M.A. Psychology: Lifespan Counselling


In India, the dearth of mental health professionals is a known concern that ironically goes hand-in-hand with the increasing number of citizens with mental health issues. One factor that contributes to this state of affairs is the lack of opportunities to gain a high quality education in the field of mental health. To contribute to bridging this gap, the Department of Psychology, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) is starting a new Master’s degree course – M.A. Psychology: Lifespan Counselling in June 2019. Applications are invited for admission to the two year, full-time course for the academic year 2019-2020.

Course Objectives

This course has been designed with the primary objective of creating mental health practitioners with-

  • Effective therapeutic skills that are developed over three semesters of fieldwork
  • A strong theoretical foundation from which to practice those therapeutic skills
  • An understanding of important issues of concern in all age groups across the lifespan
  • An exposure to diverse populations within every age group
  • Training in the use of assessments to improve therapeutic outcomes
  • research orientation, according to the scientist-practitioner model, allowing them to both keep up with and contribute to new insights in their field

Highlights of the Course

  • Each semester focuses on a different stage of the lifespan and diverse populations within that stage
  • Supervised fieldwork is relevant to the lifespan stage being covered in the semester
  • Mandatory group and individual therapy in Semester I focusing on the personal development of the student
  • A syllabus that is weighted heavily on courses related to counselling and therapeutic skills. These coursesare highly applied, being taught by practicing therapists who are experts in their field
  • Guided exposure to the research process culminating in the submission of a dissertation at the end of the year
  • As the college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai, the degree received at the end of the two years is recognised by the University of Mumbai
  • As such, receiving a recognised M.A. Psychology degree allows any student to work in the field as well as study further, for example to apply for an MPhil Clinical Psychology programme

Course Structure

  • The M.A. Psychology: Lifespan Counselling programme is a full-time degree programme consisting of four semesters over two years.
  • Lectures will be held on five days a week, from Monday to Friday. In Semesters II, III and IV, lectures will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with fieldwork on Thursday and Friday. Under special circumstances, some classes may be held on Saturdays as well.
  • Lecture timings will be from 2 pm to 8 pm. Lectures will be held on campus at St. Xavier’s College. Fieldwork timings will be from 9 am onwards. Students will attend fieldwork at relevant organisations across the city.
  • The course will teach the following papers across the four semesters. Field work in each semester will be linked to the population focused on in that semester.
Semester I
Behavioural Neuroscience
Cultural Context of Counselling
Counselling Process and Skills
Theoretical Approaches to Psychotherapy 
Research Methodology and Statistics in Psychology
Group Process and Individual Therapy
Semester II
Normal and Abnormal Development in Childhood and Adolescence
Psychological Assessment in Childhood and Adolescence
Counselling Special Groups in Childhood and Adolescence
Psychotherapeutic Techniques I
Semester III
Normal and Abnormal Development in Young and Middle Adulthood
Psychological Assessment in Young and Middle Adulthood 
Counselling Special Groups in Young and Middle Adulthood
Psychotherapeutic Techniques II
Semester IV
Normal and Abnormal Development in Late Adulthood
Psychological Assessment in Late Adulthood 
Counselling Special Groups in Late Adulthood 
Psychotherapeutic Techniques III

The course consists of 96 credits. Each credit equals 15 hours. The credit distribution across the course is as follows:

  1. Semester-wise: 21 credits (Sem I) + 25 credits (Sem II) + 25 credits (Sem III) + 25 credits (Sem IV)
  2. Theory to Fieldwork ratio: 64 credits (Theory) + 28 credits (Fieldwork) + 4 credits (Research)


Fees for the course are Rs. 92,000/- per annum.

Number of seats

The intake is a maximum of 30 students per year.

Allocation of seats

St. Xavier’s College is a Catholic Minority College, administered under the Provisions of the Indian Constitution, to promote the welfare of the minority community and to extend its services to all other communities in India, so as to contribute to the harmony and integration of Indian society. 50% of seats are reserved for Catholic minority students.

As per the Judgement dated 12th October 2017 of the Honourable Bombay High Court vide Writ Petition No.1726 of 2001, Minority Colleges do not need to set aside seats for Backward Classes. This was reiterated by the University of Mumbai Circular (No.Aff. / Recog.I / Admission (2018-19) / 10 / of 2018) dated 30th May, 2018.

Accordingly, the allocation of seats is as follows:

Category Percentage of seats reserved Number of seats out of 30
Management Quota 15% 5
    Number of seats out of 25
Christian Minority 50% 12
General 42% 11
Persons with disability 5% 1
Special** 3% 1

** The Special category is for the wards of transferred State / Central Government and Private Sector employees, Defence Personnel, Ex-Servicemen, Freedom Fighters; for students who have met with an accident and also for award winners at the District / State / National Level in Sports or Cultural activities.

# Please note, admissions are as per University of Mumbai guidelines.


Students with a Bachelor’s degree in any faculty or discipline having studied at least one paper in Psychology during the three years of their course can fill out the online application.


For any queries or clarifications, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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