Dear Diary,

As I look back at the year gone by (both before and after lockdown) I am reminded of how many wonderful experiences we have had.

To begin with this year, we have added 2 PG courses to our department. They are:

MA Psychology : Lifespan Counselling

  • Dr. Danielle Pereira (course director and faculty)

  • Ms. Ruchi Brahmachari (faculty and resource person for FDPs in Xavier’s)

PG diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Ms. Devika Mehta (course director)

  • Ms. Anupriya Banerjee (assistant program coordinator)


Guest Lectures


Conducted by



Group Identities

Prof. Nick Hopkins (Univ. of Dundee, UK)

23 Aug 2019

TY students

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (RUSA supported Interactive Session)

Dr. Mrinalini Purandhare (Clinical Psychologist)

25 Sept 2019

MA students

Teach for India (interaction & focus group discussion)

Teach for India representatives

15 Nov 2019

15 Jan 2020

Psychology & other students

Creative Interventions with school children

Ms. Desiree Dias (School Counsellor)

14 Dec 2019

Counselling Psychology

Suicide Prevention

Ms. Khushnam Engineer & Mr. Farrokh Buchia (Vahishta Foundation)

29 Feb 2020

Psychology of Adjustment


THEMES for potential paths after Graduation


Teaching: School and College

Ms. Saindhavi Venkatraman

Human Development as a Course and Career: Nirmala Niketan

Dr. Noellene Fialho

Living the Dream: Breathing life in your startup

Ms. Sweta Ravi

Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy at Xavier’s

Ms. Devika Mehta

TFI: As a fellow and KER a TFI initiative

Ms. Shivani Patekar

SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education

Ms. Rupal Vora

SNDT Juhu Special Education

Prof. Apurva Panshikar

Applications of Social Sciences in AI

Mr. Darshil Shah

Caregiver Saathi Foundation

Ms. Seema

Illumine Foundation & Illumine Knowledge Resources

Ms. Maurvika Patnekar

Social Media Awareness

Ms. Mrunmayee Pathare

Therapy practice in Urban Setup

Ms. Snehajanaki Ramesh

MA in Lifespan Counselling (St. Xavier’s)

Ms. Ruchi Brahmachari

Prafulta and XICP Counselling Courses

Prof. Linda Dhakul

MA in SNDT University

Ms. Praneeta Katdare

Forensic Psychology

Ms. Krupa Nishar

MA at Mumbai University

Ms. Aishwarya Bellam

Career guidance through ‘The Next Step’ (February 15, 2020)




Volunteers set up a Psychology Stall at the XYNERGY exhibition on 30th Nov 2019. Our students interacted with the visitors and gave them a feel of the courses, potential career paths, and research in the field of psychology.

This year the TYBA Industrial Organizational students displayed their posters on INNOVATIVE IDEAS FOR COMMUNITY GAIN on February 17, 2020. They gave feedback to their peers and received feedback on their entrepreneurship ideas from invited guests Dr. Aarti Shyamsunder, Ms. Jincy Varghese, Ms. Shweta Ravi, and Dr. Jehangir Mistry.


Field Visit

Twenty-four of the TY counselling psychology class along with Ms. Ruby Pavri, visited the organization DRISHTI at Andheri on 18th Jan 2020. We interacted with the psychologists, special educators and administrators there. Students got a ‘realistic job preview’ with respect to the feel of the work done and the environment.


Annual Khandala Seminar

The overall theme was perception “In the Eye of the Beholder”. We all went to Khandala (three staff members, our TA Priya Baid and an invited resource person Sailee Biwalkar) along with around 100 students from FY, SY and TY psychology. Over two days, 10th to 12th Jan 2020, across parallel sessions, 28 papers were presented. There were ice breaker games, skits and campfire session at the end of the day as well.


The Uncommon Sense 2019-20

This year, the SY core team for the department magazine chose the theme ‘Psychology of Choices’. These students worked together from July to January. They succeeded in publishing the magazine that was an enjoyable and insightful read.



