We are proud to announce that Dr. Annapurna, member of our Department, and the Vice Principal (Arts) of our College was honoured with a Ph.D., a first for our Department, since its inception in 1987.

We are grateful to the DBT STAR Scheme for enabling us to build a Statistics Lab, with 32 computers, a long-standing dream of the Department.

As a countdown to National Stats Day (29th June), the students of The Stats Society enthusiastically organized various games and contests in the college canteen foyer. Some of our students (TYBSc: Trishala Misra, Srividya Ganapathi, Girika Bhalla; TYBA: Sreekar Challa & Charu Agarwal), accompanied by Ms.. Vaidehi Bhopatkar, attended the National Stats Day programme at the NSSO office, New Mumbai. Prof. Vaidehi also judged the Debate competition at the Programme.

SYBSc students (Sudhansu Agarwal & Mohit Kumar) attended the festivities at KC College. 

We are happy to say that our students won prizes at both places.

Later in the year on 16thFebruary, our SYBSc students (Shruti Mukherjee, Stephin George & Sudhansu Agarwal) participated in the intercollegiate Statistics Presentation competition at R.J. College of Science &Commerce.We started the year with a tour of the College Library especially for our TYBA (Eco-Stats) students coordinated byMs. Pooja Ochaney on 19th June. Though an often tread path in the past years, the students were amazed to learn of the various facilities available to them.

Our focus this year was on conducting guest lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences to enhance student learning.

The ex-students of thedepartmeny gladly held sessions for the current batch to give them an insight on the uses of Statistics in industry.Ms. Rufi Sheikh conducted a session on Biostatistics on 25th June for our TYBSc students.

Ms. Mehr Kaur conducted a workshop titled ‘Statistics using EXCEL’ for our FYBA students, which commenced on 16th November. Dr.(s) S. Annapurna and Mr. Mayur More assisted her in at the sessions.

On 15th December, Tejas Mehta, Chairperson – Stats Society (2017-18) conducted an extremely informative and interactive session ‘Steps Ahead – A guide for further studies’ for our FY & SY students. Ms.Metika Sikka shared her experiences, working with data collected from the National Family and Health Surveys with the current SYBA students on 15th February. 

On 30th March & 1stApril,  Ms. Kshiti Gala conducted a two-day workshop on ‘Randomized Control Trials’ as part of our Summer School programme.

We are grateful to all our ex-students who gladly obliged us with their time and expertise.


Various eminent resource persons were invited through the year to hold lectures and workshops for the different classes.

In accord with the new buzz words in Statistics today, Mr. Prakash Kumar –CEO    & Cofounder of aCube-IT was invited on 27th July to give our students an introductory session on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Gaurav Khemka – Sr. Lecturer at the School of Finance Actuaries & Statistics (Australian National University) met our TYBA & TYBSc students on 10th September to give them an overview on Actuarial Science - Careers &Scope. Mr. Saju, Ms.Piyali and Ms. Vaidehi accompanied the SYBA students on an academic visit to RBI on 16th November, wherein the students visited the Monetary Museum and attended an orientation on Financial Inclusion.Ms. Hemal Thakker, Cofounder - FinStat Academy conducted a session on CAT Modelling for our TYBSc students on 16thNovember.FinStat Academy continued their certificate courses on ‘Data Science’ to train our students on software used to analyse Big Data.This year on 19th& 20th November our TYBSc/TYBA students greatly benefitted from the experience of two renowned actuaries Mr. Mayur Ankolekar and Mr. Suresh Sindhi, who conducted a two day workshop on Life Insurance Pricing  and Appreciating ground-up the Black Scholes Option Pricing Formula.

Ms. Deepa Ranjit, Senior Director - Capgemini Consulting, India addressed our SYBSc/TYBA students on Data Analytics on 18th December.

On 19thJanuary, the Statistics Department along with the Departments of Management Studies and Mass Media organized the DBT Star Scheme sponsored, one-day interdisciplinary seminar - Confluence’19 with the theme ‘Statistics in Business & Media – Comprehending the Data Storm’. 


 On the 24th of January, Mr. Brian Almeida, MD – Strategic Caravan and Ms. Moumita Sarker conducted a session on Analytical Thinking for the FYBSc students, exposing them to the facets of problem solving, using statistical techniques.

