The Nadkarni - Sacasa Research Laboratory

NSRL is providing ample opportunities to chemistry students and lecturers from our college as well as other colleges. NSRL was established in 1932 and has been working at full capacity since the last 75 years, Many lecturers from our very own college obtained their Ph.D degree by good quality research in the laboratary. This has stregthened their teaching ability and got them promotions. After obtaining a doctorate degree from here, many of them have started research laboratories in their respective colleges. Thus NSRL has earned the reputation of being a parent body for research activities in chemistry at the college level, around the city. It is a well equipped laboratory and fulfils a need for modernising research facilities in Chemistry in the College, and for making research work go hand - in hand with industry.

Every year on an average 10 to 12 papers are published in the national and international journals. Two to Three Ph.Ds and M.Sc.s are produced from here. many students have presented papers in research scholar meets and conferences.



During 2005-06, one M.Sc. (by research) and seven PH.D. students have registered under Dr. Freddy H. Havaldar and Dr. Z.A. Filmwala.

1) Mr. Azadkumar S.Sharma has been awarded M.Sc. (by research) degree in Chemistry under the guidance of Dr. Freddy H.

Havaldar for his thesis entitled 'Syntheses and Biological Activity of Some Heterocycles Derived From 4-Acetamido-2-Methoxybenzoic Acid Methyl Ester'.

2) Dr. Freddy H. Havaldar also has seven research publication if foreign and Indian journals. He has co-ordinated a reseach project in Chemistry for eight students of the Honours Programme entitled 'Syntheses of some novel heterocycles form substituted benzoyl hydrazine'. Duration – 2 years.

3) Ms. Vrushali V. Karhadkar obtained her Ph.D. under Dr. Hoshang Master for the research work on: 'The Oxygen Stability of Mineral Insulating Oils'.

4) Drs. Ms. Geeta Reberio and Samia Sheikh organised an Hononurs Programme of one credit for 11 students on the topic 'Application of Microwave in Chemistry'.


1) Krishna A. Poojari on the 16th of March, 2007 under the guidance of Dr. Hoshang Master.

2) K.S.Sharma on the 25th of March 2007 under the guidance of Dr. P.S.Fernandes.

7 papers were published in the academic year 2007-2008. They are listed below:

1) Synthesis and Biological Activity of same Substituted Pyrazolo [3, 4:d] Pyridazine and Related Compounds – By Dr. P.S.Fernandes and K.S.Sharma, Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 15 (253), 2007.

2) Facile route to the Synthesis of substituted 2-Hydrazinquinoline and its Ring Closer Reactions and their Biological Activity-By P.S.Fernandes and K.S.Sharma, and Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 15 (161), 2007.

3) Synthesis of 1-3, substituted Pyridazinone, Pyrazolo [ 3,4-d] Pyridazine and related compounds as Anti Bacterial Agents – By P.S.Fernandes and K.S.Sharma, and Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 16 (47), 2007.


Research Papers Published.

1) Synthesis of phthalocynanines from phthalonitriles in acqueous solution of Sodium Xylensulphate. Sharmad Chandreate & Zoeb Filmwalal, NSRL, St. Xavier's college. Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews, 4 June 2009, P2-16.

2) Synthesis of some substitted Pyrazole. Vijay Dabolkar, Freddy Hawaldar and Sachin Khapre Organic Research lab, Dept. of Chemistry, K.C. College & NSRL, St. Xavier's College. Indian Journal of Hetero cyclic Chemistry, Vol.19, Jan-Mar 2010, P249-250

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