The MA Psychology: Lifespan Counselling faculty and students organized The Xavier’s Psychology Symposium 2020 on ‘School Counselling: Perspectives from the Field’. There were 40 participants (17 internal & 23 external) and this activity was supported by RUSA. The four expert panellists each shared insights from their work and experiences in the area of school- based mental health.

  • Ms. Desiré Dias: A Day In The Life Of A School Counsellor: Roles And Responsibilities.

  • Ms. Benaaz Irani: The Rise in Childhood Anxiety: Links To Depression And Self-Harm.

  • Dr. Trinjhna Khattar: Parents in the Process: Meeting Demands and Clarifying Questions.

  • Ms. Lamia Bagasrawala: Prevention Over Intervention: Whole School Mental Health Programs.

This was followed by an open forum where the panel addressed issues and questions from the moderator, Dr. Danielle Pereira, as well as the audience.


Workshop and Lecture Series

The department organised a series of workshop on topics like Team Building Emotional Intelligence and a Lecture series on Behavioral Economics to name a few. These workshops and lecture series have been attended by Honours students under the Lingua Hub.


PG Courses & Fieldwork

The new PG diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy began with 13 students and several visiting faculty meeting in the Seminar Room every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2-8pm, to engage in a variety of learning experiences. During the lockdown, our faculty took the initiative of signing an MOU with Beit Berl College, Israel for research collaboration and also managed to convert the fieldwork component to online expressive art therapy.

The MA Psychology: Lifespan Counselling began with 30 students and two in-house faculty. Students underwent personal therapy & group therapy experiences and the visiting faculty comprising therapists allowed them to learn from practitioners. The dissertation work guidance and field work (at 10 Akanksha schools) required even more collaboration.


F a c u l t y  D e v e l o p m e n t  Programmes

We have been home since the lockdown was initiated in March, but we have been working and training ourselves for this ‘new normal’ of online education. We have been attending FDPs and participating as resource persons to help in the understanding of ‘Mental Health Implications of Lockdown’. We presented  in the Pan(aca)demic Lecture Series (organized by the Honours Program) and conducted a session for Virus Vaccine &WE Lecture series (organized by Mr. Conrad Cabral of the Zoology department). Ms. Linda Dhakul conducted a session for youth through the Yuvadarshan Diocesan Youth Commission on ‘Dealing with anxiety and fear during the lockdown’. Ms. Linda also discussed aspects of the mental health of the individual in ‘Mind, Mental Health the Individual vs Society and a reading of Emile Durheim’s work on suicide’ in collaboration with the Sociology department.

Ms. Ruby Pavri conducted a training workshop for faculty on ‘Creative Thinking for Educators’ organized by the IQAC on 13th & 15th April 2020. Ms. Ruchi Brahmachari conducted a week long training (from 15th to 19th June 2020) for 14 staff members on ‘Getting your G-suite on’. This hands- on step by step process allowed us to navigate the LMS Google Classroom more efficiently.

Dear Diary… it is raining outside my window… I miss looking at the gargoyles and arches. I miss connecting with my friends and colleagues in the staff room. I miss face to face encounters with students in class and activities beyond class. But I am still thankful about a lot of things that we have accomplished and learned about ourselves and our work.

Ms. Ruby Pavri
Head, Department of Psychology



Coordinated by/with


Mentoring & Befriending outstation students

Department centric 5 hours SIP guided by Ms. Linda Dhakul

31 FY students

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Ms. Linda Dhakul with NGO PRAFULTA

17 students

Designing and conducting a workshop on self-growth themes (part of CIA 2 for APSY0606)

Groups of students

TY counselling psychology class (32 students)

Team building & self- awareness workshops

Fr. Dean Fernandes

Students across departments

Gender sensitization session

Ms. Linda Dhakul, through the WDC

Non-teaching staff

Gender sensitization & awareness session

Ms. Linda Dhakul, through the SPC classes

Approximately 900 students across

Ripple Effects Online Pilot Program (May 17, 2020 to

August 9, 2020)

Fr. Dean Fernandes

16 Afghan teachers, trainees and psychological workers.

Extension Work

Additional information