Commerce (Arts Section)

The following is a list of the research and the co-curricular activities carried out this year:


Faculty Research:

This year Dr. Suvaiba Pirani presented and published an academic paper titled ‘Goods and Service tax Networking’, at the one day National Level Conference on Intellectual Property Rights and GST. The conference was conducted at Siddharth College of Commerce and Economics on 22nd February, 2020.


Students’ Co-curricular Activity:

The Department organized an Honours Programme from on “Problem Solving at Workplace”. It was conducted by Mr. Furqan Shaikh, the head of Self-financing courses at Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai.


Social work by the Department:

The Department also organized a Social Involvement Programme (S.I.P.).

6 students from F.Y.B.A. helped the NGO: Indian Development Foundation, by preparing Rakhis to support underprivileged children in IDF Gurukul across India.

13 students from F.Y.B.A. volunteered in ‘Buddy System’. The students with experience in commerce taught Book-keeping and Accountancy to the F.Y.B.A. Non-Commerce Students.


Placement before Graduation in 2019-20

Four Eco-Commerce students got campus placement from the college in 2019-20.


Rebekah Patrigere


Ayushi Shah

Savage and Palmer


Sneha Agrawal



About Commercium

Considering the relevance of Commerce in today’s world and the need of spreading knowledge about this field, our student Mr. Vedant Shukla founded ‘Commercium’. Throughout the year, the society aimed at developing the students’ interest in the real-world applicability of the subject. The students conducted research, organized events, visits to various institutions and invited guest speakers to share their experiences. They were a confidence booster for the soon to be commerce professionals.

It all started with the birth of a Commerce Blog: Thinkbizz, led by Ananya Acharya. Informative articles on the subjects of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Commercial Applications demystified commerce and business by making it accessible to everyone.

The Xynergy Exhibition was an informative display of charts,PowerPoint presentations and fun & informative quizzes. The students who participated were Vedant Shukla, Ananya Acharya, Veer Shah, Jessica Singh, Aangi Desai, Pratham Barot, Samrudha Surana and Ameya Sanzgiri. Numerous specialization courses presented were a learning curve for the society members as well as the onlookers.

The Monster Heights Quiz, arranged in collaboration with the Quizzing Society was an exciting combination of varied arenas of quizzing, several rounds and different tasks. We believe such insightful quizzes will pave the way for an exciting & positive interest in the field of Commerce.

A visit to the RBI Monetary Museum was enlightening, especially regarding the evolution of money. From the history of currency in India to the way forward in the money market, it was truly a successful visit. The year ended with a talk on the Stock Market by the Stock Wizard Academy. By dwelling on different aspects of the stock exchange, they enriched us with insights into dealing with stocks in real life with ease.

We are extremely proud to have carried out the Department work effectively and are eagerly looking forward to the following year


The Xynergy Exhibition


Dr. Suvaiba Pirani
Assistant Professor In charge,
Department of Commerce (Arts Section)

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