M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics - Entrance Exam Syllabus

Entrance Exam Syllabus


  • Probability
  • Sampling
  • Measures of Central Tendency & association Probability distribution
  • Graphs and Diagrams
  • Testing of Hypothesis


  • Arithmetic Sequences and Series Sets
  • Permutations and Combinations Logic
  • Successive Differentiation
  • Vector and matrices
  • Linear Algebra
  • First and Second order differential equations Complex Analysis

Computer Science:

  • Basics of Programming (C, C++, Java) Database Management System Operating Systems
  • Data Communication and Networking

Logical Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude

  • There are no specific topics for this section



Statistics: 25%

Mathematics: 25%

Computer Science: 33%

Logical Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude: 17%

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