Online Certificate Course in Forensic Science

Department of Zoology and Forensic Science

Admissions Open. The new batch starts in February 2022.

The Program

The online program has a primary objective to make quality forensic education easily accessible by:

• Facilitating distance learning for students interested in forensic science, living in different parts of India, with limited funds and/or access to good college-level forensic programs.

• Providing students interested in careers in forensic science a basic understanding of crime scene related forensic science practice, while they are studying other subjects at the graduate/post-graduate level.

• Familiarizing law enforcement professionals and law students with a basic understanding of forensic sciences, while allowing them the flexibility of a non-classroom teaching mode

Course Content

• An Introduction to Forensic Science

• Ethics and Research Methods

• Understanding the Indian Police and Legal System

• Crime Scene Processing & Investigation Techniques

• Questioned Document Examination

• Forensic Ballistics

• Biological Evidence - Types, Handling & Analysis

• Forensic Toxicology - Drugs & Alcohol

• Forensic Medicine: An Aid to Criminal Investigation

• Emerging Trends in Forensic Science

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum HSC certificate or equivalent


Feb ‘22 – May ‘22


Course Fees: Rs. 15,000/- (Online Payment)

Processing Charges:

- Rs. 500/- (by cash for domestic students) (Online Payment)

- Rs. 1000/- (by cash for international students) (Online Payment)

Contact for queries

Program Facilitator - Dr. Pushpa Sinkar:

Faculty - Ms. Alethea Vaz:

Faculty Members

Faculty - Ms. Riva Pocha:

Faculty - Ms. Sejal Gupta:

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