is used in the corporate world and how they can extract information from a whole set of data.


Workshop on Cyber Security


On 11th Feb 2019, the students ofthe first and second year attended a workshop on the INTERNET OF THINGS and CYBERSECURITY. The workshop was organized by Mrs. Rachana Pandey, in collaboration with Rocheston, a New York-based Internet Technology Company. The session was conducted by Mr. HajaMohideen, President and CEO of Rocheston. He made use of various devices which demonstrated the increased use of IOT such as soccer ball, toothbrush, etc. which makes use of the latest technologies and collects data. This data can be communicated to other devices and device automation with little to no human interference can be achieved. The other half of the workshop was inclined towards the issue of Cyber Security, wherein various aspects of cybersecurity were discussed. Insights on what makes the network vulnerable, malware, hackers, viruses, Trojans, etc, the data being breached and necessary steps required to avoid various cyber-crimes. 


Industrial visit to Tata Consultancy Services


On 18th February 2019, 20 students of First Year accompanied by 2 faculty members (Mr. Subhash Kumar and Mrs. Rachana Pandey) visited Tata Consultancy Services, Thane as a part of the Industrial Visit. The group reached the campus at 9:30 am and were received by Mr. Gaurav (TCS Employee). Mr. Rahul Kothari (TCS Employee) addressed the students in the first session where he gave a detailed explanation of the Agile Scrum Method. The implementation of it has shown good results in terms of profits for the company. Mr. Gaurav gave a brief introduction about how the company works, its core area of expertise, work environment, etc. He also spoke about NQT, a national level aptitude test (pioneered by TCS) which is a mandatory test for job applicants. The event ended at noon after which the students returned to College.


Khandala seminar


The Department organized an Industrial Visit to Khandala on the 22nd of February 2019 for the students of the First-year, who were accompanied by Ms. Lydia, Mr. Subash, and Mr. Kishore. All of the students excitedly looked forward to the trip as it would take them away from the confines of the classroom environment. On reaching the Xaviers Villa at Khandala, after being treated to high tea they were divided into groups for the session on ‘Ice-Breakers’ that helped them bond with each other. It was a wonderful surprise to learn that skits had to be performed, which manifested the creative side of many of them. The Camp-Fire lifted the mood of the evening where the students moved spontaneously to the beats of lively music!

The next day, Mr. Sumit, of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), conducted a seminar which he began with a few team-building exercises that stressed on the need for clear and effective communication. His session gave the students a deep insight into the functioning of the corporate world. The highlight of the seminar was the fun manner in which he encouraged students to think outside the box by asking them to solve puzzles logically.

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Department Achievement:

On the 16th of January 2019, a team of three students along with Ms. Lydia Fernandes, as faculty in-charge, participated in an inclusive hackathon at IIIT Bengaluru. Tanmay Shinde (FYBSc.IT) was part of a team that devised an app for the visually challenged which would help them in indoor navigation and avoid collision with the objects in the surrounding and guide them to their path. The team had Shasheedharan G (Technical solutions architect at salesforce Bangalore), as their mentor. James Barboza(TYBSc.IT) was part of a team that devised an app called "Helping hand" for visually challenged which would help in creating a community and tackle daily problems with the help of people in the community. James had Mr. Ayush Malviya and Mr. Pawan as his mentors, who were skilled in Android development and Data analytics. SumitSonagra (SYBSc.IT) and Ms. Lydia Fernandes were part of a team which had an industry expert from Morgan and Stanley and two school students. They secured the first prize for creating an inclusive hangman app for visually impaired users as well as people with other disabilities, in the mentorship track and their team won a cash prize of Rs.7500 /-

Social Outreach:

The Department collaborated with Pratham Education Foundation, one of the leading NGO’s in India working towards literacy and education. All the students of First Year volunteered in the transcription and translation of the videos which are specially designed as teaching modules by the organisation for which each student was given 5 hours of SIP. 


34 students of T.Y.IT got placed with companies like TCS, Infosys, Deloitte, SAP, L&T, Capgemini, Endurance, etc.

Faculty development program

As part of skill enhancement, Mr. Subhash Kumar and Ms. Lydia Fernandes attended a week-long Faculty Development Programme organized by RUSA at VJTI on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from 24th of Dec 2018 to 30th Dec 2019. Mrs. Rachana Pandey attended a Workshop on AVR microcontroller and Arduino at Mumbai University WRIC from 8th April 2019 to 12th April 2019.


Mr. Roy Thomas

Head, IT department

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