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We are pleased to announce that THE NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC) has, in the third cycle, accredited St. Xavier's College - Autonomous, with an A grade and a 3.63 grade-point average on a 4-point scale. St. Xavier's is grateful for this acknowledgement of the excellence in quality of the education it imparts.

The College has been affirmed for the quality of its teaching-learning processes which emphasize the higher order skills of critical thinking and creativity through the structured use of the Blooms Taxonomy and through experiential learning; for the efforts at inclusive education through the Xavier Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged, the evening Commerce Faculty for working students and through remedial measures, including the Pathways Programme of the Ford Foundation; for the inter-disciplinary approach taken to learning, including the mandatory Cross Faculty course for all students; for the significant Research efforts through projects funded by industry, by the UGC and the DST, by the University of Mumbai and other agencies and through the guiding of numerous Ph.D. students - which has even yielded an International Patent; and for the all-round formation imparted through the Extra Curricular credits and the Social Involvement Programme of sensitization to those less fortunate.

St. Xavier's has always been known for it Student Support Services and for Student initiatives, with an active Student Council, the organising committees of the Malhar, Ithaka, Antas, Janfest and Aamod festivals, and the numerous departmental co-curricular events. In an environmentally friendly heritage campus, a significant amount of electricity is generated by solar plants on top of our buildings, and a vermi-culture pit and bio-composting plant attempt to create a zero-garbage campus, as demonstration of the need for and practical possibility of conserving the environment.

St. Xavier's exposes its students and faculty to the best international institutions including the Universities of Harvard, Berkeley, Yale, Boston College and NYU in the U.S. and to Oxford and Bath Universities in the UK - for short term exchanges and it attempts to sustain the best international standards of higher education on its Indian heritage campus. This acknowledgement from the academic authorities in India will spur our faculty to further competence and commitment and will encourage our diverse student body to participate fully in our efforts at excellence in higher education. God's inspiration and guidance is gratefully acknowledged in these efforts to build a prosperous future for all our people in India.

St. Xavier’s College acknowledges the visit of the NAAC Peer Team to our campus. The words of the Chairman of the Team, Prof. Thangamuthu warmed the hearts of all our faculty present on Sunday 21st July at the exit meeting. He commended the faculty, some by name for their attempts at building a quality system and challenged us to take it forward, even perhaps to an additional campus. The other members of the team Prof. Sharma, Prof. Ramabrahmam  and Dr. Garg also spent much time and energy in visiting every department and facility of the College, offering their commendation and challenging us to progress further. We are grateful for the Peer Team visit.

Dr. Frazer Mascarenhas S.J.
Former Principal




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