Xavier College Chorus (XCC)

The Xavier College Chorus (XCC) is home to the official Chorus of the college. It is the initiative of a student, Virgil Sequeira who is also the present Director of the XCC. It was formed in January 2010 with a vision to bring together the various musically inclined students of the college to create music and promote it.

Since its conception, the Chorus has had quite a few successful activities:

-    In April, the XCC arranged a piece and performed for the UGC delegates at the college.

-    It also performed 2 choral pieces each for College Day on July 31st and for Traditional Day on December 3rd.

-    The XCC, in collaboration with The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) organised a talk titled ‘Understanding Opera’ by Zane Dalal, Conductor in Residence of Symphony Orchestra of India.

-    The XCC released its album on Indian Choral Music on January 7, 2011. It includes various Indian classical, folk, film and religious music arranged for chorus by various composers and members of the XCC themselves. The album is for Private Circulation among students and staff of St. Xavier’s College and available at the XCC counter in the Foyer post January 3.

-    The Free Play Duo, based in Canada visited St. Xavier’s College on January 7, 2011 as part of their India Tour and give the XCC a workshop on Vocal Jazz and Vocal Percussio.

-    True to it’s social commitment, it is organising in January, a fund raiser concert tour – ‘Strings’ for a Jesuit run mission school in Kalimpong near Darjeeling called the Gandhi Ashram School.  Please visit the event site for more details: www.stringsconcert.info

Xavier College Chorus


1.    To consolidate efforts of composers, arrangers, musicians, singers and musically inclined individuals of St. Xavier’s College.

2.    To share talents and resources of skill, exposing amateur musicians and singers to professional setups.

3.    To create a pool of music talent that facilitates the dissemination of information on various music events and individual competitions and selection of talent for the same.

4.    To promote various kinds of music and stimulate interest in creating and presenting new sounds and fusion music.

5.    To serve the college in its music production and on demand, for its events.

6.    To participate in inter-collegiate competitions and festivals and hold concerts both within and outside the college campus.

7.    To maintain a social commitment by promoting collaborations with poor musicians and singers, supporting charitable causes and championing for social justice through the medium of music.



1.    The membership of the Chorus will be reserved for students and staff of St. Xavier’s College unless there is an urgent need for a conductor. No membership fee will be charged.

2.    Students and Staff of St. Xavier’s College will receive priority for allied services to the Chorus.

3.    The Chorus will be handled by an Apex Committee consisting of 4 members- A student Director, a student Assistant Director, a student Treasurer and a Professor of St. Xavier’s College, preferably the Cultural incharge. The Professor incharge will select the student members of the Apex Committee through applications in the beginning of an academic year.

4.    Every new venture will have its own Organising Committee that will decide its own head and look into the fine management of the event. These organising committees will work in liaison with the Apex Committee. The number of members may vary.

5.    The Chorus will arrange for training opportunities, workshops, talks and visits by professionals without a fee. The right to admission will be prioritised for the registered members of the Chorus and then to students of the college and others.

6.    The Chorus will prioritise its services in a way that allows it to collaborate and work with the marginalised and poor in society through music, always acting responsibly in promoting the social commitment of St. Xavier’s College.


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