Department of Inter-Religious Studies (DIRS) (1987)

It fosters an understanding and appreciation of religions as a potent force for communal harmony, social justice and ecological sustainability. Its aim is to motivate people of all faiths as well as those who profess none to strive together for integral compassion (intrapersonal, interpersonal, societal, global and cosmic). It organizes sensitivity programmes, discussions and public lectures on relevant issues in religion, culture and philosophy. It collaborates with the AICUF to organize meaningful Interfaith Prayer Services and Masses on special occasions. Dr. (Fr.) Keith D’Souza S.J. is the Director.

Chapel-cum-Prayer Hall: The Chapel is open during college hours to students and staff of all faiths who would want time for quiet and prayer. The Eucharist is held 4 times a week for Catholic students and staff, during the class break timings.


Council of International Programmes (CIP)

It enables an osmotic educational link between St. Xavier’s College and Universities across continents. It has incessantly bolstered the visibility of St Xavier’s College on the global map. While CIP looks forward to fostering new alignments with the leading universities across the globe, it harks back to the rich legacy of globalization that has been an inherent facet of Jesuit education at St. Xavier’s College. CIP facilitates both short-term and long-term programmes for its in-house and foreign students. Dr. Rashmi George is the Director of this programme.

Short-term programmes for in-house students can be availed of in the April-May period. Summer programmes are available in some of the leading universities of the world. Credits earned through these programmes cannot be transferred.

Long-term programmes include:

  • A semester abroad during the fourth semester with full-transfer credits. Admission to this programme is subject to the approval of the core departments that the student is currently studying in.
  • One year exchange programme after completing the second or third year. If the student chooses to go after the second year, the student has to return to college to complete the third year of the degree course in order to graduate from St Xavier’s College.
  • All students availing of foreign exchange programmes have to abide by the norms and guidelines stipulated in the College Handbook.

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Study Abroad Counselling Centre (SACC) (2012)

It helps students get admission into PG programmes at various foreign Universities; in selecting Universities, preparing for TOEFL / GRE, completing Visa and pre-departure formalities. Ms. Rashida Haidermota is in charge of SAAC.


Honours Programme

It aims at providing an intellectual challenge to students. It seeks to go beyond the regular syllabi, to provide scope for greater student participation and to promote creativity in the learning process. Through assignments, seminars, projects and displays, it makes learning an exciting academic pursuit. Over three years, students must accumulate a minimum of 7 credits, of which: 5 must be from the Hub (formerly Department) in which the student has registered; 2 Transfer Credits from any other discipline / Hub. 

Individual e-credit cards are awarded to students who complete their Honours activities. A Certificate of Merit is awarded to students who successfully complete the Programme. The office of the Vice-Principal (Academics) is in charge of this Programme.


Learning for Life Programme

It seeks to enlarge the scope of learning to other areas of accomplishment. It includes courses in Personality Development, Public Speaking, Self-Defence, Photography, Calligraphy, etc. The ECC handles this programme.


College and Departmental Fests/Conferences

The College encourages the holding of Fests/Conferences as it trains students in organizing and leadership skills. Nearly every department organizes such activities at the intra and/or inter-college levels.

  • Malhar is an annual inter-collegiate 3-day festival held in August. Along with the cultural component, it also holds ‘Conclave’ as its intellectual component.
  • Xynergy is an inter-collegiate Science Festival held in November. It includes a conference, an exhibition and other academic events.
  • Jan-Fest is a 2-day festival that celebrates Indian Classical Music in January. This is a finale of a series of musical concerts that IMG organizes


Social Involvement Programme (SIP)

It began in 1996 with the aim of making education more socially relevant. Students are made to learn through direct social involvement as‘ when the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind is challenged to change. Students work with economically and physically underprivileged children as well as with mentally challenged individuals, domestic workers, hospital patients and senior citizens. Under the guidance of two qualified Social Workers, students are required to offer a minimum of 45 hours of service with an NGO and 5 hours of social activities connected with any of the academic disciplines that college offers. For the academic year 2020-21, this programme has been tweaked a bit to adapt to the COVID-19 situation.

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