Mr.. N.R. Hegde, Retired Professor – SIES College, Sion held workshops on ‘Simulation on EXCEL’ for our TYBA & TYBSc students on 8th&13th February.

In addition to inviting guest resource persons, our own Department members Mr.Saju George & Mr. Mayur More conducted ‘Introduction to SPSS’, a certificate course for SYBSc  in the month of February.

As part of our Honours Programme, we conducted the following courses:

  • ‘Impact evaluation of Developmental Economics’ for TYBA/BSc students.

  • OR in EXCEL’ for SYBA/BSc students.

  • Market Research Programme’ for FYBA/BSc students

Our enthusiastic department members participated in several programmes this year.

  • Ms. Myrtle Fernandes delivered a lecture on the Amazing World of Statistics to 11th& 12th std students at St. Mary’s College, Shirva, and Karnataka.

  • Ms Pooja Ochaney & Mr. Saju George attended a one day workshop at K.C. College in collaboration with the University of Mumbai regarding the Revised TYBSc/TYBA syllabus.

  • Ms. Ayesha Dias conducted a session on ‘Scales of Measurement’ for the SYBA  students of the Psychology Department of our college. 

  • Dr.. S. Annapurna held sessions on Statistical Analysis of Data at the UGC sponsored Diploma course on Conservation & Preservation of Culture at the Heras Institute of Indian History & Culture in our college. She also attended a workshop on Innovative Teaching Pedagogy at SIES College.

  • Ms. Ayesha, Dr.Annapurna, Mr. Saju, Ms. Piyali and Mr. Mayur attended a seminar on The Role of University in the Changing World.

  • Prof. George participated at the One Day National level Seminar on ‘Understanding Clinical Trials & Role of Statistics in Clinical Trials’ at SIES College, Sion.

He also attended a two day National level workshop on ‘Using SPSS’ at K.C. College and a First Aid course at St. John Ambulance Association, Maharashtra State Centre. 

  • Mr. Saju & Mr. Mayur participated in a One day State level workshop on ‘Typesetting in LaTeX & Presentation using Beamer’ at K.C. College, Churchgate

  • Ms. Piyali was one of the judges at Data Championship – An intercollegiate science festival organized by KC. College.

  • All the Department members served as External examiners for the University Statistics Practical exams.


The report of the Department would be incomplete without thanking 

  • The student editorial team headed by Mr. Valmik Rege (TYBA Eco-Stats) for the work done to release this year’s issue of our Department magazine ‘The Plot’. The Department appreciates the efforts taken by the team to bring out a creative and informative magazine.

  •  Ms. Aleya Dutta Choudhury (SYBSc) the Editor in chief of  Statisquo, our Department blog, who worked tirelessly with her team to put up interesting and contemporary articles regularly every month.


This year has been an eventful year and I would like to express my gratitude, to all the Department members for taking up their responsibilities in earnest and ensuring that all that was planned, was executed in the best way possible.

  • Prof. Pooja for handling the programmes of DBT STAR in the first term and special thanks to Ms.. Piyali for taking it ahead in the second term.

  • Ms. Ayesha for diligently assisting me in all the documentation work of the Department and for being the Staff In Charge of the Stats Society.

  • Dr. S. Annapurna who in spite of her responsibilities as VP (Arts) took the initiative of organizing a three month certificate course in ML & AI, in collaboration with aCube-IT for our college students.

  • Dr.(s) Annapurna and Piyali for overseeing the work of the student editorial team of ‘The Plot’ and ensuring the magazine came out on time.

  • Mr.. Saju for being the Department Co-ordinator of DQAC and the Staff In Charge of  Department finances.

  • Ms. Piyali for her meticulous planning as Staff-In-Charge for the Department Honours Programmes 

  • Ms. Vaidehi for assisting the Department by teaching various courses and conducting Department activities.

  • Mr.. Mayur for always being available to assist the Department in all its activities.


The year ahead holds many challenges, but with the cooperation and enthusiasm of all the members of my Department, I am confident we will be successful. 


Ms.. Myrtle C. Fernandes

Head, Department of Statistics

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