Sociology & Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology along with its constituent student bodies- the Academy of Sociology and Anthropology and the Eidos Editorial Team- had a compelling and eventful academic year (2018-19). Some of the highlights include: 

The Mentor-Mentee Program

In its third run, the Mentor-Mentee program connects students of Sociology and Anthropology from the First and Second Year with their ThirdYear counterparts. Students are paired with seniors who guide them throughout the year with assignments, readings and finding a balance between the various activities that college has to offer. 


Honours Program

An honours program titled “Engaged Ethnography and Public Anthropology: Genealogy, Critique, Practice” was conducted by Mr. Proshant Chakraborty in July-August 2018. This activity covered a brief history of applying anthropology to ‘real-world’ problems, both historical and contemporary, from colonialism, to multiculturalism and cultural relativism, to problems posed by neoliberal capitalism, social and political violence, and climate change. Particular emphasis was given on the development of ‘public’ and ‘engaged’ forms of anthropology which questioned the supposed neutrality or objectivity of science. It concluded with a walk through some parts of Dharavi.



Writing Workshop 

The Academy of Sociology and Anthropology organised a writing workshop for students which was conducted by Dr.Sunetro Ghoshal and Ms. Ankita Gujar, along with the Eidos Editorial Team. They covered the various aspects of writing academic assignments as along with the basics of citing, referencing and plagiarism. On popular demand, a second round of the writing workshop was conducted by Dr.Sunetro Ghosal. This series was tailored to the needs of students across their undergraduate years and focused on addressing a variety of writing problems faced by them.


Department-centric SIP

The Department-centric SIP for this academic year involved knowing and understanding the environment, rights and community outreach through environmental education. It was conducted across 2 days in 3 phases by resource person Ms. Snowy Baptista, who works with Mumbaikars for Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) and Ms. Ankita Gujar. The students were familiarized with information, debates and general issues surrounding the city, its connection with SGNP and what role they can play in outreach. Nine students created activities around storytelling, games, charts and quizzes to use during a 1.5-hour workshop for 30 students of the 3rd and 5th standard of a government school situated inside the national park.

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Marathi Play

The Department hosted a Marathi play - ‘’- which was conceptualised and executed entirely by a group of students. The play served as a helpful introduction to its annual seminar as it explored the nuances of technological development and its interaction with interpersonal relations in the actual and virtual worlds. It also attempted to access the language of technology through a regional language. 


Annual Department Seminar 

The annual seminar was organised on the 18th and 19th of January, 2019, at Premanjali Counselling Services, NallaSopara. Students across different academic years and various disciplines connected over this year’s theme - “Going Boink! Reality 2.0” through paper presentations and intensive panel discussions.



Documentary Screening:

The Academy of Sociology and Anthropologyorganised a special screening of ‘But What Was She Wearing’ on 4th February, 2019.This feature-length documentary on sexual harassment at the workplace examines the significance of the prevailing law and the impossible odds Indian women are up against in pursuit of justice. The screening was followed by an interactive session with its director Ms.Vaishnavi Sundar.


Blog: Deconstructing Realities

The official blog of the Department is run by a team of students who work on making the ideas and words of Xavierites accessible to a larger audience.The blog aims to be a forum to share sociological thought on contemporary issues while promoting an atmosphere that fosters academic research. Recent posts have been about new food movements, value of vowels, deconstructing porn in popular culture and food photography among others. 

Launch of the departmental magazine Eidos

Staff Activities Through the Year


Dr. Sam Taraporevala undertook a sensitization workshop and accessible technology demonstration for the DOW Chemicals at their Vikhroli office in order to promote the concept of inclusion in the workplace. He conducted “I For Inclusion” sensitization training at Dhirubhai Ambani International School for teachers to facilitate effective teaching, learning and evaluation of the visually challenged students in inclusive classrooms. He delivered the keynote speech on "Explore, Experience and Empower" as part of the Round Square International Conference at the same location. He also held a sensitization workshop and accessible technology demonstration at IIT Gandhinagar, organised for educators at the school, college and university levels.

He was invited to speak at Snehankit as a chief guest at their annual day and was a panellist and speaker at the National Conference on Social Integration "Know your Rights" by Saksham and Camba in Jaipur at Keshav Vidyapeeth. He was appointed as a member of the committee to draft an ordinance of Maharashtra government to conduct access audits and a celebrate world disability day, set up by Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. He had also organized and coordinated access technology exhibitions at Standard Chartered bank at BKC, India Economist Summit in Trident, Reliance Jio office at Reliance Corporate Park in Ghansoli and at Accenture’s office in Vikhroli, with an aim to spread awareness on how access technology can help build a more inclusive society. He delivered the key note address at Sameeksha the annual academic and cultural fest of theschool of social work at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS). He has also coordinated and organised a series of customised awareness and sensitisation workshops Antarchakshu 2.0 targeting diverse stakeholders with the prime objective of highlighting the why and how of social inclusion and accessibility physical and virtual for persons with disability. Among others he conducted sessions for employees of BPCL, SBI Foundation, members of the lions club, diverse studentgroups from St. Xavier’s college as also from Nirmala Niketan (Human Development), Andrews Vision centre, Wilson College(Certificate in disability course) and engineering students of St.Xavier’s institute of engineering.

Dr.(Fr.)Savio Abreu published a paper titled Reflections from New Religious Movements on Ecology” inthe Satya Nilayam Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy. He also wrote a review of the book ‘Pentecostals, Proselytization and Anti-Christian Violence in Contemporary India’ by Chad Bauman which was published in Penteco Studies. He presented a paper titled :The Challenge of Stringent, Radical Nationalism to Inclusive Development” at the “Inclusive Development Workshop: Greater China and Beyond” organised by Centre for Greater China Studies, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong. He conducted a 2-credit course on “The History of the Suppression and Restoration of the Society of Jesus” for Jesuit Novices at XTC, Desur, Belgaum. He has also co-edited a book titled Public History of Goa: Evolving Politics, Culture and Identity.


Dr.Pranoti Chirmuley completed her research project titled ‘Invisible faiths and marginalized identities: Conservation of the cultural transformation of the Parsi Zoroastrian Identity (Kanpur & Bombay) and submitted it to the Heras Institute for the Post-Doctoral Heras Tata Heritage Conservation Fellowship.


Ms. Radhika Rani conducted a series of interactive sessions on "Career Opportunities in the Humanities" with students of secondary and higher secondary at Shri Guru Nanak School in Damoh (MP). She attended the Annual Indian Anthropology Congress organised at Savitribai Phule Pune University.


Ms. Ankita Gujar conducted the ‘Privilege Walk’, organised by the Social Service League (SSL). She co-conducted a Writing Workshop along with Dr.Sunetro Ghoshal, to help students develop their academic writing skills. She was the rapporteur for Conference on “Young Urban Women and Safe Cities” organised by the Maharashtra State Women's Commission and ActionAid India. She also organised the department-centric SIP to facilitate exchange between students of the college and local school students from Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

FYBA students at the annual Anthropology exhibition in Woods


Dr. Sam Taraporevala

Head, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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