Marathi Vangmay Mandal (MVM)

This time honoured student organization was founded in 1923 by the students of St. Xavier’s College as a platform to promote various aspects of Maharashtrian culture at the collegiate level. One of the very first few student organisations in the Mumbai University, ushering into its 92nd year, this association has a legacy of distinguished events to its credit. The basic thrust area of the Marathi Vangmay Mandal (Marathi Literature Society) is the promotion of Maharashtrian culture and literature amongst the youth. Every year the Mandal tries putting its best foot forward by organizing various eclectic programs and social causes and reaching up to those who take a keen interest in this magnanimously versatile culture.



This student organization is active throughout the academic year. The commencement of a new year is celebrated by an inaugural event which is often a theme based one. A photography competition follows, which is conducted through the social media handles of the organization. The M.V.M, as it is popularly known, also collaborates with other student organizations in college and puts up events relevant to its focus areas. Screening of short-films portraying contemporary social issues is conducted once a year, ensuing a discussion between film-makers and students in that regard. Apart from these events, the organization also tries to put together events having a social cause background and promote the environment in general.  



One of the purposes of the Marathi Vangmay Mandal has been the spread of knowledge and happiness. This translates into its flagship event, AAMOD, which is an Inter-collegiate festival. Taking place over a period of three days, this program includes various competitions in the field of performing arts as well as literary and fine arts. B.N.Purandare, one of the most renowned elocution competitions is always a part of the three day festivities. Last year, with the usual competitions a few more competitions namely, ‘The Dialogue’ and ‘Alternate Ending’ and so on were introduced. The main purpose of this festival is to bring together the youth and to revive and replenish the Marathi culture in college. The organization culminates its annual activities with this festival, which is held in the month of January.



In a way of encouragement of expression, the Mandal whole-heartedly believes in ‘penning of thoughts’. Hence a platform is provided to the students to pen down their thoughts and to showcase their literary prowess. For doing the same M.V.M has its two publications. The annual magazine PAKHRAN and the Diwali issue, TEJOMAY which is a thematic magazine. Every year students contribute to both the magazines with numerous beautiful articles and poems.

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