Department Report 2014 - 2015

It was a matter of great pride for theZoology department when Mr. Pratik Gupte, a third year student of the department received “The Student of the Year Award” for the academic year 2014-2015.

Staff Activities

Dr. Sujata Deshpande

Delivered a talk in the “National Workshop on concepts and practices in ecology of plant –Animal interactions” organized by department of Animal Sciences, Central University of Kerala, Kasaragad from 20th -27th May 2014. She was a resource person for this workshop and delivered a lecture on Astrobiology on February 8th, 2015 for the course in Astronomy and Astrophysics conducted by the Department of Extra Mural Studies, University of Mumbai.

Mr. Conrad Cabral

• Resource person for the workshop on ‘Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology’ organized by Caius Research Laboratory on 26th to 28th June 2014.

• Undertook 20 lectures in “Bioinformatics – a diploma course” at Sophia College, Mumbai fromDecember 2014 to march 2015.

• Invited to take 24 lectures in genetics and evolution for Masters course in Zoology from January –March 2015 at K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce.

• Member of Organising Committee for seminar on ‘Biosafety issues in Biological research’ under DBT Star College Scheme held on 20th March 2015.

Dr. Pushpa Sinkar

• Attended UGC sponsored Short term course on “Contemporary Strategies for Teaching and Evaluation at UGC Academic staff college, Kalina. She is also the Chairman for the Board of Studies, Zoology at SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

Dr. Madhuri Hambarde

• Coordinator for additional credit course on “Science Communication Skills”

• Attended UGC sponsored short term course on Research Methodology from 16th-22nd October 2014 organised by Academic Staff College, Mumbai.

• Judge for the poster presentation of Masters students in 2015, conducted by the K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce.

Dr. Smita Krishnan

• Attended UGC sponsored short term course on soft skills from 13th- 19th October 2014 organized by Academic Staff College, Mumbai. All department members were actively involved in in-house college workshops.

Dr. Smita Krishnan Dr. Pushpa Sinkar, Dr. Madhuri Hambarde and Dr. Sujata Deshpande attended the seminar on ‘Biosafety issues in Biological research’ under DBT Star College Scheme, held on 20th March 2015. Dr. Sujata Deshpande, Mr.Conrad Cabral, Dr.Pushpa Sinkar, Dr. Madhuri Hambarde and Dr. Smita Krishnan attended the faculty workshop on ‘Teaching & Learning Using Moodle’ on 9th July 2014 at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Dr. Smita Krishnan Dr. Pushpa Sinkar and Dr. Sujata Deshpande attended the workshop on ‘Technology in the classroom’ by Dr. Graeme Salter on 24th April 2015.


Hambarde, M., et al. (2014) Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic evaluation of some novel 2-pyrazolines, Int J Chem, 2(4) Oct- Dec .

Pushpa Sinkar and Valentine et al. Use of Camellia sinesis L. Leaves in Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles’ International Journal of Chemistry Vol 4(2) April – June 2015 University Minor Research Projects titled ‘Effect of hypergravity on gene regulation in bacteria’ was given to Conrad Cabral amount Rs.25,000/-

College Committees:

• Dr. Smita Krishnan was Convener of the Library Committee along with being a member on the Scholarship Committee.

• Mr. Conrad Cabral was the convener for Paradigm Committee.

• Dr. Pushpa Sinkar served on TAQ Committee.

• Dr. Madhuri Hambarde was part of the Staff Placement Committee .

• Dr. Sujata Deshpande was a member on the Examination Committee.

Departmental Trips:

• Entomological trip to DBS Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Ratnagiri District was conducted on 27th -28th July, 2014 for TYBSc students.

• Overnight Sky Observation Programme was organised in collaboration with by the NGO Khagol Mandal, Mumbai at Saguna Baug, Neral on 22nd-23rd November 2014 for the students of the Honours Course on Astrobiology.

• Zoological trip to Fish Farm at Vai and Panchgani was conducted on 22nd– 24th November 2014 for TYBSc students.

• Zoological trip to St. Stanislaus Villa at Lonavala was organised on 29th – 30th November 2014 for FY and SYBSc students.

• Zoological trip to Fish Farm at Badlapur and Gowardhan Cheese Factory, Mancher, Pune was conducted on 7th -8th February 2015 for SYBSc students. Honours Programme: From the department 24(FY: 11, SY: 12, TY:1) students registered.

The Department Of Zoology conducted the following activities as part of the Honours Program for the academic year 2014-15:

• A two credit lecture course on Molecular Biology titled, “DNA: THE MOLECULE TO ‘B” was conducted by Mr. Conrad Cabral. Structure, replication and compaction of DNA and physics in Molecular Biology were some of the topics covered in this course.

• A two credit interdisciplinary lecture course along with a field visit was conducted on ‘Basic Astrobiology’ by Dr. Sujata Deshpande. The topics covered were Origin of Earth, Origin of life on Earth, Evolution of life, Habitable Zones in the solar system and universe, Detection of exoplanets.

• One credit course on dissection of invertebrate and vertebrate specimens was conducted by Dr. Smita Krishnan for the SYBSc and TYBSc Zoology students.

• A one-credit lecture course along with lab work was conducted on Nanosynthesis - Investigation of silver nanoparticle toxicity using larvae of chironemous sp. by Mr. Valentine Borges. The lecture course covered Toxicity (emphasis on chemical toxicity), Research models for toxicity, Basic statistics (Probit analysis), Nanoscience and synthesis of metallic nanoparticles, Toxicity studies and Data analysis and interpretation and the laboratory work involved toxicity studies using silver nanoparticles.

• A project titled, “Antioxidant activity of marine algae collected from Okha” was guided by Dr. Madhuri Hambarde. Three students registered for working on the project and one credit was awarded on submission of a report. Dr. Smita Krishnan

Dr. Smita Krishnan

Head, Department of Zoology


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