M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics - Selection Process

Stage One: Online Registration

From 23rd May 2021, the link for online applications will be available on the college website. It will stay open till 23rd June 2021

Students must log on to the official registration portal when notified and fill out the online application form by following the instructions given in the form. The details required to fill include:

  • Demographic information

  • Information about your Bachelor’s degree and university

  • In the case of minority/special category applicants, you will need to upload a clear and legible scanned copy of your proof e.g. Baptism certificate or equivalent for Christian minority, and a corresponding proof for the special category applicants depending on what special category the student is applying under 

  • If a student has completed the Bachelor’s degree prior to 2021, He/She needs to submit Semester V marks while filling the form for calculating merit ranking (Semester VI mark sheet along with the Degree certificate need to be submitted at the time of admission)

  • If a student has completed the Bachelor’s Engineering prior to 2021, He /She needs to submit Semester VII marks while filling the form for calculating merit ranking (Semester VIII mark sheet along with the Degree certificate need to be submitted at the time of admission)

Please note that provisional admission will be given to the students (those who are appearing for the semester VI/VIII examination in 2020-21) based on Semester V/VII marks subject to the student passing Semester VI/VIII and submitting the mark sheets and passing certificate within 5 days of the declaration of results by the University.

Once the form is completed, the student will be directed to an online payment gateway for payment of the application fee. The application fee is Rs. 2500.


Stage Two: Entrance Examination

The video proctored entrance examination for all the students who have applied (irrespective of category) will be held online. The exam will be conducted within the safe confines of the student’s home, as per the instructions given. The language of the examination will be English. The duration of the examination is two hours. Slots will be automatically allotted and are non-negotiable. You will be communicated with your exam slot via an email separately.

A mock online test will be conducted for the applicants, the date(s) for which will be disclosed later via e-mail to you. This mock procedure session will help the registered applicants to familiarize themselves with the online test process. 

NOTE: The outcome of this session will have no bearing on the scores of the final test.


Topic-wise weightage for the M.Sc. (BDA) Entrance Test











Computer Science



Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude



Stage Three: Admission to the Course

Students will be ranked based on their marks in Semester V (40% weightage) and their performance in the Entrance examination (60% weightage). Students who are offered admission in the First merit list are required to pay their fees by the stipulated time and date notified in the merit list. On failing to do so, the offer lapses, and students in the Second merit list will subsequently be offered admission.

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