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Students’ Council: The College has a long tradition of student participation in decision-making. Students on the Council serve as representatives of the students of each class.

Extra-Curricular Committee (ECC): It consists of faculty and students. It coordinates all the cultural and other extra-curricular activities on campus and also monitors the extra-curricular involvement of each student in his / her attempt at completing 60 hours of such activities to earn the mandatory Extra-Curricular Non-Academic Credits. It is advisable for students to check the College website for the ECC data submission procedure. Dr Ashma Aggarwal is the current Convener.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:  The Grievance Redressal Committee made up of the 4 Vice-Principals and the College Treasurer. It looks into any formal complaints made by students or faculty and recommends action to the Principal. Complaints may be made either to the Principal or directly to any of the members.  

  1. For academic grievances, the student should first approach the Head of the Department concerned, if the Lecturer in question is not open to dialogue.  The student may then approach the concerned Vice Principal or the Principal.  
  2. For personal matters or regarding facilities on campus, students are encouraged to meet their Lecturers or the concerned Vice Principal or even the Principal.    
  3. The Students’ Council is also a channel for such issues.  
  4. Suggestions (feedback / feed-forward) to improve the quality of life on campus are welcome. Confidentiality is assured by the College authorities in this case.

Women’s Development Cell (WDC) (2006): It coordinates programmes for awareness and action on women’s issues.  It also constitutes the Gender Grievance Redressal Cell for complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination. Ms. Linda Dhakul is the current Convener.


Inclusive Education: Read here

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