No. of students registered in the department-148, FY-75, SY-25+54, TY-32+16


  • Around 12 students worked with NGO ‘Ek Prithvi’ for Teaching environmental science at municipal schools in Fort, Mumbai

  • 45 students along with WWF and ‘Safai Bank’in 2018-19 collected 11,573 units MLP (Multi-Layer Plastic) for recycling.

  • 21 students participated in tree plantation drive on 14th July 2018 in collaboration with Botany department and Green umbrella and HaritMumbai.

  • Around 57 students collected 3200 tetrapacks and sent them for recycling to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse RUR in 2018-219.

  • Two students worked with WWF India, on projects on Cetacean Conservation in 2018-19.

  • Simrin Nahata has been declared as Novice Breaking Speaker at the Christ University Parliamentary Debate 11 from 9th to 11th Feb 2019. 



Dr. Sujata Deshpande attended STEM Teacher Training Workshop on Research-based Pedagogical Tools 17th to 19th January 2019. She is also the Honours Programme Coordinator of the department for year 2018-19. She conducted a workshop on Assembly and Use of Foldscope for the students of Ruia College on 23rd January 2019 and for the faculty members of St. Xavier’s College on 3rd April 2019. 


Mr Conrad Cabral attended Biostatistics: A User’s Perspective IISER, Pune in year   2018-19, he also attended a “Workshop on Bio-engineering and Bio Bricks” on 13th – 15th Dec 2018. He participated in GCNI 2nd Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit 2018 – Leveraging CSR for SDGs organized by united nations global compact(UNGC).He had conducted a laboratory session on LD50 studies for Biochemistry students of KJ Somaiya College. 


Dr. Madhuri Hambarde was the coordinator for additional credit course on “Science communication skills” and also Faculty in-charge of  Xavier’s Zoology Association.

Shehad been on the scientific board for the international conference on “Health to well being, an interdisciplinary Approach from Fundamental sciences to translational medicine.” held on January 9th to 11th, 2019. She also aided Dry waste disposal  and recycling of paper by the college with the help of Sampoorn (E)arth Env. Sol. Pvt.Ltd in year 2018-2019 and acquired 34000 greenpoints.


Dr.Pushpa Sinkar was in the organizing committee for the workshop- “Navigating the Social Media in an appropriate manner” organized by women Development cell along with National Women Commission on 26th Feb 2019

Dr. Smita Krishnan, Dr. Pushpa Sinkar, Dr. Sujata Deshpande, Mr.Conrad cabral and Dr. Madhuri Hambarde were part of the organizing committee and also participated in the National Seminar on “Climate, Rivers and Vegetation”organized on 14th February 2019


Dr. Smita Krishnan,Dr Pushpa Sinkar, Dr. Sujata Deshpande, Mr.Conrad cabral and Dr. Madhuri Hambarde attended a seminar on “ Inculcating a culture of pedagogic research informed teaching practice” organized by IQAC St. Xavier’s college on20th Feb 2019


Dr. Smita Krishnan, Dr Pushpa , Dr. Sujata Deshpande, Mr. Conrad Cabral and Dr. Madhuri Hambarde attended the ‘Fostering Entrepreneurship’ – As a stepping stone on 3rd February, 2019 organized by the E-cell of St.Xavier’s College. Dr. Madhuri was also a part of the organizing committee.



‘Magic of Transforming a Fox Into a Dog!’Deshpande S ‘Resonance: Journal of Science Education’2018 ISSN : 0971-8044volume 23 issue 8



Dr. Smita Krishnan was the Convenor of unfair means committee and custodian committee. Mr. Conrad Cabral was on the ERP committee. Dr. Pushpa Sinkar was the Convenor of  TAQ, and she was also a member of End semester exam committee and  women’s Development Cell. Dr. Madhuri Hambarde was a, member of IQAC and  Lab safety committee. She was alsoa memberof Institutional Biosafety committee. She is also an elected staff representative on Management board and college development cell of St Xavier’s college. Dr. Sujata Deshpande was the Convenor of End Semester Examination committee and a member of labsafety committee.



  1. The SYBSc students of Zoology department,  St. Xavier’s College Mumbai (Autonomous) visited Sassoon Dock on 12th January 2019, as a part of their syllabus, to study and observe the fishes and other equipment associated with the study of fishes

  2. SY and TYB.Sc Students visited the Bee keeping unit - Mahabaleshwar , Wai,(Panchghani), Mancher (Gowardhan Cheese Unit) and Mapro industry. 


  1. SY and TYBsc students were taken for a Zoological trip to Jaldapara N.P,  Gorumara and Chilapata Forest Reservesfrom1stto 7th November, 2017 



  • Dr. Ghaskadbi S from Garware institute, Pune gave a lecture on “Hydra biology and research” along with demonstration of the technique on 7th February 2019 for SY.


  • Dr. Merwyn Fernandes, Co-ordinator Programmes on TRAFFIC (14/08/2018)Illegal trade Endangered Species


  • Dr. Ryan D’souza, Research Asst. Professor at University of Virginia, USA, gave a lecture on27/11/2018, about the Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum – Plasma membrane contact sites in cell migration and metastasis.


  • Eusebio pires, an intern of Analytics UVA hospital University of Virginia, USA, on 27/11/2018 talked about Oocyte SAS1B: The bench through clinic pathway


  • Mr. Prasad Boradkar, Product Designerat Google, gave a lecture on ATAP  on biomimicry and sustainable design on08/01/2018


  • Dr. Hans Athaide, Marketing Head, Asia Pacific BASF. Delivered a lecture on Growing resistance to pesticide among pests and how we can tackle the problem. It was on 09/02/2019.  Ms. Dharmita Mandrekar, Manager - Education Welfare of Stray Dogs NGO on18/01/2019, talked about Care and Concern of stray animals in the city of Mumbai

  • Lt.Col. V.Sreekumar, Lt. Col Indian Army, gave some Career advice on joining the Indian Armed Forces


  • Ms. Cara Tejpal, Conservationist Sanctuary Asia, on16/01/2019, talked about Mud on Boots: India’s grassroot conservation


  • Dr. Reena Dev, veterinary doctor, on  23/08/2018, spoke about First Aid- Urban wildlife


Department of Zoology conducted the following activities for the “Honours Programme” in the academic year 2018 – 19:


8 students qualified to receive the Honours Program Certificate at the 2018-19 Convocation.

The following courses were offered by the department:

  1. Evolution: The Cornerstone of Science  (1 credit course). Offered by Mr. Conrad Cabral. Twenty five students registered for the course. 


  1. Wildlife Forensic Science (1 credit course) conducted by Trained forensic consultants. 29 students registered for the course.


  1. Basic Skills In Wildlife Filmmaking (2 credits course) Offered by Harshit Singh (MA in Wildlife Documentary Production, UK; former student of the Department of Zoology). 15 students registered for the course.


Dr. Smita Krishnan

Head, Department of Zoology

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