Core Infrastructure

Library: The College Library provides print & electronic resources for all academic and related activities of the students and staff, services for the retrieval and use of these resources and adequate infrastructure and spaces for their use. An online database of the books and journals is maintained and access to these is provided through five OPAC (On-line Public Access) terminals in the library and a link on the College website. The library has initiated an Institutional Repository by digitalizing rare books and college publications. The library is open from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on all working days only. The College Librarian is Ms. Medha Taskar.

  • Reference Library (RL) includes: The heritage structured RL has Reserve Counters with text books, current issues and bound volumes of journals, reference books, special collections, photocopying services, two peer-learning cubicles for group discussions and study, separate study area for staff, electric charging points, WiFi along with four terminals for internet access and CD / DVD viewing. A photocopying facility exists near the RL.
  • Lending Library (LL): The Open Access LL with a mezzanine floor, houses about 60000 books. The LL has a paperback collection, newspapers and magazines reading facilities, the Issue & Return counters as well as reading spaces.

Computer Center: It is called the ‘Xavier Knowledge Centre’ and was established in 2006. It is solar-powered and is situated on the First Floor of the Hostel Building and includes 5 Computer Laboratories having about 125 computers in all.  One of the Computer Labs has a Video Conferencing facility. The Centre supports all the curricula computer courses. It also holds courses in collaboration with other organizations. Mr. Kevin D’Cruz is its current Director.

Fell Gymkhana (1954) was named after its founder Fr. Fell. It has facilities for Body-building, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Carrom and Chess. The College has full-size Basketball and Volleyball Courts.  The College has leased from the BMC the use of a cricket pitch on Azad Maidan. Dr. Thomas Pires is the Director and he is assisted by other Coaches for different sports, as and when the need arises.

Multi-Media Centres:

  1. The Smith Centre for Audio-Visual Instruction (SCAVI) was inaugurated in December 1979. It has audio-visual instruments and techniques at the service of staff and students. It has a seating capacity of 100.  It has been renovated under grants from the Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust.
  2. The Multi-Media Room (MMR) is a centralized facility for Multimedia-based instructions and presentations for our staff and students.  It has a seating capacity of 120. It has been renovated under grants from the Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust.

Common Rooms: There are separate Common Rooms for male students, female students, Teaching Staff and Non-Teaching Staff.

Canteen and Foyer is a large spacious area with a view of greenery. A variety of refreshments and meals are available here. It is a place on the campus not only for leisure and refreshment but also for student bonding, discussions and even for working on assignments and projects.

Hostel: The campus hostel is only for male students of the First and Third Years Senior College. Apart of the College Canteen serves as the Hostel Mess and it serves subsidized meals and refreshments to hostelites and guests. Some of the rooms in the hostel are for two occupants and some for three occupants. Applications are accepted only after admission to the College has been secured. The College Principal is the overall in-charge of the Hostel.

Regina Pacis Hostel in Byculla usually accommodates about 30 women students of the College.

Wellness Centre: It was founded in 1954. It provides the following services: Personal Counselling - interviews for better personal and social adjustment; Personality Evaluation Tests for self-improvement; Vocational Testing; Information on careers, professions and specialized studies in India and abroad; Information on scholarships and financial assistance schemes; help in the admission of students and in organizing orientation programmes for freshers. Fr. Francis DeMelo S.J. is the Director.

Placement Centre: This Centre endeavours to put students in touch with reputed employers, to train students in the writing of a CV and to acquaint them with the selection process of corporates. A Staff-Student Committee operates this Centre. Ms. Soni George Tharakan is the current Placement Committee Convener and     Mr. Dominic Fernandes is the Placement Officer.

First-Aid Centres:  Basic ‘First-Aid’ is available with the College General Office (CGO) (Ms. Grizel Menezes) and the Counselling Centre (Fr. Terence Quadros, S.J.).  The CGO personnel will facilitate the calling of a doctor in case of an emergency or the shifting of the concerned person to either G.T. Hospital or Bombay Hospital. A stretcher or a wheelchair is available with the Security at the gate. The College also has an Infirmary for catering to the needs of those staff / student who suddenly fall sick on Campus.

Administrator’s Office and Workshop: This Office coordinates all the maintenance services on the campus.

Disaster Management: In case of campus mishaps immediately contact the College Administrator (Ext.336) or the College Receptionist (333) or the Principal (301).  Contact with College authorities is possible on phone lines: 22620661 or 22620665 through the use of a mobile.

St. Xavier’s Villa (Khandala): It is spacious set up in the midst of the Khandala hills and dales. It is about 20 minutes’ walk from the Khandala Railway Station. It is open to the College staff and students for retreats, seminars and educational conferences. It includes a small chapel, a dining room, two conference halls and about 40 rooms (with single, double or triple occupancy).  A caterer provides regular meals. Bookings have to be done through the Treasurer’s Office of the College.

The College Merchandise Shop (which also sells stationary material) exists on the ground floor of the Administration Building.

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