This year the Mathematics department organized various activities for students. At the beginning of the year, the Mathematics department conducted a Bridge Course for FY students followed by a talk on ‘Linear Algebraic methods in Combinatorics’ by Prof. Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian from IIT Bombay. There were workshops on ‘Mathematics and Origami’ conducted by our ex-student, Ms. Mimansa Vahia, and on ‘Introduction to Programming in MATLAB’ conducted by Dr. V. Divya from ICT Mumbai for our TY students in September and repeated in February for our SY students. In the Even semester, there were guest lectures by Prof. Akshay Rane, ICT Mumbai, he talked about ‘Riemann-Stieltjes Integral and Research Methodology’ and our ex-student, Mr. Aryaman Jal gave a talk on ‘Uniform continuity’.

The department also organized an intercollegiate Exhibition and Quiz competition with cash prizes for the winners. For the exhibition, students had to present a mathematical topic using charts and models. Prof. Akshay Rane and Dr. Dhvanita Rao judged the exhibition event. The quiz consisted of a combination of written and interactive rounds. Prof. Meenal Kolkar coordinated all these activities.

The students from FYJC to TYBSc visited the Mathematics Laboratory at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. They experienced many innovative applications and methods of learning Mathematics. The TY students went to Khandala for the annual seminar accompanied by Prof. Simi Cyriac, Prof. Ashok Bingi, and Prof. Rahul Katkam.

Many of our FY and SY students participated in the intercollegiate festivals colleges and won top ranks. In the Mathematics festival of HR College and Poddar College, they achieved a podium in multiple competitions and won the second and first contingent prizes respectively. They also secured second prize in an event at Khalsa College.

The staff members have been active in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Prof. Meenal Kolkar judged the inter-collegiate Mathematics poster/ seminar competition held at KC College. She was appointed as a paper setter for the End Semester Examination of TY and FY by Patkar College. Prof. Ashok Bingi completed a refreshers course from Mumbai University, did a presentation on star status evaluation of the mathematics department, held at Pondicherry University, and presented a paper at the National Seminar on Algebra at Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Prof. Ashok and Prof. Rahul Katkam also attended a workshop on ‘Innovative Teaching Methods in Mathematics and Statistics’ held at National College, Bandra.

Prof. Simi Cyriac conducted a course in Scientific Communication Skills for SY students. Prof. Rahul Katkam coordinated the department-centric SIP. All department members attended the Disha International Conference organized at our college.

Apart from this, the entire faculty of the Mathematics Department participated in many online webinars and workshops during the lockdown period. Prof. Meenal Kolkar participated in a national-level webinar on NAAC Assessment and Accreditation arranged by KC College. She also attended a Faculty Development Programme arranged by Somaiya College in association with IIDE. Prof. Ashok Bingi completed faculty development programs on ‘Open Source Tools for Research ‘arranged by Ramanujan College, Delhi University, and on ‘Modern educational tools and Pedagogical Practices for online teaching ‘arranged by Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. Additionally, one of his papers got accepted in the Thailand Journal of Mathematics. Prof. Ashok, Prof. Simi, and Prof. Rahul attended a workshop on MATLAB arranged by Mathworks. Prof. Rahul Katkam completed a course in Programming with PYTHON by Michigan University and another course in MATLAB software by Vanderbilt University offered through Coursera. He also completed a course in Sagemath Software. Prof. Simi conducted a bridge course in Pascal Programming for SY students. Also, she served as an examiner for the M.Sc. Project presentation at ICT, Mumbai. Prof. Aditya Garg attended a Faculty Orientation Program organized by Ramanujan College, Delhi University. Our junior college mathematics teachers also actively participated in extracurricular activities conducted. Prof. Sandhya Gupte was appointed by the higher secondary board as a resource person for teacher’s training on the topic ‘Changes In Evaluation Pattern’. Prof. Jincy George and Prof. Rubina Khan contributed to writing Reliable Series books for the Junior college syllabus.

Some of our TY students got good placements such as Ms. Ritu Maurya: job placement with ICICI Bank, Ms. Aleya Dutta Choudhury: job placement with Zilingo for the role of a Business Analyst, Ms. Nancy Jindal: job placement with Deloitte USI Consulting for the role of an Associate Analyst.

Two of our TY students, Ms. Neha Gorgaokar and Ms. Mansi Mahajan, cleared JAM, an entrance test for postgraduate studies at IIT. Neha secured the All India Rank 52.

At the end of this academic year, TIFR started the Mumbai Maths Circle in collaboration with St. Xavier’s College.

It is a platform to discuss mathematics without being limited for any particular exam purpose. St. Xavier’s college is the host institute where these sessions will be conducted. Prof. Meenal Kolkar is one of the coordinators for this circle.

To end this report with a special quote by Albert Einstein ‘One reason why mathematics enjoys special esteem, above all other sciences, is that its laws are certain and indisputable, while those of all other sciences are to some extent debatable and in constant danger of being overthrown by newly discovered ideas’.

Maths Faculty Visit at HBSCE

Ms. Meenal Kolkar
Head, Department of Mathematics

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