NAAC Grade

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council which has just finished evaluating our college, has made the following remarks:

After visiting all departments, facilities and units of St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai and extensive interaction with all the stakeholders of the College, the Peer Team is pleased to record its sincere appreciation of the enthusiasm and cooperation extended by the entire St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai for the NAAC re-accreditation process. The overall analysis of this NAAC process conducted by the Peer Team is summarized below.

Commendations/Recommendations :

  1. As one of the very old colleges established in the country, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, has a glorious history and rich heritage. It has immensely contributed in spreading quality higher education in the country and in particular in the state of Maharashtra. Institutions with great heritage may not always perpetuate the good traditions and the quality but here is an example wherein, St. Xavier’s College has shown to be an exception.

  2. The College has the phenomenal strength of having produced luminaries in different walks of national life.

  1. Its educational environment is stimulating which ensures freedom of thinking and action as well as responsibility and honesty.

  2. The College is unique in imparting truly value-based education, which manifests in the multifarious extension activities aiming to enhance social welfare.

  3. The College has inculcated a research culture among the faculty.

  4. The College has recently been granted the status of a College with Potential for Excellence by the UGC and the financial support has been utilized in a fitting way that can cater to the modern higher education for the challenging times ahead.

  5. The interaction with the students bubbling with enthusiasm indicates the quality and openness of the academic and the administrative system provided to the students that would help them to face the challenges of life.

  6. The Jesuit Fathers who are working behind the scene selflessly with love and affection have been role models for the faculty and the students.

Suggestions :

  1. The strength of the Boys Hostel may be increased to meet the demand in future from within and outside the country.

  2. A Girl’s Hostel could be started to accommodate students from outside Mumbai and other states who would like to pursue studies at St. Xavier’s.

  3. The departments may be asked to hold essential reference books and texts for the quick reference of the students.

  4. The management should make attempts to seek Autonomous status for the College to implement new ideas and courses.

  5. The university may be approached to permit the college to start innovative and self-supporting courses that may be designed by the college.

  6. The college should subscribe to more no. of good journals as they have M.Sc. and Doctoral Programmes.

  7. The College could approach the University of Mumbai to provide e-journals which are subscribed under Inflibnet/Infonet to the college.

  8. The College may try to expand interaction with the industry and explore the possibility of collaboration with other institutions such as the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), IIT, Mumbai, which will help the students to be exposed to the current trends.

  9. The College may initiate action to have N.C.C. and N.S.S. Units.

  10. The management should motivate the faculty to pursue doctoral degrees, as the college has doctoral programmes.

The Peer Team strongly feels that the Government and the Parent University should relax the academic hold on pre-eminent institutions for their all round growth.

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