Golden Links

St. Xavier's College owes a very special debt of gratitude to the German and Spanish  peoples, through whose generosity in men and means, it was founded and made progress. St. Xavier's College was itself founded by German Jesuit Fathers. Most of the imposing structure and a great part of the tradition was built under their pioneering guidance.

These relations were only cut off by the outbreak of the First World War, when the German Jesuits were interned in 1914 and repatriated in 1916. A few Jesuit Fathers, Swiss, Luxemburgers and English, weathered the crisis during the difficult years of the war. In 1922 the Spanish Jesuits arrived to take over the reigns of the College.

For some years now, St. Xavier's has been run by Indian Jesuits, in close collaboration with the few Spanish who still remain.

Our affectionate ties with the Society of Jesus in Germany and Spain remain strong.

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